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Handling of the liquid chemical goods is deservedly considered technically complex and demanding operation taking into account a huge number of complex elements that are normally involved in the process. People, when dealing with cargo handling shall take into consideration such important factors as technical, commercial, environmental and of course requirements. Failure to do so may eventually result in catastrophic consequences.

That is the reason why the personnel engaged in these operation is under considerable pressure. The main purpose of the present cargo handling simulator is to provide trainees with an effective instrument giving a very realistic replication of the typical liquid natural gas/chemical handling system and it's dynamic behavior in particular. By using this training simulator the trainees will be given an excellent opportunity to acquire all necessary technical knowledge of the cargo handling without any risk.

The software is in exe format making it very easy to use. Clear of any malware. No registration or payment required. Note that the pack contains the power point presentation of the simulator, supplemented with the exhaustive user's manual. A very recommended one for the crew members of the LNG and chemical carriers.

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This is the fifth version of the popular Storck Packing Guide widely used in the shipping industry. This one is fully compatible with all Windows systems and includes the content of the official IMDG Code Amendments 34-08. Developed by Storck Verlag Company, Hamburg. The Guide is commonly applied for the segregation of the dangerous cargo in containers (the module works with Easeacon program) as per IMDG Code regulations.

The software will be very useful and practical for the crew members of the vessels engaged in transportation of the cargoes falling under the above mentioned Code since they will have valuable advice provided. The application features very user-friendly interface making it very easy to use in practice to ensure compliance of the cargo loading with the IMDG Code requirements. the Guide is covering all requirements applicable to the container vessels as well as to the conventional cargo vessels, barges and ro-ro vessels. the types of cargo covered include bulk chemicals and packagings, waste transports and others. The security provisions by IMO are also incorporated.

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The Loadstar is an excellent program turning any computer into the advanced loading platform featuring remarkably user-friendly interface. The software allows to facilitate the commonly time consuming processes of planning the loading operations and controlling the loading conditions. The program was developed by IBM to be fast working and easy to use.

The Loadstar has been initially designed in со-operation with the leading companies in the shipping industry throughout the world, and this is what has mainly gained so much popularity to this software - the companies using this software benefited of the invaluable experience.

The final outcome is a nearly perfect loading system integrating literally all necessary functions into one application. Numerous practical system features of this program help to ensure quickest and most accurate cargo planning and considers both pre-planning and thoroughly detailed planning.

The program also features a clear and very consistent design, which supplies the necessary info at a glance. The user only has to make a couple of mouse clicks or keystrokes to make the program function. The use of this software will eventually result in reduction of the operation time as well as the man-hour requirements to minimum.

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Here is a small and very simple yet quite useful piece of software that has been specifically developed by the "Dolphin Maritime Software Ltd" some years ago - however, even released quite a long time back, the program is very popular and used by the people for both training purposes and on board vessels; this program was originally intended to serve as a compact, easy-to-use and practical tool for calculation of the oil products.

In the "Utility" section of the program there are Pipe capacity, Interpolators 1 and 2 Ullage/Trim, Wedge, Vessel Experience Factor, etc. It contains necessary ASTM tables inside. It will help the user to conduct proper conversion between API, SG and Density, Vac to Air weight, convert temperatures, find standard API/SG/Density and VCF against them. No need for installation, just launch the file and calculate. No viruses. You may start using it immediately upon downloading.

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This is a version 3 of the popular and effective ship loading software which was developed and subsequently released by the Interschalt Maritime Systems in full accordance with the ISO 16155:2006. The software is compatible with all Windows.

Moreover, the developers of this program have taken into consideration all applicable requirements of ABS, BV, DNV-GL and other classification societies together with the content of the IACS Recommendation no. 84 related to the Loading Instruments. Free of any viruses of malware.

May be used on board vessels or for the training purposes. In fact, a great training tool allowing to practice the naval architecture skills in assessment of the vessels loaded conditions, making relevant calculations and prediction of the behavior of the loaded vessel at sea.

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The present 5.66 version of Easeacon program was developed and released in 2011 by Marine Alignment Solutions in Denmark. It is based on the Windows OS and is fully compatible with Win 7. This software allows users to evaluate the stability of E-Type container ships and prepare the relevant cargo plans with all types of ISO containers.

It will also assist with segregation of the various dangerous goods in accordance with the requirements of the IMDG Code. This application works with German Lashing Module which has to be installed straight after the installation of the program itself. This module is used on the container ships certified to this lashing system. In the Baplie folder there are some working files of the estimated loading from AE Maersk Line service.

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The software presented to your attention has been developed and released with the specific intention of the developers to work out the program that would be helpful when used for planning various cargo handling operations considering the vessel's draught, trim, stress and stability matters.

The cargoes transported on board marine vessel can consist of bulk, containers, timber, as well as of special goods (for instance, project cargo). This program is relating to the individual vessel to which one it has been specifically programmed for. The mechanism of the software has been built up in several modules capable of being opened by just clicking on the menu/sub-menu button that is shown on the very top of the main window. Simple and user-friendly one.

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Here is another popular piece of software. It is also well known under the Cargo Assistant name. In fact, this is a truly universal program developed to assist the people engaged in the cargo handling on board seagoing container vessels.

The main window of the program is the main user interface and the start point where you can launch all services offered by the program. An excellent option for the in-house training.

It shall be noted as necessary that the software pack includes an excellent training presentation which shall be paid particular attention as it is covering the stress and stability issued in the case of the container ships with capacities exceeding 2500 TEU. This presentation will tell you detail how to use the software and reveal the secrets of the program knowing which you will be able to benefit from all its advantages.

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