The present title was prepared by a seafarer specifically for seafarers, in order to assist in their studies of the various types of maritime law. It has been designed to provide all students with some kind of awareness of the maritime law in general; in addition to that, the author tried to give deeper knowledge in various specific areas in which ship Master's knowledge is expected. It took several years to write this book because the legislation keeps changing all the time.

It shall be noted that the book is primarily intended not to the students of law but to the mariners. Nowadays, the importance for the mariners to have a good understanding of the maritime law is obvious. The publication is divided by the author into twelve major sections. The opening section provides some introductory info on the maritime law; the second section mainly addresses international marine conventions, classification rules and other related items. This section is followed by the one covering port activities.

The other sections deal with the commerce, matters related to the salvage and towage, marine insurance, further legislation including ISM, ISPS, risk assessment, employment at sea and associated employment law, engaging seamen, repatriation-related issues, and safe manning of the vessels.

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The very latest tenth edition of the publication issued this year and incorporating eighty-six jurisdictions. This document was intended to provide all interested parties with the guidance through the commonly known issues that usually arise from the arrest of the marine vessel and to offer them all information required to unravel the procedures in eighty-six countries of the world.

This paper has become a must-have one for the maritime industry of today. It is annually updated and revised in order to continue serving as a very handy reference tool to assist the shipping community in proper understanding of the applicable procedures as well as the associated practical matters arising from the arrest/release of a vessel all around the world. The ultimate aim of the network is to defend the interest of the ship owners and crew members in any procedures relating to the ship arrest. The book contains a very practical ship arrest questionnaire providing immediate answers to the most common questions related to the arrest and release procedures, claims, applicable laws etc.

Then, the procedures in each of the eighty-six countries are described - from Algeria to Vietnam. The appendices contain the articles of the 1952, convention on the arrest of sea-going ships, 1999 convention on arrest of ships, unification of certain rules of law related to liens and mortgages 1926, and 1993 convention on maritime liens and mortgages...

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The Law of the Sea Convention - US Accession and Globalization

   This volume was prepared with the intention of the authors to provide valuable insight into a number of issues related to the world's oceans and their management. The book has been organized into two big sections. The first one contains the findings of the hi-end industry experts addressing the fact that US is not a Party to the UNCLOS. In the second part of the publication the authors examine the key trens in contemporary commercial shipping, safety and navigational freedom, maritime piracy and terrorism threats, rocks and islands, scientific researches, etc. It is definitely a very useful publication for the industry professionals as well as for students and any persons involved in shipping law activities.

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Routledge Handbook of Maritime Regulation and Enforcement

   We all understand that today, with the significant and sometimes revolutionary advances in maritime transport and technology, the use of the world oceans by humans extends so far beyond the traditional activities. There are new emerging activities, such as oil exploration and production, bioprospecting, developments of the offshore renewable energy and others, and such activities challenge the applicability of the existing maritime policy and law. The present Handbook was developed and released by Routledge with the intention to examine the current regulatory and enforcement instruments/mechanisms applicable to the various sectors of maritime activity. It is a very comprehensive reference and it will be of great interest and use to students of maritime law, practicioners and even non-lawyers willing to deepen their knowledge of the offshore areas regulation.

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The Law of Yachts and Yachting

   The publication presented to your attention is the first detailed and comprehensive monograph entirely dedicated to the study of the English law relating to the ownership and operation of yachts. While not focusing on the leisure market or competitive yacht racing, it is primarily intended for use by lawyers, yacht builders and brokers, researchers and others concerned with the legal aspects of the construction, operation and use of professionally crewed motor and sailing yachts: the specialist world of superyachts. Here are some of the titles of this book - Statutes -Statutory Instruments - European Legislation - International Agreements - The nature of a contract for the construction of the yach - Common terms and definitions of sale - Historical introduction - The modern law - Registration - The entitlement to Fly the British flag - Commercial use of yachts and choice of registry - VAT and EU - Commercial yachts and VAT - Zero rating - Special purpose vehicles and ownership structures - Importing superyachts into the EU - Taxes - Finance leases and their structure - Mortgages - Default and enforcement - The insurance schedules - Non-disclsure and misrepresentations - Compliance and class societies - Rights and liabilities - The MYBA Charter - The role of brokers - Marinas - Seller's and Buyer's rights and obligations - Claims...

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The Limits of Maritime Jurisdiction

   The successful conclusion of the prolonged international negotiations that produced the UN Law of the Sea Convention (LOSC) in 1982 was a transformative event in the history of modern international law. That it is an agreement global in reach, rather than one of limited multilateral dimensions, is itself a feature of great historic importance. Even before its signing and formal entry into force (in 1994), subject Convention impelled an extraordinary acceleration in the pace of ocean-law development: it led to a proliferation in the types and number of marine activities and ocean resources affected by newly developed rules, large principles, and emerging aspirational understandings. Today, this very complex process continues in a robust way, as it is by the papers in this publication. The book contributes new perspectives on many vital aspects of ocean law and policy...

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Equitable Principles of Maritime Boundary Delimitation - The Quest for Distributive Justice in International Law

   The intention of the Thomas Cottier, the author of this book, was to undertake a detailed analysis of the evolution of equity in the today's international law of the sea. In his publication he focused on the major aspects of the relationship of legal rules on delimitation as well as of equitable principles and all relevant factors. He explored the relationship of law and equity in several very complex individual cases and particular circumstances which could not be easily solved by any of the ready-made, fast and hard legal rules...

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Principles of the Carriage of Goods by Sea

   This is one of the best books on the shipping law, it is intended to describe the basic principles of the English law of carriage of goods by sea. The publication is primarily is aimed at students, though it is not the one to be used as a reference book. The author of the book, Paul Todd, who is one of the leading experts in his field, tried to offer readers an easily accessible and comprehensive overview of the shipping law. He concentrated on the principles of the common law, and used line diagrams, case studies, sample problem questions, annotated appendices and other methods to support the material provided in this volume.

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