Mechanical Behavior of Materials

Author(s) Marc Andre Meyers, Krishnan Kumar Chawla
Publisher Cambridge University Press
Date 2008
Pages 882
Format pdf
Size 15 Mb







In this book, the authors have tried to apply a well-balanced materials-mechanics approach combined with the coverage of the recent technological developments in the fields of biologic and electronic materials; as a result, this new edition of the world popular textbook may be treated as one of the most modern and thorough publications available for the students.

In order to make sure that the learners have gained a proper understanding of the subject, the authors have presented the basic mechanisms operating at nano- and micro- levels across a very broad range of materials, in the mathematically simple and easy-to-follow way. Such integrated approach will provide readers with a conceptual presentation showing how exactly the microstructure of the materials is controlling their mechanical behavior.

The book is full of informative micrographs and colorful illustrations. In addition to that, the authors have included numerous exercises and live examples for better understanding. There are many empirical equations included in the content of the work. In fact, the book will be useful to all students regardless of their level due to the coverage of all fundamental concepts giving a comprehensive picture in this field, even though it is not intended to serve as an introductory text.

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