Starting Electronics

Author(s) Keith Brindley
Publisher Newnes
Date 2004
Pages 288
Format pdf
Size 6 Mb







Since the day of the original publication of this book, its author, Keith Bridley, has added lot of new materials in order to make sure that the publication is relevant and up-to-date. We hope that all readers will agree that the practical nature of this publication lends itself to a self-learning experience that all readers could easily follow in a logical and manageable manner.

Here are the main chapters - it starts with the chapters describing the very first steps, followed by the one dedicated to the measuring electric current and voltage, capacitors and ICs, filters and oscillators, diodes and transistors, analogue/digital integrated circuits. The comprehensive Glossary of terms is provided at the end of the book. The publication is based on the collection of the articles previously published in professional magazines and chosen not only because of their popularity among readers but rather because of their relevance to the introductory electronics. Most of the people when looking at electronic diagram have no idea what it is.

For such beginners, electronics may seem as a black art. However, electronics is just another field of science and you only need to be aware of the rules to know what is happening. It is a very interesting and practical science, and this book will help you understand the very basics of this amazing science.

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