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An introduction to the world's biggest industry. Before the construction of any vessel commences, the ship designers together with the nominated class societies shall design the proposed design with the future owner. The publication explores not only the vessels themselves with the shipping markets, but also the geography of the commercial maritime world, considering most important legal aspects of the shipping industry.

In addition, the authors pay due attention to the corporate structures and fundamental accounting matters, taking into consideration that all commerce is eventually dealing with money. The content of the volume opens with introductory chapters on maritime geography and shipping business including the basics of the theory of trade.

The following several chapters are devoted to the practitioners including ship managements and sale of ships, supply of ships including their registration and classification as well as PSC related issues, and liner trades including brief historical background, containerization and liner documentation. Two closing chapters of the book are dealing with the accounts and law of carriage covering absolutely all items that deserve attention.

Such approach has made this book a real must-have to all people interested in the shipping industry, both ashore and at sea, commercial and technical. There are as much as thirty-one appendices to the book providing lots of supplementary information.

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One of the most popular publications for the broad audience with the interest in ships, their history and development. According to the readers, the content features truly great prose supplemented with the excellent pictures. The author of the book is bringing to life the remarkable voyage of the famous Captain Cook - it was an exploration voyage aboard the Endeavour ship leading to the South Pacific.

Nearly twenty years back a crew made of volunteers sailed aboard an exact replica of that bark to retrace the stretch of one of the most original sea voyages in the history, from the Great Barrier Reef to Indonesia. The volume will tell readers the glorious story of Captain's Cook journey using the experience of the volunteers crew. Numerous maps and drawings together with the artworks and photos add even more value.

The efforts of the author have resulted in this inspiring study of the past and present of maritime life telling a truly compelling story of maritime adventure which is combined with detail. It will be appreciated by all people who like sea and ships, not only to the people directly engaged in the maritime industry but also to the future mariners and those willing to know a bit more about the wonderful world of sea adventures.

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To explore and to travel, to trade and to fish, to fight and even for fun - people commonly take to the water for the above mentioned reasons. Throughout the history, people have been trying to find the ways to make sailing safer, quicker and easier. The earliest marine vessels were very simply constructed floats and rafts; however, later the hollow shell sat on the surface of the water, and this was the first boat, an invention considered to be as important as the wheel. It is still used all over the world, and the wooden boat is the ancestor of the great sailing ships and the huge ferries and container ships of today.

Nowadays, there are hundreds of different types of boat and ship, made from every material imaginable, from reeds or animal skins to plastic, fibreglass, iron, and steel. This publication features many full-color photographs that will make the process of education go very smooth and interesting. The readers will have a great chance to fully discover not only the history but also the workings of boats and vessels - they will see what life was like aboard the XVIII century schooners, how various types of vessels are constructed, how they work, how the huge trawlers locate the fish in the ocean and will actually gain the access to a wealth of other interesting information by just opening this great encyclopedia which has already been well accepted and recognized.

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The publication will provide a good practical guidance to the selection of materials, welding procedures and techniques, giving a truly expert advice for those willing to perform welding works in full compliance with the provisions of the applicable international codes and standards, implementing and following them in the course of their everyday construction as well as inspection activities.

This second edition features significantly updated content covering the most important standards and codes, including ASME, AWS, CWS, DNV, standards released by the UK Welding Institute and others. The volume starts with the metallurgy with particular attention paid by the author to the physical metallurgy and alloys, heat treatment of steel materials, mechanical properties of the metals and their testing etc. Then we proceed to the practical application of metallurgy, i.e. welding processes and welding metallurgy, NDE, i.e. non-destructive evaluation, applicable standards and technical codes.

There are numerous case studies included in the publication to illustrate theoretical information and make a sort of bridge to the real life world of welding. Among other important topics covered by the author we would note corrosion resistance, welding defects, inspection of the weld seams, distortion and shrinkage etc. The rules commonly governing the development of the welding design have been addressed together with the instructions to be followed when selecting materials etc.

