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The content of the present training manual is compliant with the relevant requirements of the IMO Res. A.657, making the document acceptable for the purpose of familiarizing the ship crew with the basics of surviving in the lifeboat. First of all, the readers will get to know how to protect themselves against exposure to the sea water. After that, some information will be provided about the sea-sickness tablets and how to use them properly.

The watches and lookouts are discussed in the next section, followed with the one about the first medical aid, health issues, and necessary sanitary arrangements to be made in the lifeboat. The location aids including, but not limited to the radio equipment, are discussed further. There is a separate section dealing with the proper use of the available survival equipment; note that the distribution of the water and food is also paid serious attention.

The readers will also get familiarized with the preparations to be made for the heavy weather conditions. The document even covers such an important aspect of survival as the maintenance of the due morale among the persons in the lifeboat, since this matter is definitely of the high importance.

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The main purpose of this publication called BMP and forming a part of the Industry Best Management Practices series - is to provide all required assistance to the crew members and bridge teams of the ships engaged in the trade in the areas mentioned in the title and give them the information that would help them to avoid or delay possible piracy attacks off the Somalia coast plus in the Arabian Sea are and Gulf of Aden, or to deter them.

The application of the recommendations contained in this booklet will make a significant difference in prevention of the ship turning into a piracy victim. The extent to which the guidance provided in the pages of this volume is followed, will always have to be at the final discretion of the decision makers, i.e. Master and Ship Operator. Here is the list of topics covered: Somali Pirate Activity, Typical Pirate Attacks, Risk Assessment, Company Planning, Master's Planning, Implementing BMP, Voyage Planning, Self Protection Measures.

The readers will know what to do if a pirate attack is imminent, if boarded by maritime pirates, and in the Event of Military Action, Updating BMP, Post Incident Reporting. A definitely must have volume on board vessels undertaking voyages in those areas.

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The present Fire Training Manual has been designed and released to suit various types of ships. The purpose of the document is to provide the crew members with both general and vessel-specific information as well as with the practical instructions relating to the fire safety practice and relevant precautions, meaning of the various alarms, established procedures for the fire fighting, operation and use of the various fire fighting systems together with the associated equipment, operation of fire dampers and fire doors plus the information about the escape routes.

In addition, the present Manual may serve as a reference source for the crew members with the duty to provide the instructions to other people on board the ship in the practice of the all above stated equipment and following the procedures. The content of this FTM is fully compliant with the requirements of IMO Res. MSC.99(73) and its main part is describing the procedures and equipment generically.

However, its seventh section is specifically designed so that the users may easily fill in details of the procedures and equipment applicable to their ship, making the present document unique and still compliant with the applicable regulations. The fire training manual shall be provided in each mess/recreation room and cabin, together with the fire safety operational booklet.

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The official OCIMF Code of Practice developed to provide the guidance for the countermeasures to be undertaken by the terminal operators as well as all other shore authorities against maritime piracy. The content of the guidebook helps to identify the actions considered most appropriate for each particular case.

The readers will find practical measures including both visible and organizational countermeasures and also contains a check sheet for the identification and implementation of the most appropriate responses to apprehend or at least deter maritime pirates.

Though the Code was originally aimed at the terminal operators being members of the OCIMF organization, it will also apply to all other operators and port authorities, coast guard and police officers - this list would actually include all persons engaged in such activities in one way or another and having a common aim to fight against maritime piracy and robbery.

They will find a good advice on how to overcome practical problems and get all required assistance in this compact but so comprehensive and useful publication, and get due understanding of the importance and necessity of the shore-based countermeasures..

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At any given time and throughout the whole world, in any weather there are many pilots transiting to or from ships they are engaged in order to provide safe navigation from one point to another. Each of them must be embarked and disembarked in a safe manner. The transfer operations can normally be completed in numerous ways and each of these ways includes some degree of risks.

It is absolutely critical that people involved in the transfer operations are duly aware of the dangers associated with the transfer. That is why they shall all receive a good and thorough training irrespective of the method of transfer that has been chosen. Embarkation and disembarkation of the pilots would normally take place with the ship being either underway or alongside; however, it may also occur at the anchorage. For the purpose of pilot transfer the accommodation ladder, crane basket, vehicle ramp or other methods can be used.

The present publication provides readers with all required information about the pilot ladders, covering the general responsibilities of all parties involves in the transfer operation, construction of the ladders, securing the pilot ladder and providing the safe access to the ship deck, supervision etc. Shipside doors and combination ladders have been addressed separately. The book closes with the chapters on the associated equipment and lighting.

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The present title contains the results of the intensive researches conducted by the authors during the past decade. Their original intention was to thoroughly analyze the maritime piracy geography as well as the political economy. Some ten years ago there was a splash in the number of piracy attacks in the Gulf of Aden region, including the “Maersk Alabama” case, and this actually made the authors to check the piracy matters more closely.

The contemporary maritime piracy provided them with a starting point from where the authors started their work. In order to get to the better understanding of the factors affecting the re-emerging of the maritime piracy around 1980-es, we need to pay attention to the global trends, such as the expansion of the maritime trade volumes after the Cold War etc.

However, the real conditions for the maritime piracy persistence were actually created by the local political/economic configurations and this is what is addressed in the pages of this publication, highlighting the significance of the looking through the historical records to get the idea of the crime and conflict dynamics. The book will be beneficial to the people willing to know the underlying factors with respect to the modern piracy.

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The main objective of the authors of the present guide released by the world respected RECAAP organization was to give readers some professional guidance and practical tips, as well as the necessary contact details and established procedures for reporting.

The document will be of particular interest to the owners of the barges and tug boats, as well as to the ship operators and crew members on board, who will apply the information when working on the avoidance the hijacking and robbery. When preparing for the intended voyage, all of that shall be taken into consideration, as necessary.

The document will share the experience and inputs of all those industry professionals who had contributed, including the Masters and managers of the ships. Due to their characteristics and also the activities, the barges and tugs are considered highly vulnerable to the issues mentioned above, so the additional precautions shall be taken.

First of all, the publication describes the types of shipboard incidents and areas where such incidents are expected, and then proceeding to the risk assessment and the associated reporting procedures. The communication equipment has been addressed together with the physical protection, passage planning etc.

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This handbook was written with the intention of the authors to provide readers with a comprehensive professional overview of all issues that are currently facing both naval strategy and naval security today, in the XXI century. The material contained in the publication was developed on the basis of the valuable contributions by the world recognized specialists in the industry, including researchers and practitioners.

The document is covering the naval security aspects in different regions of the planet, including the piracy-prone area of the East Africa. In addition, the book outlines the policy challenges that commonly arise as a result of the maritime terrorism, international organized crime, etc. The authors have analyzed all consequences posed by the maritime security of today’s world, paying all due attention to the naval strategy.

The book will serve as a good addition to the available literature intended to be used by the analysts and researchers. The book is expected to be of great interest to the students and practitioners in the field of naval strategy and security, as well as the security studies. However, every person engaged in the maritime shipping industry will benefit from the content of this book.

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