Over the past several decades, we could observe numerous significant developments and advances in the field of marine engineering, particularly related to the shipboard diesel engines installed on board both ships and offshore installations. So many new technologies were introduced, each of them deserving closest attention by all people engaged in the maritime industry.

The publication was prepared in order to fulfil all needs of the marine engineers willing to stay in touch with the latest information on the modern marine diesel engines slowly replacing the ones of the older series. It is absolutely important for the professional marine engineers to keep equipped with the due knowledge and understanding of the engines they operate and maintain when performing their day to day duties.

One of the features that differs this publication from many others is that the content has been presented in a perfectly understandable form, which will be appreciated by the students of marine engineering. In addition to the theory of the marine engines, the book is also intended to provide a good insight into the operation principles of the engines installed on board modern facilities. It will be of great benefit for those preparing for the examinations as well as for the self-learners.

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While the publication was originally written with the automotive industry in mind, the content will also be useful to the engineers engaged in the marine industry. The introduction is followed with the first chapter dealing with the engine supervision methods, troubleshooting and fault finding, and different methods that are used for diagnosis and belong to the general field of condition monitoring of the technical process.

The idea is to give a correct indication of any undesired states requiring action in order to avoid any accidents or damages. The second chapter is entirely devoted to the diagnosis works on the internal combustion engines, while the third one is dealing with the electric drives, actuators and motors. The fourth chapter addresses the fault-tolerant systems together with their basic components.

Finally, the appendix to the main part of the publication contains additional information about the models and functions, properties for the systems, as well as the associated states and signals. The publication will be of practical use for the people involved in the technical maintenance and repair of the internal combustion engines as part of their duties.

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You shall definitely have a look into this excellent publication prepared by the MarineInsight team. The document is dealing with the boilers installed on board marine ships. This book covers the design and construction of the boilers while the second part of the set addresses their operation and technical maintenance.

The author starts with the types of the marine boilers and their working principles, including the smoke/water tube boilers, composite boilers, and explaining the difference between the main boiler types. The mountings used for installation of the boilers, are paid particular attention, taking into account their critical importance for the safe operation of the boiler. The construction of the marine boilers is explained, as well, together with the associated problems.

The closing section of the volume deals with the boiler burners, including their types, advantages and disadvantages, periodical inspection and routing maintenance. This is a perfect choice for the people who want to get general understanding of the marine boilers, owing to the clear and understandable explanations given by the author and supplemented with the nice and colorful images.

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This is the second book of the set on the marine boilers. The first one was dealing with the design and construction of the boilers. In this book the operation and maintenance of the marine boilers are covered. There are five major sections in the book. In the first section the boiler water systems and treatment are discussed, with the due attention paid to all components, maintenance and applicable requirements.

The second section of the volume is devoted to the operational procedures, including starting/stopping, routine operation and technical maintenance, efficiency of the boiler operation etc. Then, the author proceeds to the automation and control systems, including alarms and shutdowns installed on the marine boilers, burner controls, feed water supply and other aspects. The fourth section deals with the periodical checks and inspections of the boilers, valve checks, and associated tests and SOLAS requirements.

The closing section of the publication covers the emergency operations, such as the fires and blowback, automation failure, dry running and others. The set is absolutely recommended to the marine engineers and any crew member involved in the operation and maintenance of the shipboard boilers.

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The book was written primarily for the owners of the facilities with the relatively small marine diesel engines installed. Prepared by the professional mechanic and excellent teacher, it will give all necessary guidance you need. All of the information is presented in a clear, understandable, and logical manner. It is simply interesting to read this book. The content is arranged in nine chapters starting with the very basic principles of operation common to most of the diesel engines.

The Sailing World and Ocean Navigator have both top-rated this publication due to its readability and amount of useful info. It is definitely to be kept on board any diesel-powered boat as it is good for any marine engineer to have clear understanding of the engines to provide timely maintenance and repair, whenever required. The areas covered by the author include but are not limited to the selection, installation, technical maintenance and repairs of the marine diesel engines.

According to the author, no maintenance and, of course, repair shall ever be undertaken without the sound knowledge of its construction, main parts, and operating principles, and his twenty-year experience in teaching have eventually been reflected in the pages of this guidebook.

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The present design guide will provide engineers with the necessary information and data on the shaft seals, including the wide variety of the designs and materials involved. The content was written by the RL Company, one of the world leaders in the field, currently tooling for over twenty thousand sizes of the standard shaft seal.

However, it shall be understood and remembered at all times, that each seal should fit its specific application and be designed accordingly. Several important factors shall be taken into consideration when determining the most suitable seal for the particular application, such as materials to manufacture the seal, its type, condition under which it is going to operate, dimensions, and others.

The seals addressed in this guide are commonly used together with the rotating and reciprocating shafts and their purpose is to contain the fluids. Another objective of their application is to exclude the contaminants. Among the strengths of the seals there are effectiveness in different environments, ability to be easily installed, and efficiency. All of the factors have been dealt with in detail in the guide, since they significantly influence the seal design.

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One of the best volumes on the centrifugal pumps. The authors have mainly focused of the pump design and construction materials, as well as the commonly employed production techniques. The book provides necessary information about the main design elements, modeling techniques and other important aspects such as the multi-stage casing etc. Some brief insight has been provided to the pump theory.

The content is not actually limited to the essential information and as such will be of practical interest even for the professional engineers, for example those involved in the maintenance and servicing of the pump stations. The manufacturers experience collected during the past decades have all found their reflection in the pages of this book. There are four main parts in the book, the first one addressing the pump design elements, followed with the pump applications, and mechanical design.

The closing part of the publication is dealing with the pump maintenance and provides the instructions and tips on how to extend the life of the pump, including their alignment, lubrication of the bearings, and seals. Note that this is a second, revised, edition of the title, featuring a full coverage of all important areas.

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Have a close look into this professional study report describing the investigation process in detail and providing general info on the shipboard power failures, and also presenting relevant regulatory framework related to the subject matter. It is an excellent collection of the carefully selected power failure cases supplemented with the analysis and safety recommendations. The proper implementation of these recommendations will help to avoid the similar cases in the future, or mitigate their consequences.

The investigation shall be conducted in order to increase the public safety and prevent the accidents, mitigate the associated damage etc. For the purpose of the present document, the investigation scope of the cases was mainly completed at three systems, namely operation, system and component levels. The reports included in the collection were prepared based on the results of the numerous investigations handled on-site.

Needless to say that the content of the report will be of great practical benefit to the marine engineers who will have better and wider understanding of the possible power failures and know what they can be caused with, and this information will help to avoid them in the future.

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