Risk-Based Ship Design

Author(s) Apostolos D. Papanikolaou
Publisher Springer
Date 2009
Pages 376
Format pdf
Size 26 Mb







The risk-based design of vessels is a newly established engineering area attracting more and more interest of the practicing designers, engineers and researchers from the various disciplines connected with the design and construction of ships, their operation and regulation.

There is a twofold motivation to use the risk-based approach - the implementation of a novel design considered safe but not yet approved or rational optimization of the existing design focusing on the safety but bearing the performance and efficiency in mind.

The content of this book derives from the information and technical knowledge obtained during the SAFEDOR project coordinated by GL. It is not the intention of the author to prepare a text-book for the ship design students noting that the contributors to this volume are still evolving. However, the volume is aiming to provide readers interested in the risk-based approaches to the ship design with a good understanding of the basic and details of these approaches and their integration.

The volume will facilitate the transfer of the knowledge gained in the course of the project to the whole maritime community and shall therefore be treated well since such transfer will play a very important role in improvement of the ship design techniques and eventually contribute to the safety of shipping.

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