This episode of the world known and popular Mighty Ships series of videos will tell you about one of the most remarkable vessels of today - Cristobal Colon, representing an absolutely new breed of huge construction ships. Cristobal Colon is a really high-technology ocean dredger with her size exceeding the one of the closest competitor twice. The vessel is capable of storing over a million and a half cubic feet of sand.

Watch this interesting film and follow this massive vessel of the first mission. The mission is to dredge and deliver nearly eighty-eight million cubic feet of sand. The sand will be taken from the sea floor and subsequently delivered to a construction site located in Germany. Just imagine a scale! Note that this is the only vessel in the world that can be assigned such task. There is no other ship that could handle this.

However, a tightest deadline is making this task even more difficult. In addition to that, the weather also affects the operating on the ship. Will not this all make the task impossible even for the Cristobal Colon? Watch the film and find out, we guarantee that you will not get disappointed. The videos belonging to the Mighty Ships series are particularly interesting to the people who like ship construction, shipbuilding and ship

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This episode of the world popular and famous Mighty Ships series is devoted to the MV Becrux, often called a Noah's Ark of today. This huge and technically sophisticated livestock carrier was specifically designed for the transportation of the most important export of Australia. Watch this interesting video film and join MV Becrux in her mission of delivering sixteen thousand cattle and twelve-million cargo to Indonesia.

This mission required about three tons of feed for the cattle and hundred thousand gallons of water for the cattle every day. In addition, a perfectly working high-power ventilation shall be provided. Among the factors making the mission even more difficult there are tightest deadline and heavy traffic accompanied with the pirates activity in the area. The vessel was delivered in Croatia in 2002 for the Siba Ships conglomerate.

It shall be noted that today here is no other ship that could boast the facilities that are readily available on MV Becrux. The launching of the vessel helped to revolutionize the whole industry of the livestock carriers with significantly improved and advanced reinforcements in order to meet the constantly increasing demands of the industry.

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This issue of Mighty Ships is devoted to the famous lake freighter Algoma Equinox, a leading one in her class of ships. Constructed in China, she entered service fifteen years ago in 2013 and has been operating in St. Lawrence Seaway and Great Lakes. The vessel features novel design and the designers paid particular attention to the energy efficiency.

As a result, this ship is approximately 45 percent more energy efficient in comparison with the earlier ships. A special design developed for the North American Great Lakes. The Algoma Equinox carries grain, ore and iron through severe weather and the narrowest corridors on most challenging inland waterway in the world. Her design allows to go faster and to carry more cargo using less fuel than ever before.

This mighty ship has a truly revolutionary hull design streamlining her flow through water, a special hull coating to reduce resistance and increase speed, a forty thousand cubic meter cargo hold giving thirty percent more space, and the state of the art engine consuming twenty-two percent less fuel than most of the lakers. A definitely recommended popular video for all people with the interest in the modern ship designs - no one will get disappointed.

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This part of the Mighty Cruise Ships series is devoted to Stella Australis, one of a kind - the only ship on our planet designed specifically for navigating the remote fiords of Patagonia, at the bottom of South America. She is compact but mighty. At about eighty nine meters in length and having a shallow depth of 3.5 m enabling her to sail through narrow channels.

And Stella Australis travels in style - part luxury cruise liner part expedition ship, she comes equipped with five decks, three luxurious lounges, gourmet dining, stayrooms with king size windows and a fleet of Zodiacs to take guests everywhere. The vessel was the third in the series, the sister vessels were Via Australis and Mare Australis, and both of them were designed for same sort of cruising.

Stella Australis was delivered in 2010 being fully compliant with all applicable requirements of SOLAS and MARPOL Conventions. As mentioned above, the vessel features three lounges and they are named Darwin, Sky and Yamaha. The latter is used for various lectures... Watch this video and get to know a bit more about one of the most interesting cruise vessels in the world. Should you decide to undertake a voyage on board Stella Australis, you will be already aware of all arrangements!

