Taking into due consideration the complexity and dynamics of the current maritime security situation in the West African region, the present document was prepared and released is order to provide required assistance to the vessels and onboard people to avoid getting involved in any security incidents when passing the above mentioned waters.

The document is intended to help the crews when preparing for the voyage, and it will also be useful when applied to detection, avoidance, delaying and reporting any attacks. The best management practices, included in this publication, will help to mitigate or at least minimize the risks originating from the piracy and armed robbery.

Proper and timely application of the instructions provided in this document will eventually result in the improved safety of the mariners. Of course, it shall be noted that there can be different types of attacks and threats involved, requiring different approaches. It shall also be noted that these practices shall not be considered as distracting from the overriding authority of the ship’s Master as well as his responsibility relating to the protection of the ship’s crew and cargo that is carried on board.

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The marine environment of the Arctic region is changing very rapidly and the changes are quite profound. The changes in climate affect the region in a significant way, taking into account the temperature rise which is taking place faster than on the other parts of the Earth. The melting ice, in turn, facilitates development of the industrial interest in the subject area, and this of course includes the maritime sector.

All ships operating in the Arctic region always face serious challenges including but not limited to the severe cold and sea ice of variable thickness, fierce stormy seas and lack of the accurate navigational charts, as well as poorly developed maritime infrastructure. All of these factors contribute into the increase of the probability of the incidents putting human lives and marine environment at immediate risk.

Some accidents, for example those involving major spills of cargo oil, can result in the disastrous environmental impacts. Moreover, even without such accidents, the dense vessel traffic itself can impact the environment in the negative way due to the emissions, problems with the ballast exchange, ships striking the marine mammals, sewage and greywater discharge etc…

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This Nautical Almanac presents compilation of information generated by the software developed by the author, Enno Rodegerdts. A great number of tables produced by the program will serve as valuable instrument for the navigator. The accuracy of the data contained in these tables has been numerously checked and confirmed; however, it cannot be fully guaranteed so you would better use them as a supplementary tool.

The information contained in the Almanac includes yearly calendar and useful links to time signals, Bowditch - The American Practical Navigator, The Terrestrial Almanac, individual latitudes, and sight reduction forms and methods. Then we have couple of pages of useful formulas for determining Hc and Z using calculator, for calculating latitude using the Sun and others. After that and before proceeding to the main content of the Almanac, several pages of the book are devoted to the explanation of the information, Moon phases and conversion of Arc to Time.

We strongly recommend students of marine navigation to download this Almanac and use it as a training tool. The information carefully arranged by the author will definitely help them in their activities and also will be useful on board ships and boats when used as the additional navigational publication.

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The main objective of the tables contained in the present classic publication was to provide ship navigators with better means to find the position of their ships through analyzing the sun, starts and moon altitudes. The information was compiled by the professional mariner possessing great practical seagoing experience and so many real-life observations. Traditionally for this sort of publications, the volume opens with the explanations and use of the tables – this is necessary to enable the readers to get maximum use of the content.

This chapter is followed with the one containing general rules and examples and also valuable remarks including calculation formulae and position finding rules. Then, there are dozens of practical examples of applications of the tables when navigating and this is where the introductory part of the book ends. The tables themselves make the major part of the book. The volume will be interesting for the people fond of marine navigation, who not only want to navigate their vessels safely but also need to have a good picture of the underlying essentials and some historical background – it would be good to know how all these were handled in not so distant past.

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This is an excellent and world class publication, a truly must-have for all navigators of today; in fact, it will be interesting and useful not only to the ship masters but also to the owners, and anyone else involved in planning the voyage. The text of the publication will provide mariners with the clear and easy-to-use information and all required support so that they can properly calculate the best, meaning both shortest and economical, distance between any ports.

The content of the volume is presented in accordance with the market areas. The volume includes numerous and very informative data tables and illustrations, maps and lots of other supplementary information. According to the reviews received from different parts of the world, the publication shall be treated as one of the most valuable reference sources for the people in the shipping industry.

Note that it is becoming increasingly popular among the superyacht fleet owners, brokers and of course navigators who have already appreciated the comprehensiveness and user-friendliness of the volume – the author managed to collect enormous amount of useful information and arrange it in a maximum comfortable way. All ports regularly used for commercial shipping are covered.

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This is the ninth release of the world popular yachtmaster's guidebook to the Black Sea and Mediterranean coasts of Turkey covering the Cyprus islands as well. For centuries, Turkey has been treated as the important geographical (and also cultural) bridge connecting Europe to Asia. The information contained in the pages of this guide is covering the Turkish coast starting from Bosporus and up to the Cyprus and Syrian border.

A separate chapter has been included by the authors, covering the Black Sea coast. Since the time of the first edition of the book back in 2009, serious changes have taken place affecting the coast of Turkey. The number of Turkish-owned cruising yachts steadily grew. This eventually led to the improvement of the facilities, extending harbors ad construction of new marinas.

This release of the guide reflects all changes mentioned above and provide all necessary information about such developments. The text of the publication is completely revised and now includes numerous informative plans and detailed photos and aerial shots. The book is a truly essential reading for the people planning to conduct a sailing in Turkey and Cyprus. Download it and have on board your yacht.

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This is a real must-have title for any collector of the navigation-related publications. It is the fifth edition of one of the most popular navigational publications issued before Second World War. The tables contained in the volume were conceived by the Lieutenant of the United States Navy Fleet, J. Y. Dreisonstok, together with the formulas and methods involved. Valuable suggestions and other contributions were made by the other prominent experts of those times.

The data tables were designed with the intention to facilitate the marine and aero-navigation. The book originally released by the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office provides the description of the method to be applied when solving the navigational problems. Note that there are so many other UKHO publications available here, for example the Harbor Master’s Guide to Hydrographic and Maritime Information Exchange and other titles giving lots of useful information and data.

The construction of all tables included in the book is provided at the end. As mentioned above, even though the publication was released so many years ago, the content is still very well met by the people having deep interest in the navigation.

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NP 070-071 West Indies Pilot Volume I-II

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