Introductory Circuit Analysis

Author(s) Robert L. Boylestad
Publisher Prentice Hall
Date 2006
Pages 1176
Format pdf
Size 24 Mb







The main objective of the present revision of the publication was to address all the valuable comments provided by the readers as well as professional reviewers and also to deal with the ongoing industry trends. The newly added and thoroughly reworked information will help to expand the specific knowledge area. The content of the book was rearranged by the author to embed the new chapters and remove the material that was used less.

One of the features of this edition is that the author added the objectives to the beginning of each of the chapters. There are more than twenty chapters in the book, each chapter covering one important topic. The volume opens with the information about the current and voltage, resistance and Ohm’s Laws, series and parallel direct current circuits, different analysis methods, inductors and capacitors and magnetic circuits.

After that, we will proceed to the essential elements and phasors, alternating waveforms, and then power, resonance, network theorems and analysis methods as applied to the alternating current. The polyphase systems and transformers are covered in the separate chapters. An excellent reference and training source for the students and practicing electrician and engineers.

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