Mechanical Engineers Pocket Book

Author(s) Roger Timings
Publisher Newnes
Date 2005
Pages 768
Format pdf
Size 3 Mb







Here is a volume containing a comprehensive collection of valuable technical data to be used by the students and mechanical engineering. The publication was released to bring together the information and data necessary in the process of design, construction and repair of the various mechanical devices as well as the systems made up by such devices.

This edition of the pocket book was significantly revised in order to keep a due pace with the latest changes in mechanical technology and relevant standards. The author of the book made the emphasis of the existing engineering practice and supported the text with clear accounts of the basic principles. Among the key features of the book we would note the coverage of the BSI engineering data, focusing on the design matters, addressing the roller chain drives, basics of theoretical mechanics, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, and so many other aspects considered critically important for the mechanical engineers.

According to the reviews by the readers, this is an ideal desk-book for any calculations and quick references and the must-have one for people involved in the work with large amount of machine design due to the information it contains, including formulas with explanations, symbol identification, charts and data tables, and so many other valuable stuff.

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