Encyclopedic Dictionary of Pipeline Integrity

Author(s) Guy Desjardins, Reena Sahney
Publisher Clarion
Date 2012
Pages 314
Format pdf
Size 15 Mb







This book will be greatly appreciated by all newcomers to the industry. It will help them to get a deep and thorough understanding of the fundamentals including terms. The volume is a very useful collection of basic information and shall be used as a go-to resource saving time and collating essential information and data about concepts of pipeline integrity.

The publication is a perfect reference guide to a wide range of topics falling under the umbrella of pipeline integrity mentioned in the title. The content of the book is a good and informative compilation of commonly used terminology, technical concepts, techniques and methods that all of the people involved in the industry will most likely encounter during their work or researches in the field.

All explanations and definitions provided in the pages of this book are written in a language that would be easily accessible even to the non-specialists, all complex concepts are simplified to allow easier understanding. As a results, the readers are able to get a quick overview of any topic and understand it.

The authors draw the relationships existing between the technical concepts in a very clear manner supplementing it with numerous cross-references. Hundreds of data diagrams, tables, charts and drawings supplement the text. Featuring more than a thousand of entries, the dictionary will be of great practical use for all people involved in the pipeline related works.

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