principles of marine bioacoustics

Author(s) Whitlow W. L. Au
Publisher Springer
Date 2008
Pages 680
Format pdf
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People have always been seriously fascinated by the marine life, starting from the smallest diatoms and up to the huge marine mammals inhabiting our planet, such as blue whales. It should be noted, however, that the process of studying of marine life is quite a difficult task taking into account the fact that the ocean environment is vast and also opaque to most of the instruments and it can also be considered a hostile environment in which the experiments and researches may be conducted.

The use of the acoustics is a good practical way of the effective study of marine animal life. The advantage is that the acoustic energy propagates through the water much more efficiently than most of the other forms of energy and that is why it can easily be utilized by marine animals for various purposes and also by the scientists dealing with the study of their natural history and behavior.

Understanding the behavior of marine animals has always involved zoologists and psychologists and the science of marine bioacoustics continues to be considered a diverse discipline which involves investigators from different backgrounds and with different skills and knowledge. The interdisciplinary nature of this science presents a serious challenge in preparing a single volume meaningful enough to the students and professionals with the interest in this field.

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