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   Another study guide from Tel-A-Train. This booklet starts with some basic info on the applications of the AC inverters, followed by the description of the AC induction motors. Then, the AC inverters are being explained, including the torque controllers, soft starter, and programmable controllers. This is all followed by the separate chapters that have been dedicated to the troubleshooting inverter - controlled systems, motors and loads, field devices and signals, the inverters and component testing. Apart from the theoretical info, the booklet is full of practical exercises for better control of the understanding. The answers to all exercises are provided in the last chapter of the publication. All trainees who have managed to satisfactorily complete this program shall be able to name the three major components of the power section of an alternate current inverter and explain their function, understand how such inverters control the speed/torque of the induction motors, know the differences between a six-step inverter and a PWM inverter, be able to describe how to program the AC inverters to satisfy the requirements of specific application etc. Quite useful training tool for ship electricians...

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