Author(s) Richard Garrett
Publisher Little, Brown & Company
Date 1977
Pages 150
Format pdf
Size 102 Mb







The publication is one of the best ever published to cover the submarines. Of course, it would not be possible to address all the aspects in a single volume, but the efforts of the author have eventually resulted in this brilliant title. As he said, it would definitely require a huge size book with thousands of pages to cover everything.

One of the reasons for that is the significant technical development of their construction and machinery that took place in the last century and resulted in the changed size, arrangement and speeds. The publication presents a story of growing of the submarines; however, the historical background is also provided to get a full picture. In addition to that, the due attention was paid by the author to the tales of the people on board such facilities, serving and showing the bests of courage. The author has concentrated on the naval submarines and not the peaceable ones.

He has also covered the famous disaster of the Trident submarine in one of the fjords of Norway. The publication will be practically useful to the people dealing with the design and construction of the underwater facilities. However, the way the information is presented, is very reader-friendly so the book can be read by anyone interested in the submarines and their development throughout the history.

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