A new release of maybe the best principle primer of the offshore industry. The present publication has not been originally intended to serve as a definitive manual, it would rather be useful as the overall reference source providing the general technical introduction to the offshore engineering which is quite a complex object. The author's aim was to provide readers with a full coverage of the important aspects of the offshore industry presented in easily understandable terms; his efforts have made this title popular and appreciated by both newcomers to the offshore industry and the experiences practicing engineers.

The content of the publication starts with the general information about the offshore structures and vessels. According to the numerous feedbacks, this title shall be treated as a very valuable and timely addition to any specialist's library. The author has provided superb and lucidly clear technical explanations of the key aspects of the disciplines involved and made the book rick of essential information easily accessible to the readers regardless of their background and experience in the field.

The offshore engineers of today are required to perform a huge number of different tasks; this book shall definitely be on his shelf for ready and quick reference. It will be particularly valuable to the new recruits to the offshore industry and equally appreciated by the experienced specialists willing to refresh their technical knowledge...

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This book contains the report presenting the results of the study performed by the recognized industry experts. The main declared objective of the study was the thorough analysis and review of the offshore use of the drag anchors. The idea of the authors was to establish the practice of the usage of subject anchors – this includes selection of the proper anchors, methods of their deployment and recovery, periodical inspection and survey of the anchors, failures that can occur during the anchor operations.

Difficulties commonly experienced when performing anchor handling operations, and many other important aspects. The report includes the valuable information covering the fabrication methods, dimensions and shapes of the drag anchors, their holding power and reliability matters.

The authors have gathered and analyzed a huge amount of information and data to get to the most accurate results of the study – subject information was collected using two methods, namely a literature survey and circulating relevant questionnaires to the authoritative offshore industry organizations . Numerous professional conclusions relating to the safety and reliability aspects have been drawn from the content of the report.

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There is more than a century history of oil production in the Gulf of Mexico. Subject area has been treated as a primary source of oil and gas for America, generating as much as ninety-seven percent of all offshore hydrocarbons production. The release of the present document is an attempt to highlight the offshore oil and gas production activities in the deepwater GOM.

The publication was prepared by the Office of resource Evaluation in the Gulf of Mexico to present the seismic, leasing, geologic, well, reserves and of course production information addressing the deepwater portion of the Gulf. There are numerous criteria commonly used when defining deepwater. The threshold that separate deepwater and shallow water ranges from 200 to 457 meters. Within the content of this document deepwater is defined as the water depth exceeding 305 meters, or one thousand feet.

Most of the information contained in the ages of this report gas been collected from the data available by the end 2014. The crude oil is reported together with the condensate, same applies to the non-associated and associated gas. The report is very informative and will be useful to the people with professional interest in the offshore exploration an production of hydrocarbons.

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This book will be greatly appreciated by all newcomers to the industry. It will help them to get a deep and thorough understanding of the fundamentals including terms. The volume is a very useful collection of basic information and shall be used as a go-to resource saving time and collating essential information and data about concepts of pipeline integrity.

The publication is a perfect reference guide to a wide range of topics falling under the umbrella of pipeline integrity mentioned in the title. The content of the book is a good and informative compilation of commonly used terminology, technical concepts, techniques and methods that all of the people involved in the industry will most likely encounter during their work or researches in the field.

All explanations and definitions provided in the pages of this book are written in a language that would be easily accessible even to the non-specialists, all complex concepts are simplified to allow easier understanding. As a results, the readers are able to get a quick overview of any topic and understand it.

The authors draw the relationships existing between the technical concepts in a very clear manner supplementing it with numerous cross-references. Hundreds of data diagrams, tables, charts and drawings supplement the text. Featuring more than a thousand of entries, the dictionary will be of great practical use for all people involved in the pipeline related works.

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Another brilliant textbook for the offshore workers. It will be particularly useful to the construction engineers. Among the main features of this volume the readers note the great and very informative photos making the understanding of the material much easier, inclusion of the elementary formulas to be used for the offshore calculations, and some other aspects making it a best choice for the students.

The book has gained the extreme popularity in the offshore industry worldwide and is used as an excellent reference guide for the selection, operation and maintenance of the various offshore structures. The content will provide readers with a sort of roadmap for the design of the structures standing up in any environments. The author has also discussed the matters of selecting proper type of the structure from both technical and economical viewpoints.

In addition, he has presented the effective design procedure to be applied to the fixed structures and gave some instructions on the design review in order to get the optimum technical solution. the offshore engineers having this book will received the information on the most effective and up-to-date methods to be used for the analysis of the structural lifecycle and implement the relevant maintenance plans...

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The publication was released to provide the offshore industry engineers with the required information and knowledge as well as the established effective methods that would assist them to reach the maximum efficiency while maintaining minimum costs; it will be helpful when used during the preparation for the different operational variables that are commonly involved offshore.

The content of the publication is very clearly presenting the knowledge of the subsea offshore operations; the author demonstrates how the offshore operations could be optimized. While the first part of the volume is covering the basic principles that govern the structural design of the offshore installations, drilling operations, equipment used and procedures to be followed, its second half addresses the commonly faced challenges of the deep/shallow water engineering, cable engineering, subsea engineering and safety systems.

There are many live examples included in the book from the various locations but mainly focusing on the offshore operations offshore China. The book will be useful for the offshore workers willing to maintain the facilities reliably and efficiently to reach maximum profitability.

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A must-have volume for all oil and gas industry workers. The book features excellent arrangement of the material and provides convenient and easily accessible reference for the offshore people not using these calculations and formulas regularly. The intention is to help them reduce the amount of the materials they shall carry to the site or rig floor.

The volume opens with a review of the basic calculations and equations; it provides numerous examples for better understanding. this is a perfectly handy reference book offering readers a quick overview of such important topics as the pressure control and drilling fluids, engineering and air/gas calculations - note that they are provided in either metric or English system.

The easy layout of the content will add to the practicality of the volume and allow to the workers and their managers to save time. This release of the book is covering virtually all calculations that are normally done offshore in conjunction with the drilling an oil well, production and also workover. An excellent and widely popular resource for everyone working on the offshore and onshore installations and directly engaged in the above listed activities.

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The present publication by Ramesh Singh is mainly intended to provide the builders of the various offshore structures with the valuable guidelines they should be following and apply to the control of the corrosion covering both theoretical fundamentals and their practical application to the corrosion prevention.

Following the instructions and using the knowledge given in the pages of this informative volume, they will be able to prolong get the structural life of the offshore installations including piping significantly prolonged and get much better understanding of all critical matters, for instance the cathodic protection and using the coating for the corrosion prevention. The author has made an excellent attempt to provide the offshore industry with the explanation of the very basics of the measures to be implemented for extending the life of these installations and eventually reach the desired reduction in failure risk and maintenance costs.

All possible field applications have been dealt with by the author. The main emphasis is placed by him on the CP, standing for the cathodic protection when combined with the high-efficiency coatings used for the prevention of the subsea corrosion.

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