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This is one of the oldest publication on naval architecture. Published a century ago, it was originally intended for use by the beginners. The chapters of the volume are covering all important aspects of naval architecture. Though released so many years ago, the book is still very useful and practical for the students since the theoretical information contained in its pages retained its topicality.

In the opening chapter of the book the author introduces readers to the main definitions used in the naval architecture, such as the floating bod and displacement, as well as the basic calculations. The second chapter is devoted to the Sterling's Rules, while the third one deals with the method of applying these Rules... The list of chapter titles and topics covered therein is quite long, but in short we may say that the author managed to embrace absolutely all areas of naval architecture science that shall the future naval architects shall be aware of as necessary.

That is why and based on the numerous positive feedbacks received from all parts of the world, we would definitely find it reasonable to recommend this classic publication to every single student of marine related disciplines willing to get a good understanding of the fundamental principles of naval architecture, ship design and construction.

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The 2013 release of the Significant Ships and Significant Small Ships. The first book contains technical information, sketches and particulars of such interesting vessels as the Bluebird Arrow chemical tanker, Brasil Voyager shuttle tanker designed and built specifically for operations in Brazil region, Castrone pipelayer, Cap Arnauti box ship featuring capacity of 6600 TEU, Deep Orient construction ship with DPs system installed, Hanjin California container vessel, Kaimon Maru Aframax-size tanker, Dragon Sky woodchip carrier Fa Xian 6 seismic ship designed by Rolls Royce.

In addition, it will tell readers about large cruise vessel Royal Princess, Seasmile container vessel equipped with the G-type engine, Silver Eight and Messina ferries built for Japan and Italy respectively, Karvounis crude oil tanker ship, Stavangerfjord and Viking Grace liquid natural gas ferry delivered for Norway and Finland, Zealand Amelia general cargo vessel and so many others.

The second book will provide information about Deurloo pilot boat, Ocean Tundra fire fighting tug featuring heavy duty design, Sea Breeze boat for crew transfer, Elizabeth Cook tour ferry boat, Sverri rescue vessel constructed of GRP, Seacor Lynx equipped with DP3 installed and others.

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This is a compact yet quite comprehensive guidance booklet providing necessary information about the regulations governing the DSEAR, standing for the dangerous substances and explosive atmospheres. The document will give clear overview of the provisions of the DSEAR regulations and explain in detail what employers will have to do in order to protect their workers from the risks associated with fire and explosion.

It will be equally interesting to the employees themselves as well as to their representatives. The declared intent of the above mentioned Regulations is to protect human beings from the risks that are normally implied when dealing with the various potentially dangerous substances and explosive atmospheres. Subject products place additional duties on the employers who shall make every effort protecting their employees from the risks at the workplace.

In general, any substance that may potentially cause any harm to people when not properly controlled, shall be considered dangerous substances. Such substances could be found in most workplaces - for example flammable gases and chemicals, LPG and paints. solvents and varnishes - all these are dangerous substances...

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The present publication was released by ICS with the intention to clearly describe the way that the modern maritime shipping law affects the industry. The author of the volume has provided a good and easily understandable description of this industry aspect and how it works, explaining in detail the charter parties together with the various types of documentation related to the shipping, for example waybills and bills of lading.

He has also described the fundamental principles and basic components of contract law. The content of the volume contains thorough explanation of the shipping law concepts, case law, precedent and their contrast with the statute law. That is why this volume is considered essential reading for all people with the interest in legal principles and will also be useful to any persons willing to expand their understanding of this subject. It is very important to understand all legal rules as it helps in minimizing the potential risks, and the law philosophy commonly plays critically important role.

There is no law system that would be totally independent from the society in which it exists. The readers will get to understand this as they go through the material in this volume. Apart from the good introduction to the shipping law, the publication covers such important matters as the contract law and tort, charter parties, voyage charters, agency and bills of lading, dispute resolution and carriage related conventions etc.

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