This is an excellent and very useful chart plotting and GPS-planning program developed by the Maptech specialists. The novel features of this version of the software include enabling the users to view the real time position of their vessels on the computer screen. The minimum system requirements are quite low and will allow this program to be installed and operated on any modern computer.

The software works with both ENC and VEC charts. Among the other features of this program we would underline the compatibility with the AIS, 3D navigation aids, full coverage of the United States, chart warping including the overlaying/warping your available raster charts. Another function is to warn the user of the potential risks of ship grounding on the basis of the current speed and course.

In fact, you could also install this program on any computer to get some training and practice – it would be beneficial to get some good preparation before you start operating it on board your ship, to make sure you are duly aware of all functions and controls of the software. Note that this program has been considered the flagship of all navigation products released by Maptech by now, and is very widely used.

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The official release of the ChartPlanner by Datema - this software was developed to assist users with the management of their electronic charts and is widely used within the shipping industry due to its proven effectiveness and ease of use. There are two versions of the program available differing with the type of supported ENC charts, the functionality is same.

This set contains the installation files for the software supplemented with the detailed user's manual which will guide you through the installation process, provide all required operational instructions, give all necessary information about the BA, ADP and NP documentation, NtM service and using the notices to mariners. The first section also specifies the minimum requirements for installing subject software so that you can check if your computer suits them and proceed with the installation.

In fact the requirements would easily allow any computer to have this program installed and working effectively. The instructions are given for all versions of Windows OS up to and including Windows 10. Traditionally, we guarantee clear installation pack with no viruses, malware or any need for payment. Have this software installed and use it to enhance the nautical safety.

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The present learning application was specifically developed to explain to the users virtually everything they should know about such important piece of navigational equipment as compass, concentrating on both gyro and magnetic types of compasses. The application contains information about the compass variation and deviation plus gyro error.

Note that they are first clearly explained in the theoretical section of the program and then some practical application is demonstrated in the calculator section. the users are enabled to perform calculation of the heading directions from map to compass and from compass to map, i.e. in both directions and for both types of compasses covered. You should also note that these calculations can be used not only for the learning purposes but also in real life cases.

One of the most practical features of this application is that the results of the calculations do not only show the output values; the calculation process itself is detailed to allow better and easier understanding. The theoretical part of the application is instructive and informative so shall be treated as a very good reference - the material is arranged in nine easily accessible sections. Install this application on any of your android-based devices and have a good and effective training.

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All navigators know that radars are maybe the most important and valuable navigational aid installed on board any vessel and boat. However, they contribute to the safety of navigation only under condition that the crew members are fully aware and experienced in proper set-up and are also able to duly interpret the information.

The title of the software is pretty self-explanatory. It is one of the best radar simulators available today. the most interesting and useful feature of this simulator is that the users are enabled to set their own parameters of the objects and amend the navigational conditions. They also can produce their own exercises and save them in the memory of the computer for the future use.

In addition, the software provides an opportunity to use the different radar settings. the simulator gives highly realistic practical guidance in setting-up of the radar and collision avoidance plus the coastal navigation. Note that the simulator is recommended by the RYA. in short, this is a highly useful software recommended to all navigators. Will work on all Windows no problem.

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This program and guidelines are aimed to make the anchor handling activities and towing operations safer; the content is mainly devoted to the operations conducted on the Norwegian Shelf, however the principles and practices presented in this course may be applied to the other areas, as well. The training course is mainly intended for the parties influencing safe towing and anchor handling operations through correct planning and following the established work procedures.

The course content has been worked out for relevant personnel engaged in subject activities and working for the owners of marine offshore installations. The course will be recommended to the crew members of the vessels, OIMs, i.e. offshore installation managers, operators of the cranes and winches - in short to all people assigned special responsibility for providing safety of anchor handling and towing operations. The program contains a detailed description of what exactly is regarded as the so-called good working practices.

It shall be noted that even though the recommendations presented in the course are not formally obligatory, they should not be deviated from, of course unless there are alternative solutions/instructions deemed at least equal to contained in the relevant guidelines and unless such solutions fully satisfy relevant regulatory requirements...

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DSC DECODER v4.5.5.7

Another useful software developed to be used by the navigators. The program will enable the users to decode the maritime mobile service messages by means of the DSC system plus the DGPS and Navtex broadcasts. The only thing you need is the computer and sound card.

The DSC is used in the MF/HF/VHF bands for communication between vessels and coast stations. in order to get the messages decoder, the MF/HF/VHF band radio receiver will be required and tuned to one of the available DSC channels or, alternatively, to any Navtex channel.

The software will decode the received digital data and display and further log subject messages. The program will work on any computer, even on the old models and has no malware.

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This software has been worked out for determination of the true wind direction. It is supposed to work on virtually all versions of Windows OS with no need for crack or even installation, just run the file. The program is capable of showing the wind speed in knots or meters per second.

The images and radar can be depicted in both head-up and nord-up modes. This is definitely a very needful application for the mariners who will benefit from all features and appreciate the functionality and user-friendliness.

The program has been already very well met and become popular among seafarers as it is clear from the constantly growing number of installations worldwide. Therefore it makes sense to try this one.

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We strongly recommend all our visitors to have a close look into this excellent collection of the software products developed by the world recognized experts and officially released by TRANSAS - the package presented to your attention includes such useful applications as TRANSAS Navigator, Tsunamis'99 and Chart Catalogue, supplemented with the Installation Guide and numerous Help Files, Dongle Checker Program v.1.05.18, and Troubleshooting Aid v.1.2.56.

Though the program interface is in English, the electronic help files included in the package have been presented in three languages - English, French and Portuguese. Developed for and compatible with all Windows. No viruses or any sort of malware. No need for activation. Just download and use these program and navigate safely. A really great and remarkably useful collection for all mariners - it is also perfect when used for training purposes.

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