The book starts with some introduction where the author describes the main components of marine transportation system, addressing the major developments that commonly affect marine transportation and touching the preparation for the future developments in the field. The second chapter is addressing the marine transportation demand including current demand and forecasting methods, assumptions and confidence.

The third part of the document is dealing with the federal roles in MT which is basically ensuring the marine safety and protection of the environment, facilitating commercial issues and promoting the national security. The remaining chapters of the volume compare the federal roles in marine transportation with their role in highway and air transportation, provide the information about the MTS conditions, performance and demands, and give the information and analysis to be used when making decisions.

Two appendices to the main part provide Statements of William Gray and James McCarville. A good volume for the people with serious interest in the fundamentals of maritime transportation - they will find all information they may require.

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The author of the volume is providing the examination of the counterproliferation activities of the nations that commonly participate in the PSI, i.e. Proliferation Security Initiative, explaining the relevant framework for the interception activities. He has also examined the significance of the intelligence to those operations, together with the assessment of the legal issues that are raised by the operations.

In addition to that, he provided a comprehensive overview of all threats normally posed by the WMD proliferation. According to the reviews done by the experts in the field, the strength of this publication would include the highly readable yet concise introduction to the subject and valuable brief notes provided by the author and related to the evolution of the PSI and responses to it together with the operational reality with regard to the intelligence in relevant operations.

The book will be interesting to the practicing maritime lawyers or anyone else dealing with the maritime security matters; it also surveys the most effective measures adopted by the states to supplement the nonproliferation regime. The author's contribution has been greatly appreciated and found very important and accessible.

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One of the most popular publications on the shipping law written by the authors and released to provide readers with detailed commentary every article of the Hague-Visby Rules.The original intention of the authors was to place subject articles within the context of the court decisions and Rules. It is a really must-have rulebook for everyone making decision or involved in shipping law in any other way.

The volume shall be treated as practical annotation to the content of the subject Rules and will therefore be practically useful for the lawyers. In fact, the volume is the essential reading for anyone affected by the new Rules from the barristers and legal advisers to solicitors and claims handlers.

The tables of cases have also been included as supplementary material, together with the applicable legislation. The authoritative content of the document will allow readers to expand their understanding of the Rules and better advise their clients. Highly recommended work by the team of recognized experts.

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It is considered a matter of the top importance at the time of each and every marine incident that evidence should be preserved and collated, while all facts pertaining to the subject incidents are still kept fresh in the minds of the witnesses. The master's role is vital - probably often as a main protagonist but also always as an authoritative "on-the-spot" co-coordinator.

Eventual success in making the maritime claims of defending them would be mainly dependent upon the vigor, with which the shipmaster performs these duties. This book will help shipmasters to act vigorously, intelligently and effectively in performing subject duties. And that is the reason why it should be treated as invaluable asset, which every shipmaster must have ready in his bookshelf on board.

The publication will for sure be practically useful to the people directly involved in preparation ashore for prosecuting, settling or defending claims. This official document release by the nautical institute shall be possessed on board every vessel and all ship officers shall get themselves duly familiarized with its content since this is considered critically important and must-know information.

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This publication was edited by three recognized experts in the field of shipping law and is devoted to the maritime jurisdiction limits. The main content of the volume is arranged in thirty six chapters addressing the most important aspects of maritime limits as well as the definition of maritime boundaries together with the limits of right in the claimed zones.

The valuable contributions to the content of the book have addressed the boundary disputes and conflicting maritime claims as well as the access to the resources and protection of the marine environment, In addition, the matters of maritime security and piracy have also been covered. Moreover, the authors have also paid attention to such important issues as polar waters jurisdiction and expanding activities, climate change and sea level rise and their impact.

Therefore this volume is offering a remarkably detailed professional analysis on a very broad range of critically important and pressing issues of the modern law of the sea. The book is highly recommended to the students of shipping law as well as to the practitioners who will benefit from the information presented by the authors and covering all major areas.

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The content of this document is intended to provide the detailed analysis of both economic and legal situation in the Caspian Sea region with the particular attention being paid by the author to the allocation and removal of its natural resources. The Caspian Sea is considered the largest enclosed reservoir of salt water on the planet - it is not only a fragile ecosystem featuring huge fishery resources; the area is very rich in hydrocarbon deposits.

And, it is quite obvious that the economic advantages that are gained from the development of the hydrocarbons serve as a basis for the development of the littoral countries. However, is should be noted that it also results in significant transboundary harm to the local ecosystem. The intention of the author is to contend that the growing contamination of the local environment may eventually lead to the environmentally induced conflicts.

The ongoing conflicts in the area due to the territorial claims of the riparian countries have also been dealt with in the book. The main aim of the volume is to describe the existing legal mechanisms that could potentially b used to settle the disputes thus protecting the Caspian Sea environment...

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This is a very first comprehensive and detailed treatise addressing the major issues of the law related to the yachts and providing the readers with the results of the professional analysis of the maritime law with the main emphasis made on the superyacht sector. The content was worked out by a team of world recognized experts and leading practitioners with considerable input provided by the researchers in this field.

The document covers all relevant legal issues that commonly arise during the yacht's working cycle. The volume is aimed at legal practitioners, yacht brokers and managers concerned with the yacht operation including various matters of chartering and registration, compliance, financing and even casualty management.

In short, we can say that literally all important aspects of law has been covered and this is the only publication available today to provide such coverage. the content is highly comprehensive and providing numerous useful references as well as the appendixes with the essential materials that will be of great practical use for the practicing lawyers and students.

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Have a close look into this fully revised and thoroughly updated work devoted to the law of towage providing readers with the comprehensive professional account of the law together with the detailed analysis and commentary on the standard contracts commonly used in the industry including several most widely used forms.

The publication has already established itself as an excellent text prepared by one of the leading experts and shipping practitioners having a truly great experience in the field. The author has analyzed the drafting history of the standard contract forms and covered the arbitration decisions.

The content was worked out from the practitioner's viewpoint and with an eye on the potential situation that may happen in practice, providing all readers from the newcomers and students to the professional lawyers with the required guidance on the contract forms and advice on the areas where the contracts may need amendment. Try this book and you will benefit from a wealth of useful information it contains.

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