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According to the numerous reviews from people all around the planet who used this resource, it can definitely be used as an excellent computer-based study pack, very useful for all future Mates and masters. The material included in the package covers all important theoretical and practical aspects of the seamanship as well as collision avoidance.

In addition to the above, the content includes correct answers to the questions related to the safety of the vessel, cargo handling, ship security, maritime business, law and insurance, bridge procedures, hours of work and rest, ISM/ISPS and many other topics. The ro-ro vessels have also been addressed, together with the LNG ships, chemical carriers, bulk carriers, transportation of the various dangerous goods by sea, coal and grain carriage, LNG/LPG operations, etc.

Absolutely must have training tool for all participants of the maritime industry willing to improve their knowledge of ship handling and maritime transportation, and particularly useful for those preparing for the examinations. The relevant international regulations have also been covered. The list of acronyms and abbreviations included for easier use of the program.

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DSC DECODER v4.5.5.7

Another useful software developed to be used by the navigators. The program will enable the users to decode the maritime mobile service messages by means of the DSC system plus the DGPS and Navtex broadcasts. The only thing you need is the computer and sound card.

The DSC is used in the MF/HF/VHF bands for communication between vessels and coast stations. in order to get the messages decoder, the MF/HF/VHF band radio receiver will be required and tuned to one of the available DSC channels or, alternatively, to any Navtex channel.

The software will decode the received digital data and display and further log subject messages. The program will work on any computer, even on the old models and has no malware.

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This program has been developed to be used as a definitive astronomical reference, a sight calculator or just for the daily printout of the Nautical Almanac pages (for the full range of dates). The sights can be easily plotted and combined. Enter the altitude and bearing and you will get the list of potential bodies, and the ambiguous lights will get apparent immediately.

The other data available, such as twilight information, Eclipses, Moon phases or a Star Chart, are comprehensive. An absolutely recommended piece of software for the marine navigators, very simple and easily used, such approach of the developers has made this program very popular among navigators, since the user interface is clear even for the beginners.

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Here is the specifically designed and developed computer-based ECDIS training. Introduction; ECDIS interface; ECDIS setup; Installing data; Charts display; Voyage preparation; Navigation; Navigation information tools; Other navigation tools; Troubleshooting; List of input sentences; List of output sentences; Algorithm and examples of manual position fix by range and bearing LOPs.

The present pack includes the practically useful User Manual for the Dolphin ECDIS, numerous official Danelec study exercise, plus the Installation manual for ECDIS hardware, etc. Needless to say that the content of the training course will be greatly appreciated by the people whose day=to-day activities are connected with the use of the electronic charts. In addition to that, this training will be very recommended to be taken by the students.

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The complete set of electronic charts which have been presented in the "S-57" international exchange format. These digital vector nautical charts are produced to the IHO standards. The fully vectorised charts were developed using the best data currently available for the areas covered.

This set includes the charts for the following areas: Austria, Denmark, Croatia, Czech Republic, Serbia, South China Sea, Italy, Netherlands, Romania, United States and Spain.

This pack is intended to be used by the ship/boat/yacht navigators and trainees providing them with all necessary information. Use these electronic charts and have safe navigation.

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The set offered to your attention comprises of the navigational charts which have been developed for the following three geographic areas - Atlantic General, Belgium & Holland, and Portugal. These are Maptech raster charts made in PCX-based format.

These navigation charts are expected to be of some use for mariners navigating intending to perform voyages to the above stated areas. They may also be used for training and educational purposes by future mariners. The format of the charts is pcx.

Save them in case you need when navigating in the above mentioned areas, as a reserve source of info.

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Here is a huge collection of the selected raster navigational charts presented in the "BSB" format. All of charts contained in the pack were developed and released by the Maptech. The list of the charts include ones for Adriatic Sea, Canada, France, Germany, Mediterranean, Norway and so many other areas.

These charts are full color digital images of the paper charts. All charts are fully compatible with most of marine navigation software commonly installed on board ships. The charts are approved by the US NOAA, standing for the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration and the format used is quite widespread.

Needless to say that it is recommendable to have such set of navigational charts provided the software you possess supports the format the charts are presented in, i.e. BSB. The charts will be excellent when used for training purposes or for actual navigation of the vessel in the areas covered.

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We strongly recommend all our visitors to have a close look into this excellent collection of the software products developed by the world recognized experts and officially released by TRANSAS - the package presented to your attention includes such useful applications as TRANSAS Navigator, Tsunamis'99 and Chart Catalogue, supplemented with the Installation Guide and numerous Help Files, Dongle Checker Program v.1.05.18, and Troubleshooting Aid v.1.2.56.

Though the program interface is in English, the electronic help files included in the package have been presented in three languages - English, French and Portuguese. Developed for and compatible with all Windows. No viruses or any sort of malware. No need for activation. Just download and use these program and navigate safely. A really great and remarkably useful collection for all mariners - it is also perfect when used for training purposes.

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