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The title by Don Casey, the author of the Sailboat Refinishing and This Old Boat titles, deserves special attention due to the amount of the useful and practical information it provides to the boat owners. Full of clear explanations of the different electrics related topic, and clear images illustrating same, the volume will be of great help to the people willing to know how the equipment should be installed, connected, operated and maintained on the boat.

The coverage includes the entire electrical system of the craft. The volume is considered one of the must-have ones on the shelf of any boat owners, forming an integral part of his or her library. One could treat the title as a perfect intro and dictionary to the subject of the marine electric wiring. It contains everything, from theory and terminology to the practical tips, particularly valued by the sailors, and will let you know much more than you ever knew about the electricity on your sailboat.

Note that it will be even more liked by the people preferring the do-it-yourself style, due to the step by step instructions and clear explanations of any topic. In fact, the author wrote it not only for the sailboat owners, but also keeping in mind all other boat types, so there is no limitation as such at all.

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The fourth edition of one of the most popular publications on digital electronics. Today, all of us witness the exceptional power and significant usefulness of various digital systems and techniques widely used in the computers and machinery, equipment and microprocessors - in fact everywhere. Their work is based on the fundamental principles of the digital electronics.

This volume was released to cover this area reflecting all latest technical developments in the field. The publication has been designed self-contained. The content is dealing with the digital techniques and digital systems starting from the very basic circuits and up to the VLSI, standing for the very large-scale integrated circuits. The author has also introduced the computer the main concepts aided design in order to help readers familiarize themselves with the modern CAD techniques.

In general, the number of topics covered in the pages of this volume has been significantly increased in comparison to the previous edition. In addition to that, the book now features seriously improved coverage of various error detecting/correcting codes, hazards considered specific to the sequential circuits, low voltage CMOS, semiconductor memories, combinational circuits and many other aspects.

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The original intention of the author of this brilliant publication was to provide readers with the detailed descriptions of the various electrical equipment installed on board modern vessels, together with the explanation of their working principles. The volume will be a great tool for preparation to the exams and as such has gained so much of popularity among the students in different parts of the world.

This is the second edition of the book, featuring significantly reworked and updated content that would be appreciated by those willing to gain or improve technical knowledge in the field. There are several newly included chapters dealing with the shipboard shaft generators and also electric ship propulsion, reflecting the modern trends. The author has also included numerous informative data diagrams depicting the electrical distribution and control arrangements.

In addition to that, serious attention was paid to the safety when using the shipboard electrical equipment and systems. Every effort was made to avoid using too technical language; also, the supplementary materials, such as the diagrams, tables, and sketches, were made as simple as possible, in order to ensure easier understanding and reader-friendliness.

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This publication should be treated as a must have one for all ship electricians and marine engineers working on board contemporary ships. Prepared by the professional electrical superintendent, it will provide you with the perfect technical overview of virtually all electrical components together with the systems that are normally incorporated in the ships of today.

The material is arranged in several major chapters, each of which concentrates on some particular topics; note that, apart from the text and theoretical knowledge, the book is full of the practical examples and informative drawings and illustrations to ease the understanding.

The volume is an excellent reference guide for the shipboard engineers and will be very useful as an instructional resource. In fact, it is an invaluable one for the marine engineers and ETOs who are willing to improve both their theoretical and practical knowledge of the subject.

The contents of the book cover everything starting from the reading electrical diagrams and then proceeding to the control elements, relays including all types of them, motor starters, switches, protection and monitoring arrangements, motors, breakers, HV systems commonly found on board large modern vessels, sensors, PLCs, and so many others.

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Here is the second edition of one of the most useful publications for the electrical engineers engaged in the offshore industry. It has already proved to be an invaluable reference and training source for the engineers involved in the projects demanding in-depth knowledge and understanding of all equipment as well as the power installations and distribution systems.

The volume starts with the information on the different insulation types, temperatures and machine ratings, together with the associated measurements. This part is then followed by the generators and AVRs, transformers, electronic systems etc. the idea of the volume is to be highly practical and provide readers with the immediate benefits. Most of the electrical systems dealt with in the volume are 24V DC.

The publication gives all necessary info on the batteries and chargers used for starting engines, and other equipment common on board offshore installations. The book is full of the informative data tables and charts, so you may be sure that it will be equally interesting to the professionals and general readers. The operation and maintenance of the electrical systems and components has been explained together with the demonstration of the repairs and modification of the various instruments. Particular attention has been paid to compliance with the relevant regulations, rules and technical specification.

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This is the third edition of one of the most popular and useful publications related to the batteries. Considering the incredibly fast and steady growth of the manufacturing industry, it is understandable why the interest and demand for the safe and efficient batteries has grown, correspondingly.

The author of this reference book has made a successful attempt to collect the technical information available today on the different battery types in a single volume, which would be of great practical use for the people dealing with the batteries in the course of their day to day work.

After the introduction, some good and easy to understand guidelines have been provided on how to select the battery, followed with the section on the characteristics of the commonly used batteries, from lead acid, nickel and silver batteries to mercury, lithium, manganese, water-activated and so many others – literally all of them are covered.

Then, the readers will proceed to the general theoretical essentials and design of the batteries, together with evaluation of their performance. The next section of the volume is devoted to the applications of the different type of batteries. After that, you will receive good tips on the charging of the batteries, as well as the primary battery suppliers.

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The main objective of the present revision of the publication was to address all the valuable comments provided by the readers as well as professional reviewers and also to deal with the ongoing industry trends. The newly added and thoroughly reworked information will help to expand the specific knowledge area. The content of the book was rearranged by the author to embed the new chapters and remove the material that was used less.

One of the features of this edition is that the author added the objectives to the beginning of each of the chapters. There are more than twenty chapters in the book, each chapter covering one important topic. The volume opens with the information about the current and voltage, resistance and Ohm’s Laws, series and parallel direct current circuits, different analysis methods, inductors and capacitors and magnetic circuits.

After that, we will proceed to the essential elements and phasors, alternating waveforms, and then power, resonance, network theorems and analysis methods as applied to the alternating current. The polyphase systems and transformers are covered in the separate chapters. An excellent reference and training source for the students and practicing electrician and engineers.

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This popular publication is intended to describe all up-to-date electrical practices that have been employed in international shipping of today. The contents of this handbook was specifically designed to provide all required training support to the students. The specific intention of the authors was to assist the marine engineers and electrical officers in proper understanding of the shipboard electrical installations, equipment, systems and their maintenance.

The electrical power system of the vessel has been explained in terms of the main and emergency generation and distribution, including the matters of the electrical safety and associated safe working practices. The types of the faults occurring in the electrical circuits and their significant have been examined together with the different protection forms and methods. In addition to that, the book explains the construction of motors and starters as well as their operation  and protection principles.

The title includes a surveys of the variable speed control methods for motors as applicable to the vessels. Moreover, the publication describes all electrical services for ships refrigeration installations, A/C, cathodic protection, lighting and various auxiliary equipment...

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