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The content of this excellent publication is primarily intended for three groups of readers. The first group is made by the students and professors in the field of structural and ocean engineering, while the second group consists of practicing engineers and scientists in academic institutions, government laboratories, and industries involved in research on offshore installations, especially fluid-structure-soil interactions.

Finally, the third group of readers includes practicing professional engineers who consider conceptual designs and need to employ dynamic analysis in order to perform correct evaluation of the facilities constructed offshore. The material contained in the pages of this volume was originally worked out by the three contributors and intended to be used for short training courses commonly attended by engineering seniors and graduate students.

However, the volume will also be very useful when used as a reference source and for self-study. The coverage of the different aspects of dynamics is quite impressive and the information is presented in the way making it very easy to understand, this is what made the publication popular among different groups of readers.

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The best available reference book covering literally all of the risers and pipeline design. The content of this latest release of the title is duly updated with the recent technical advances in this field, reflecting the huge professional experience of the author and addressing the truly critical issues of environment protection touching the relevant economical issues.

The pipelines commonly utilized for the transfer of hydrocarbons are deservedly considered the safest and also the most reliable way of exploitation of the valuable resources that are below the surfaces of the oceans. The design of the risers and pipelines is commonly looked at as quite a new technique that continues to develop; and the main final purpose of the subject developments is reduction of the associated costs plus the minimization of the environmental impact.

The author made a very good attempt trying to assimilate the basics of the various aspects of the applied mechanics of the offshore pipeline systems. His efforts have finally resulted in this remarkably useful publication representing the proven contemporary practices and all required technical knowledge to be of practical assistance to the persons planning to form a part of the industry.

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Both offshore and deepwater hydrocarbons production using the pipelines has already gained a truly huge momentum in the energy field in the past decades. It is considered quite common that the costs usually associated with the construction of the offshore pipelines are higher in comparison to the various drilling components.

The process of optimization of the offshore pipeline development processes is deservedly treated as being critically important topic and is a pre-requisite for the effective management in the relevant offshore operations. This informative title has been prepared primarily for the offshore engineers and management reps who are working on the offshore/deepwater pipelines. The author has not actually intended to duplicate the technical information that is readily available in the other publications.

The main content of the volume has gathered the professional experience of the author gained through many years he spent directly engaged in the design, installation, testing and operations of the offshore underwater pipelines. The main objective of the volume is to provide both management and engineers with the guidelines that would assist in achieving a cost-effective management of the development and operations of their deepwater and offshore pipelines. The volume is also recommended for use as a reference source for by all categories of readers...

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Any professional who has ever participated in the performance of a deepwater hyperbaric weld will certainly agree that the successful welded connection, repair, and attachment of two pieces of steel in a dry environment is still one of maybe the most ambitious and challenging project with which the diving industry of today is confronted. This book is aimed to provide all required technical guidance on various aspects of underwater welding.

It is a highly detailed and informative reference source offering an insight in the important technology applied in the design and further construction of the offshore platforms and pipelines. The content of the volume covers the welding processes that can commonly be adapted to the underwater environment, established maintenance and repair procedures proven effective, safety matters, info on diving options and associated equipment, and the AWS RP for the underwater welding.

The problems commonly encountered in underwater welding have also been dealt with and analyzed together with the most important factors that affect the welding metallurgy, and many other interesting issues that every underwater welder shall be well aware of.

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Planning of the well test is treated as one of the critically important stages in the whole life cycle of an oil well. Should it be done improperly, the consequences can easily cost millions. And now there is an excellent reference released to ensure that subject planning is done right from the first attempt.

The content of this reference has been compiled by the expert in well test engineering will provide all well planners with the sort of a road map guiding them through the relevant industry codes and standards, established practices and governmental regulations. Taking into consideration the activity level in the industry and lack of experienced personnel, the present publication will appeal to the specialists working for the drilling, well completion as well as the exploration departments.

The author is providing required guidance to this subject demonstrating how the associated documentation shall be prepared. The book takes the readers from the very basics of the design up to the test reports covering literally all aspects considered necessary for the continuous improvement. The content features detailed interpretations of the well test, coverage of the EWT requirements, preparation of the test programs and other useful information.

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The content of this book has been prepared on the basis of the SINTEF Offshore Blowout Database containing wealth of valuable technical and other information that is intended to be utilized when performing the analysis of the risks commonly associated with the offshore installations. Subject database is focusing on the causes of the blowouts together with the technical parameters considered critically important for the development of the risk analyses, and the flow path and mediums, release point and ignition time, and durations in particular.

Though the database includes the data obtained in the course of the investigation of almost forty blowouts, the content of this document has been limited to 124 blowouts occurred in Mexican Gulf and UK and Norwegian shelf waters in the historical period 1980-1994. The frequencies of the offshore blowouts and trends associated with them have also been investigated in this book, for the different operational phases.

The author has also analyzed the contributions from the offshore blowouts to the rate of fatal accidents. The pollution to the surrounding environment commonly caused by the blowouts has also been discussed in the pages of the present volume. In addition, the content includes all other important factors to be taken into account during the evaluation of the offshore risks...

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This excellent publication has appeared as the result of more than twenty-year work of the author collection and preparing all required information and then presenting it in a straightforward and pretty digestible manner -  this all has eventually made this volume very popular among the construction engineers. The present third release of the title continues to serve as one of the most authoritative and modern guides in the field of the offshore construction.

The content of the volume is based on the huge professional experience of Ben Gerwick, the author, and is also incorporating the technical information that has been already published in the several relevant sources. It has been significantly expanded and duly updated in order to reflect all recently introduced methods and materials, as well as technologies. The author has also covered the new information about such important and practical topics as the liquefaction of the loose sediments, high-performance steel, and even the damage occurring as a result of the terroristic attacks and sabotage.

The book is featuring a remarkably comprehensive coverage of the liquid natural gas transportation terminals and offshore wind-and-wave energy producing structures. The way of explanation is very clear and concise making the material easily accessible to everyone and allowing readers to successfully implement the principles that can bring their offshore and marine technical projects to life.

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This is a very useful title providing all required guidance to the drilling engineers. The readers including practicing engineers and students have already appreciated the content of this volume and found it very practically useful since it touches every single aspect of the drilling, starting from the planning of the wells and casing design, through interpretation of the drilling diagrams and checking the properties of the drilling muds, and up to the troubleshooting procedures.

It shall be noted, however, that the book has not been designed for the absolute beginners to the drilling. The content has actually been formatted with the assumption made by the author that the readers have at least some real experience in drilling, that's why it will best suit the practicing drillers, drilling rig supervisors, well planners and other professionals. We would recommend this book to all people involved in drilling.

The explanations provided a support to the calculations are quite clear and adequate, fully serving their purpose. The division of the content is excellent and technical descriptions are easily understandable. The book will be very useful for the specialists working with the operation and willing to have some more information about the projects or refresh their technical knowledge...

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