The present book is mainly intended to provide a comprehensive coverage of the essential theoretical work on electrotechnology to be used by the students as well as practicing engineers. The authors of the book have concentrated on the basic theoretical principles and refer to the numerous informative illustrations. There are many works examples included to supplement the theoretical part of the volume.

There are also several examination questions included at the closing part of the book to check the progress of the students; it means that this book could be used for self-study as well. The main content of the publication has been arranged in fifteen chapters followed by the solutions to all examples provided inside. Note that the first- and second-class examination questions are also there and supplemented with the correct answers.

The book will start with the basic electrical terms and information on circuits, conductors and insulators, electrochemistry topics, magnetism and electromagnetic induction, AC and Dc motors, electronics and so many other topics that are of the utmost importance to the electrician working in any field and particularly for the ship crew members.

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This popular publication is intended to describe all up-to-date electrical practices that have been employed in international shipping of today. The contents of this handbook was specifically designed to provide all required training support to the students. The specific intention of the authors was to assist the marine engineers and electrical officers in proper understanding of the shipboard electrical installations, equipment, systems and their maintenance.

The electrical power system of the vessel has been explained in terms of the main and emergency generation and distribution, including the matters of the electrical safety and associated safe working practices. The types of the faults occurring in the electrical circuits and their significant have been examined together with the different protection forms and methods. In addition to that, the book explains the construction of motors and starters as well as their operation  and protection principles.

The title includes a surveys of the variable speed control methods for motors as applicable to the vessels. Moreover, the publication describes all electrical services for ships refrigeration installations, A/C, cathodic protection, lighting and various auxiliary equipment...

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Here is one of the best available publications on sensors and transducers available at the market today. The present volume by Ian Sinclair was written to provide students, system designers and practicing technician engineers with the set of practical know-hows to be applied in their works. the author focuses on better understanding of the technology together with the practical application with not too much of mathematics.

His efforts have finally resulted in this highly readable and reader friendly textbook giving a truly unique introduction to both selection of the switches, transducers and sensors, and their practical application. Among the devices covered in the pages of this publication are heat and motion sensors, light sensors, non-signal switches and many others commo0nly used in various industries.

The readers have already appreciated the huge amount of useful information included by the author and perfect style of explanation; there are numerous data tables and informative diagrams contained in the book, making understanding of the subject even easier. The content of the publication will be particularly useful to less experienced people who can use it as an excellent introductory title.

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This book has been dedicated to the electrical devices that are commonly called sensors. The invention of the microprocessors that took place in the past, has resulted in the development of the very sophisticated instruments into the human life - nowadays, the microprocessors are considered the integral parts of the various computerized appliances used everywhere today.

In this volume the author covered many modern detectors and sensors; of course, it is not possible to embrace in the single volume the whole variety of electrical sensors together with their applications. The author did rather make the attempt to generate a good and useful reference text to be used by students and researchers being interested in modern instrumentation, application engineers, sensor engineers and technicians who must have a very thorough understanding of the sensors, know how to select them and design the sensors for practical electrical systems.

Numerous chapters of the book cover data acquisition, various technical characteristics of the sensors, sensing principles, optical components, interface circuits, motion and occupancy detectors, position/displacement/level, velocity and acceleration, pressure sensors, force/strain/tactile sensors, flow- and acoustic sensors, humidity/moisture sensors, temperature sensors, light detectors, chemical sensors and radiation detectors, materials the sensors are made of and technologies involved etc.

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The present title was specificity prepared and released for the today's and future professionals  in the field of protective relaying as well as for any interested people possessing some minimal engineering skills. The publication has been written in a bit unconventional way - it uses the MERIT 2000, the MATLAB-based simulation tool, to offer readers the experience in understanding and subsequent implementing of various protective relaying designs.

There are many books dedicated to the protective relaying - most of them provide very good background on the principles of power relaying and faults occurring in power systems; however, almost all of them assume that the readers are mostly interested in learning how exactly the protective relaying approaches can be used in power systems. The authors of this book took a bit different approach assuming that readers are in learning how the protective relays work and understand their basic working principles.

Taking this goal in consideration, this book tries to turn the learning into the design experience with the readers using MATLAB from the very beginning. Note that we would not consider this book a substitute for any textbook on the fundamentals of protective relaying; this is more a complementary source of information.

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One of the most popular books on electrical engineering. The content of the volume features valuable contributions from the recognized leaders in this field and was carefully crafted by the authors. This third edition of the publication has been significantly updated in order to provide readers with the convenient access to the detailed technical information on may power engineering aspects.

Nearly every part of the book was amended to reflect the very latest developments in modern electrical systems, duly reflecting all recognized international standards and industry practices. Among the topics covered there are generation of the electrical power using both conventional and non-conventional methods, power transmission and distribution systems, utilization of the electric power and its quality.

The newly introduced chapters cover such important matters as linear electric motors and reliability of the transmission lines, high-temperature conduction, HV DC transmission system and others. A must-have publication for every person engaged in electrical engineering, generation and transmission of the electric power and any relevant disciplines and activities.

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This publication is mainly aimed to provide required guidance on the basic principles of electronics to the students in the field of material science and other fields requiring some knowledge of the electronics. The material provided in the pages of this brilliant volume will let them get better understanding of the subject. The author of the book leads the readers through the whole analogue and digital electronics covering all important aspects.

There are numerous problem solving practical exercises included in the book to help students gain more practice in each of the areas covered; there are also several practical experiments described by the author to encourage students to make their own try. The book will fill practical demand of the interested people including students and specialists in different fields.

The volume opens with the general introduction chapter covering basic definitions, inductors and capacitors, electrical energy and power, energy sources and other aspects. It is followed by the chapters devoted to the digital electronics and analysis of the direct current circuits. The remaining chapters of the book address operational amplifiers, field-effect transistors, bipolar transistors and their circuits, AC theory and semiconductor P-N junction diodes.

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At the first glance, the audience for this volume may look same as the audience for the broad-based textbooks on electrical engineering; however, it shall be noted that the content of the present publication differs in its structure, length and, what is most important, in its emphasis.

The traditional books mainly cover electrical circuits together with the electronics and then proceed to the electrical machinery, but the author of this volume believes that it would be much more important for the students of today to get information about the digital technology, even more important than the traditional electrical machinery.

The book is aimed at those students who require to get better understanding of the modern electronics as well as of the communication. The emphasis has been made by the author on the practical application and on the fundamental principles. There are three main parts in the book, and they are dealing with the electrical circuits, electronics, and communications.

Since electronics is commonly treated as the combination of R, L, C elements and active elements, the author made a decision to begin his work with a study of electrical circuits. In short, this is one of the best books on electronics and communications available on the market and it is highly recommended to the students and specialists.

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