Encyclopedia of Marine Sciences

Author(s) Hanneke J. G. Baretta-Bekker
Publisher Springer
Date 1998
Pages 357
Format pdf
Size 31 Mb







The really multi-disciplinary nature of the marine science has been reflected in this volume. The book contains nearly two thousand of keywords listed in alphabetical orders and supplemented with the colorful and informative illustrations included with the intention to provide the students and teachers, as well as scientists with a time-saving and very helpful aid to be used in the course of studying the specific literature.

It also provides all interested parties with the brief yet comprehensive technical explanations of the basic concepts, fundamental terminology and established methods and this all makes the book even more valuable to the readers than just a pure dictionary. It is relatively small but truly wonderful book and maybe the only one of its size, completely covering such a wide topic area. The content of the book reflects an excellent job done by the team of authors.

Many terms in the book has been cross-referenced and such approach provides even better understanding of the terminology. In short, we guarantee that the present encyclopedia will be very useful to any person with the interest in marine science as they will get a thorough and proper understanding of the most important aspects of marine environment, such as the exploration and exploitation, management and other aspects.

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