This is the official video training set developed by the specialists of one of the most recognized and world respected manufacturers of the diesel engines, including marine diesel engines. The content of this set of two lessons covers the turbochargers produced by this company. The training set will cover all major aspects of those turbochargers and provide good and detailed instructions.

It will be very valuable to any person involved in operation, routine technical maintenance and repair of subject piece of shipboard equipment. It is highly recommended to the above categories of specialists. Taking into account the approach used by the authors of these training videos, it may be used even by the people servicing the turbochargers manufactured by the other companies, since the physics of the process an principle of design and operation remain more or less similar.

However, it will be particularly useful to the engine room team of the ships with the subject equipment installed on board. Make sure you have these training files downloaded and saved for the training and future reference whenever required as this is a truly indispensable source of good technical information.

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This instructional video is devoted to the Mitsubishi MET-SC model of the turbocharger developed and manufactured by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. Subject model has proven to be very reliable and efficient - it far excels any of the predecessors. Subject turbocharger is designed to be compatible with all two-cycle and four-cycle engines of Mitsubishi HI.

The content of this video will be of great practical use and interest to the people involved in the maintenance and repair of subject machinery piece during their work on board. The instructions are very clear.

Though the video is quote old, note that it is not outdated and provides engineers with all necessary information. By following the steps described in this video, you will be able to perform the periodic technical maintenance and overhaul of the turbochargers in a very effective and safe way’ this would eventually contribute to the overall safety and efficiency of all machinery on board your ship.

Now, let us see how the Mitsubishi MET-SC turbocharger is opened up and disassembled. To begin with, let us look at the step by step process of the MET-SC turbocharge being disassembled. This starts with the removal of the silencer…

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We recommend that you have a close look into this mini-collection of training videos. The set consists of twelve video lessons each covering one aspect of marine engineering. Together they will provide you with the information about engine type designation and engine safety, start and stop routines of diesel engines, engine safety and governing systems, fuel oil system and jacket cooling water system, main and rocker arm lubricating oil systems, control air system, exhaust system and engine air starting system.

The main objective of this training set is to make the operational personnel duly acquainted with the important aspects of operating and maintenance of the machinery they deal with when performing their routing assignments. The material is presented in a form of animations with the text and images and this makes the learning process go much smoother and facilitates easier understanding of the subject by the trainees.

That is why these videos can be used on board for training crew members as well as ashore and even for self-training. All explanations are very clear and the supplementary materials are informative making it easy to follow even to the novices in the world of marine engineering.

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The poor maintenance and incorrect operating of the shipboard machinery may result in a disaster. Such disasters can be really catastrophic, presenting immediate danger to the health of the people onboard, cause harm to the environment, etc. However, most of the accidents can be avoided. The present video training lesson is intended to acquaint the trainees with the shipboard machinery alarms and protection devices.

Every person engaged in the operation and maintenance of any machinery piece on board ship shall have a sound understanding of these devices as they play a critically important role in providing safe and effective operation. Of course, the main reference shall be made by the engineers to the user manuals and other documents accompanying the machinery items.

However, there is a need for some general introductory information that would allow future marine engineers to have an idea of how important these devices are; the experienced engineers, in turn, may use this video to refresh their technical knowledge. Needless to say that it is a duty of every single person in the engine room to pay close attention to the protective devices and alarms installed on the machinery.

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An excellent training course from one of the leading classification societies. The training set consists of the booklet accompanied by the two videos. The booklet opens with the introduction to the FQT service provided by DNV. Subject service was introduced with the intention to provide required support to the maritime shipping community. The volume will give readers the information about the line sampler and sampling kit.

The document will also cover the sampling procedure including basic safety considerations, preparation of fuel samples, taking and maintaining samples as required by the MARPOL Annex VI, dispatch of the samples and other aspects. The next chapter of the booklet provides general guidance on bunkering and FSC, standing for the fuel system check samples, their distribution, sampling procedure plus reporting and testing requirements. There are two chapters giving readers necessary guidelines and recommendations for the disputes and for tank and investigation samples.

The troubleshooting and assistance issues have been dealt with in a separate chapter. The closing chapter of the book is dealing with the information relating to the interpreting of test parameters such as water and density, viscosity and air, flash point and catalytic fines. Compatibility testing and acid number, and many other important points.

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This is the officially distributed MSC training course... The unit consists of five major sections - the compressor section, condenser section, evaporator section, control box section, and the electronic partflow section. The compressor section includes compressor, discharge valve, suction valve, high pressure switch, pressure regulator valve, stepper suction modulation valve fitted on the new units which replaces the suction modulation valve and the suction solenoid valve for the older ones, quench valve and supply air sensors.

The units are fitted with two supply air sensors - one sensor is needed for recording data while the other one is for controlling cargo temperature. Then there are power cabling and unit identification plate, receiver tank, king valve, filter dryer, condenser section including air cool condenser coil, condenser fan grill, fan and motor. The condenser fan causes the air to be drawn from the bottom of the condenser coil and to be discharged through the condenser fan grill.

The evaporator section includes access panels, heaters, fresh air vents; the purpose of fresh air vents is to provide ventilation for commodities that require fresh air circulation. The vent must be closed when transporting frozen cargoes. To adjust the percentage of air flow, loosen the nut and rotate the disk to the desired percentage of air flow...

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Located in Bergen, Norway, FRAMO has a very long tradition as the leading supplier of submerged cargo pumps to the world tanker market. The research and development department of the company is working continuously, upgrading the pump design to meet all the latest international rules and regulations. Before you enter the cargo tank to service the cargo pump, always close the hydraulic pressure inlet valve and secure it.

Familiarize yourself with the ship's safety rules. Also, pick up the number of standard tools you need for the servicing from the FRAMO toolbox. Before you start the service, study the cargo pump service manual carefully, descriptions and drawings. We will now show you how to dismantle the new cargo pump SD-200 design. Sequence number one - dismantling of impeller and wear rings - normal service conducted by the crew members on board ships...

The present video training was released by FRAMO specialists with the intention to provide the crew members of the vessels with FRAMO pump installed on board as well as servicing engineers, trainees and students with the visual aid they could use in addition to the printed technical materials, when performing the periodical maintenance of the SD-200 pumps.

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One more instructional video from B&W specialists - the present film is devoted to the process of adjustment of the mechanical VIT-system. The VIT, standing for the variable injection timing, is a function of the diesel engine associated with the load-dependent adjustment of pressure developed in the combustion chamber and allowing to get to the maximum pressure during the part load helping to decrease the consumption of the fuel oil and also to reach to the efficient combustion.

The content of this training video will be of practical use to the personnel engaged in the operation and maintenance of the marine diesel engines with the VIT, and facing necessity to perform the associated adjustment. The explanation provided is very clear and will be understandable even to the people without too extensive experience with subject marine engines, who would like to use this video as a reference and supplementary training material. As it is the case with any other training videos from B&W, this one is remarkably informative and interesting, and will be appreciated by any engineer and student.

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