Metal fatigue - what it is, why it matters.

Author(s) Les Pook
Publisher Springer
Date 2007
Pages 264
Format pdf
Size 2 Mb







The publication starts with the introductory information followed by the historical background of the metal fatigue factor including the experimental works, standardization, fracture mechanics, implementation of the computers and servo-hydraulic testing appliances. The next chapter addresses the constant amplitude metal fatigue, including the fatigue mechanisms, ratcheting, S/N curves etc.

This one is followed by the chapter dedicated to the variable amplitude and multi-axial metal fatigue, including the math description, Miner's rule, standard load histories and other relevant information. The fifth chapter is dealing with the fatigue design, covering the failure analysis, approaches and situations, product liability and associated safety regulations. The next chapter addresses the uncracked situation, including the surface finish and mean stress effects, effects of notches, fatigue life improvement etc., while the following chapter addresses the cracked situation including the initial and final crack sizes, crack propagation, interaction effects, fractography and other important factors.

The remaining chapters of the book are dedicated to the fatigue crack paths, researches and development in the field, current industry trends, avoidance of the failures etc. Three appendices provide the information about the fracture mechanics, non-destructive tests, and random load theory.

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