This excellent film, "The Diesel Story" will definitely be of great historical and technical interest to every engineer regardless of the industry he or she is involved, noting the remarkably wide use of the diesel engines. This excellent documentary educational video was produced by the professionals of the world respected leader Shell Oil Company some years ago.

This classic film is intended to demonstrate the main steps of the diesel machines development. The people who spend some time watching this one, will get the understanding of how the diesel machines were originally invented, how people used them and how these machines helped the mankind throughout the history. You will definitely enjoy watching this short but interesting old-school film.

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Zero-Hour... The present video film has been solely devoted to the one of the most tragic catastrophes at sea is a sort of documental drama, not purely technical and therefore interesting to the general audience not only to the naval architects or historians - its content is mainly based on numerous eyewitness accounts and the findings that have been made by the Joint Accident Investigation Commission consisting of Estonia, Finland and Sweden governments.

Some of the dialogues that have been included in this film have been intentionally fictionalized just to make it more gripping. As mentioned above, we would recommend this video to everyone. The newcomers to the industry and students will see how disastrous the consequences of the catastrophes can be at sea while the professionals may use the materials in this film to make their own version of what actually happened on board. In any case, it makes sense to try and understand that tragic case which was a lesson to learn and remember; all efforts shall be made to avoid this from happening again in the future...

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The "Evolution of the oil industry" one of the best educational documentary films devoted to the oil exploration and production history. The video has been found very interesting by the people who watched in in different parts of the world, and particularly by those involved in oil industry; in addition, its content has been of interest for the future students of relevant specialties.

It is showing the major stages of the oil industry development. It really makes sense for any person somehow involved in the exploration and production of hydrocarbons (whether on land or offshore) to have a close look at how the industry has been developing through the years and what technological advances took place as it may help in getting to the better understanding of the technical solutions of today and their correct application. Again, the film will be interesting even to the people outside the oil industry since it is not technical at all and will therefore be understandable to everyone who watches it.

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This instructional video is for those wishing to know how to make ties, knots and splices. The sailor ropes commonly get made into the different lines hoisting and controlling the ship's sails, handing fenders outboard and, in general, used for so many other things on board.

However, these lines themselves are absolutely useless unless the sailor knows how exactly to work with the lines, and in particular how to attach them properly to the other objects. And that is where the knots are coming, being highly evolved instruments putting the ship's lines to work. In the present program the author is going to demonstrate you the most popular knots that all sailors need.

The instructions contained in the video are very easy to follow owing to the professionalism of the author, his experience and approach he used when preparing the content of the film. This all has gained so much of popularity to this video which is treated as a classical video-guide to all newcomers to the maritime world. We recommend you to have a close look and guarantee that you will like the process of learning how to make ties and making them yourself following the clear instructions.

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This present video film was prepared by the professionals of the NatGeo channel - it is intended to tell the interested people about the Jewel of Muscat ship's more than 5000 km long voyage undertaken across the Indian Ocean as well as her really heroic battle with Monsoon.

This ship was built from almost twenty tons of wood. The shipbuilders had to spend about a year to construct this vessel - it was actually the reconstruction of a 1200-year-old Arabian ship, conducted on the basis of the ancient shipwreck.

There is no welding or any other modern sort of joining details involved - the vessel is held by - just imagine that - more than one hundred kilometers of the rope in over 127000 hand-sewn stitches made. Watch this very interesting video and you will be excited with the adventures those brave sailors faced. Maybe one of the most exciting NatGeo videos about the shipwrecks and famous vessels of the past times...

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"Wildcat!" is a popular film produced by Dick McCutchen and Thomas Galvin. It is a truly excellent and interesting educational film presented by API (standing for the world famous and respected American Petroleum University), which is expected to briefly demonstrate the history of the oil exploration and oil prospecting in United States of America from its beginning.

Note that the video is covering absolutely all stages of the oil industry evolution in America, from its origins and up to today. It will be interesting to watch not only to the oil and gas industry professionals but also to all people with the interest in American history - needless to say that the birth and further development of this industry has played a very important role in coming into being of the United States.

That is why we can recommend this film even to the general audience. Take half-an-hour of your time watching this one and you will not be disappointed - we promise that your knowledge of the American oil industry will be seriously expanded.

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The old film devoted to the birth and development of the oil exploration and production in Saudi Arabia. The period in question is about 1950 plus.

The content of the video was developed by the specialists of the several famous oil companies working in the subject region and reflects the results of the joint efforts of the BECHTEL Corporation, TAPLC, standing for the Trans Arabial PipeLine Co., Arabian-American Oil Co.

People who are interested in the history of the oil industry will definitely find the film interesting since it not only show the development of Saudi Arabian oilfields but also touches the important historical aspects.

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The American Merchant Marine Fleet is made of the civilian-owned merchant vessels which are operated by either the government or private sector; they are commonly involved in commerce activities or in the marine transportation of the cargoes both in the navigable waters of the U.S. and out of them.

This Fleet is fully responsible for the transportation of the passengers and goods during peace time, and during the war; it also serves as an auxiliary supporting the American Navy Fleet, and can be called upon to deliver various supplies to the military.

Merchant mariners transport passengers and cargo cargo both within the U.S. and between nations, maintain and operate deep sea merchant vessels, ferries, towboats, dredges, and any other ocean ships navigating oceans and the Great Lakes, harbors, canals, rivers and all other waterways.

As of 2006, the American Merchant Fleet consisted of 465 ships with more than hundred of thousand members. The present historical introductory video film has been taken from Periscope Film LLC archive. It was presented by the U.S. Maritime Commission.

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