Mechanical reliability

Author(s) A. D. S. Carter
Publisher Macmillan
Date 1986
Pages 492
Format pdf
Size 46 Mb







We all know what the term reliability means. This second edition of one of the most popular books on mechanical reliability will provide readers with lots of useful information and knowledge about it. So many ideas have been significantly developed since the first edition of the volume, and the current one reflects all latest happenings in the field. Although the content of the book has been revised and rewritten, the author's approach remained same.

The general format of the publication has also remained unchanged. The opening chapters of the volume provide general introduction to the subject and definitions used throughout the text. The glossary of commonly used terminology is also there. The first chapter of the main part is devoted to the probability looked at as a measure of mechanical reliability, the physical approach is covered in this chapter together with the mathematical analysis. The next chapter is dealing with the reliability variation with time, while the fifth chapter is concerned with wear-out.

The remaining chapters of the book address statistical distributions, appraisal of the component reliability, failures occurring in the field, maintenance aspects, design for mechanical reliability, and reliability of equipment and system. Separate chapters have been devoted to the role users play in achieving desired level of mechanical reliability, and management aspects to consider.

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