Numerical Ship Hydrodynamics

Author(s) Lars Larrson, Frederick Stern
Publisher Springer
Date 2013
Pages 330
Format pdf
Size 12 Mb







The present title was specifically released to assess the current situation in the field of the CFD, standing for the computational fluid dynamics, applied to the hydrodynamics of vessels; it is also intended to provide all specialists in this area with the required technical guidance to be used to the future developments. The main content of this volume is based on the materials presented during the stability workshop held in 2010 in Gothenburg.

The book is presenting the test cases as well as the data collected during the experiments and various computational methods. The publication also contains detailed analysis of the errors for local and global flow variables, including the standard deviations for the global variables and also propeller modeling for the self-propulsion. The authors of the materials contained in the book have also evaluated the effects of the grid size and also turbulence models and conducted the thorough analysis of the turbulence modeling capabilities to capture the physics of the local flow.

They have used the resistance submissions for evaluation of the errors and uncertainties using the systematic V&V, i.e. verification and validation, study together with the statistical investigations. Moreover, they have also analyzed all related computational and experimental studies...

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