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She is a round trip ticket to paradise. MS Paul Gauguin is the stuff the dreams are made of. Motor ship Paul Gauguin is a queen of South Pacific. The only vessel that sails year round to the most remote islands of French Polynesia. Her three hundred and thirty-three passengers are ready to pay a fortune to relax in her deluxe stay rooms or experience whatever kind encounters.

At one hundred fifty four meters in length, MS Paul Gauguin is exceptional and she was specially designed to navigate French Polynesia's underwater eco system. Her relatively flat hull and shallow 5.2 meter draft let her glide over coral reefs and access hidden ports where other travelers rarely step ashore. When you see all the islands which they visit it is pretty simple to get in love.

At forty-one years of age Captain Toni Tomljanovic does two years in his very first command and there can be no better starts... The video is truly fascinating and tells you not about the technical features of this vessel but also about how it works and what the people on board are offered. Watch this one and who knows, maybe you will eventually come to the decision to make a voyage on board Paul Gauguin to explore French Polynesia yourself...

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She is an elegant ocean liner with the story passed. Iron Lady of the seas for half a century... It is quite an old ship but still very strong and still can run fast. Marco Polo navigates modern marvels. Cruise ship Marco Polo is a model of maritime history. Her classic outline recalls the classic vessels of the past. She was launched back in 1965, a luxury ship built for the hard line regime of the old Soviet Union.

Deluxe - yes, but this vessel is also designed for extra stability, with the reinforced hull to sail through broken ice in Arctic routes. She is more than fifty years old but is still excellent. Captain Nectarios Rigas is just learning how to handle this twenty-two thousand ton ship; of course, this task requires some extra skills. He is fourth generation captain and he has just taken command of Marco Polo and this will be his first time taking her to the Baltic Sea.

Marco Polo is tied up at the British port of Tilbury on Thames river some forty kilometers south-east of London. Tilbury is London's original cruise port and it is a perfect departure point for this historic ship which will sail out for her historic route... A fascinating video film belonging to the Mighty Ships series and recommended to anyone with the interest in ships.

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This film is devoted to Le Soleal, one of the most interesting cruise ships of today. She is a brand new vessel intending to make a first voyage to new destinations on waters that are nearly not possible for any other mega-cruise ships to navigate... Subject vessel was designed back in 2013 by the respected and recognized experts in the field.

She has several sisterships and all of them embody a remarkable alliance between wellbeing, intimacy and luxury. She is treated as one of the most innovative yachts available on the modern cruise market. It is an excellent adventure and a perfect rest provided to all passengers on board Le Soleal. The present video will be very interesting to the people from the maritime shipping industry who will definitely find so much of interesting information about this cruise ship.

Apart from that, the content will present interest to the general audience, noting that the authors of the film have not overloaded it with too much of technical info and data. An excellent must- and easy-watch for every single adventurer, naval enthusiast and shipping industry person. Spend one hour of your time watching this film and we promise that you will not be disappointed.

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This mega-cruiser is sailing straight into hot water taking her passengers to encounters they could never imagine. Celebrity Solstice is a floating gateway to the wild world of adventure. This is a floating prove that even on a huge ship it's a small thing that matters. Attention to detail is what sets this mega-cruiser apart... 350 meters long, 1200 GT, sixteen decks high, was the first ship of her class.

She was launched in 2008 and her design was such a success that Celebrity Cruisers built four more giants like her. This is her second summer tour to Australia but she has yet to prove herself as the toughest ship. The glamorous main dining room encompasses two decks; passengers have the choice of nine other restaurants and cafes as well as fifteen bars, a disco and a casino. She even boasts a lawn with real grass. Captain of Celebrity Solstice commands the crew of 255 people and has been in charge of the ship for just four months.

She is docked in Fremantle, on Australia's west coast. Celebrity Solstice has been here only once before and this is just a second time she will embark on a voyage ahead. From Fremantle, she will head to the west coast to Port Hedland, then to Indonesia for a visit to Bali, she will return to western Australia with a stop in Darwin, then travel 2800 kilometers to Airlie Beach, Brisbane, Newcastle and finally Brisbane...

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