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The present collection of files contains the IMDG Code 2016. It consists of two volumes of the Code itself supplemented with some additional information to be taken into consideration when applying the provisions of the IMDG Code. The main content of the IMDG Code has undergone significant changes over the past several years and its format has also been subjected to rearrangement.

This all was done in order to keep the Code in line with the rapidly expanding and developing maritime shipping industry. The Amdt. 38-16 contains the revisions made to the various parts of the IMDG Code including the requirements for transportation of the specific substances. The material of the Code is presented in two separate volumes and is arranged in seven parts.

The main body of the Code covers the general provisions, main definitions used in the document, security provisions and information on training of the personnel, classification of the dangerous goods carried on board ships, such as explosive, radioactive materials and others, packing and tank provisions, transport operations, consignment procedures etc.

There is a glossary of terminology provided in one of the appendices. Needless to say that the IMDG Code is a must-have publication on board every single ship engaged in the marine transportation of any dangerous goods.

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One of the oldest titles presented here - just imagine, the original release of the publication dates back to 1869. Written by one of the most well known and recognized experts of the past times, this publication was greatly appreciated and well met by the marine navigators. Of course, nowadays, in the century of electronic navigation means the content of this classic volume may seem irrelevant and obsolete.

However, it would be good for any professional navigator of today to have an understanding of the fundamentals of theoretical navigation including the methods that were in use at the very beginning. As it comes from the original title of the book, it contains the azimuth and hour angles for the declination and latitude, and this information used to be necessary to provide safe navigation.

The tables contained in the pages of this volume were used to find azimuth at sea using the hour angle, in all latitudes considered navigable, and an every two declination degrees between the zodiac limits, whenever the sun, planet, moon or known star was observed at any convenient distance from zenith. Have a look in this book to have a general idea what the mariners of the past had to go through when making their sea voyages...

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One of the best volumes of the whole Reeds Handbook series. The content of the present publication is actually based on the Reeds Skipper's Handbook providing skippers with the necessary information and advising them on the proper crew planning. The book will serve as an excellent complement to the well known Ocean Yachtmaster course.

The readers will be provided with the essential navigation and weather information, explanation of the basic theory f route planning, and will get handy and practical instructions on the long-range radio-communications as well as risk and emergency preparations, passage making and many other useful info. The world climate is covered in the pages of this book together with the route planning, navigation and astro-navigation were paid particular attention by the author, and this approach has made this volume one of the best available and bestselling titles in the field.

The content is internationally relevant and may be applied in any part of the world. The text is supplemented with many color data diagrams, making the understanding much easier. We would highly recommend this volume to all lovers of sailing and promise they will find lots of useful information inside.

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For so many centuries people used seaways for transporting their cargoes, ideas and cultures, but the seaways have never been as busy as they are today. Even though the mankind's normality is highly dependent on maritime shipping, it is still a world passing mainly unconsidered, unrecorded and in many cases even unseen. Day and night in every part of the sea and in all weather conditions seafarers handle gigantic vessels keeping the landed life in order and afloat.

These people in fact live truly extraordinary and interesting lives noting the pressures they are under and the dangers that are quite hard for others to imagine, including but of course not limited to the pirate attacks, hurricanes and harsh weather. The author joins two container vessels, traveling with their captains and crew members; in the excellent prose contemporary shipping industry battles with the implacable forces while the vessels cross the seas of history and the seafarers unfold their stories.

The author draws a beautiful but sometimes terrifying picture of the oceans and people, presenting a study of the world-scale business done afloat. The book will be interesting to all people fond of maritime shipping, seas, oceans and ships...

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The present book on dry cargo chartering, prepared and released by one of the most authoritative entities in a world of maritime shipping, is going to ensure that the readers will significantly improve their knowledge and understanding of this particular area of shipbroking. The volume will explain clearly and in detail all commodities that are involved as well as the requirements applicable to the carriage. The ships serving these markets have also been discussed.

The content of the volume is covering the role of each participant of the shipping market paying equally close attention to the ship owners, brokers, charterers and operators. In addition to that, the author has provided good coverage of the freight markets together with the associated documentation, bills of lading, charter parties etc. Ten chapters of this brilliant book will provide readers with absolutely everything they need to know and will present the information in a very logical and easy-to-follow way.

The content opens with the brief information introducing readers to the dry cargo ships. Though it is not the intention of the author to give an exhaustive study of this subject, it still explains so many expressions commonly used in connection with the ships participating in the dry cargo sector. As it is the case with any other publication released by ICS, this one is highly recommended to any person with the interest in maritime shipping activities.

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One of the best volumes available today on coastal hydraulics. This is the second, significantly updated and revised, edition of the book. The content of the publication opens with the basic information on the subject including motion equations applicable to the ideal fluids, sediment transport and viscous flow. This chapter is followed by the one on tides and currents - here the readers will get the information about the equilibrium tide, tidal streams and bores, numerical analysis methods etc.

The next chapter deals with the waves and covers the linear theory, diffraction and reflection of waves, longshore currents and their generation, ship waves, wind waves and other important aspects. The chapter devoted to the coastal sediment transport will tell readers about the suspended and bed load, littoral drift and roughness length, longshore drift, beach nourishment etc.

The rest of the chapters of the volume address such areas as coast and bed morphology, coastal protection and its planning, waves and structures including wave characteristics and associated forces, application of the spectral analysis method to wave loadings, and data acquisition through current and wave measurements, measurement of the sediment movement and littoral drift, and hydrographic surveys.

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We all know that the mild steel considered prime construction material in many fields is seriously prone to corrosion when exposed to the marine and industrial environments where the harmful pollutants exist. These problems are even more severe in tropical countries. One of the ways to improve the corrosion resistance of the steel is weathering steel. The present publication will shed some light on the corrosion problem.

It starts with the general theoretical information on rusting of iron and corrosion of steels, atmospheric corrosion and degradation of the organic coatings, rust characterization etc. The next chapter tells readers about practical approach to this problem including various tests, while the third chapter is devoted to the experimental evidence covering corrosion rate and rust appearance, controlled lab tests etc.

The final part of the volume is dealing with the field exposure test. Some additional data is provided in the appendix to the main body of the volume. Needless to say that the content of this book will be useful to anyone engaged in design and construction of the marine vessels and other floating constructions; however, it may be equally useful to the construction engineers employed in the industrial sector.

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The present guidance is intended to provide all necessary support to the shippers and forwarders as well as the booking staff of the shipping lines and persons directly involved in packing various dangerous cargoes into transport units for their further transportation by sea. The authors would like to underline that the assisting parties shall have clear understanding of their duties since it will allow to enhance the communication between different participants of the transport chain and achieve compliance.

The provisions of the IMDG Code Amdt 38-16 has been reflected in this publication. The material in this guide is arranged in two parts. The first part describes operational steps breaking down the whole process of preparation and booking the goods into several steps, from their classification and selection of their packaging to packing the unit and producing the packing certificate.

In turn, the second part of the guidebook is giving readers a background to the Code and numerous useful references. The document will be of great practical interest to all people engaged in marine transportation of goods falling under the provisions of the IMDG Code and is therefore recommended to be placed on board.

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