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Anchor of Resolve - A History of U.S. Naval Forces Central Command - Fifth Fleet

   The interests of the United States in the Middle East and Southwest Asia as well as in the Eastern Africa regions are dating almost to the very founding of the American nation. Since the Second World War, the Navy of the United States has been there standing at the very first line of defense for all those national interests, From the time of the establishment of the Middle East Forces back in 1949 and through to the beginning of the XXI century, the Navy did serve as a serious and reliable force for the human peace and social stability in this region. The presence of the Forces helped a lot to prevent the potential regional crises from their further escalating into the full-scale wars, to enforce different international sanctions and also to possibly minimize the damage associated with the regional conflicts to both American and allied interests. And, in the cases where there were absolutely no any other alternative, the Navy had to go ahead to was in order to defend those interests. Their physical presence also resulted in several peaceful operations, including the maritime rescue, numerous military exercises conducted together with the regional allies, and humanitarian assistance. The content of the present volume will definitely be greatly appreciated by the people - not only professionals but also amateurs and enthusiasts - having an interest in the subject.

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California Maritime Archaeology

   This thorough and very important study is offering completely new perspectives on the marine hunter-gatherers on the basis of the information and data collected during several decades of the cutting-edge researches conducted in southern California region. The list of issues covered within this publication includes such the important ones as early seafaring, human-environmental interactions, colonial encounters and others. This truly provocative volume is intended to energize the healthy debates about the maritime societies in the above mentioned region. This work is addressing many critical issues in the recently conducted studies, including maritime intensification. The authors of this book have also tried to demonstrate that the original colonization of the San Clemente Island took place much earlier than anyone thought. In short and according to the numerous review by the professionals and enthusiasts who have already tried this book, it offers readers an excellent and thoroughly compiled synthesis which brilliantly summarizes many years of intensive research in this field and placing San Clemente Island in a very heart of the ongoing debates about the problems of peopling of Americas, as well as the nature and antiquity of the marine adaptations, cultural complexity and other important aspects.

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Maritime Networks in the Mycenaean World

   In his interesting and useful work, Thomas Tartaron has presented a brand new and quite original reassessment of the shipping world at the times of the Mycenaean Greeks, and we now talking about the Late Bronze Age. By all accounts the seafarers did enjoy the marine connections with other peoples as distant as Sicily and Egypt. Such the long-distance relationships have been celebrated and subjected to numerous close studies. By contrast, unfortunately, the live and vibrant worlds of local marine interaction as well as exploration of the seas have been mainly ignored. The author argues that subject local maritime networks presented in the forms of "small worlds" or "coastscapes" are in fact much more representative of the true content of life of Mycenaean. In this title, he is offering readers a complete template of methodological and also conceptual instruments to recover tha small worlds mentioned above together with the human communities that used to inhabit them. He did a great job trying to combine the archaeological, geo-archaeological and also anthropological approaches with the network theory and ancient papers to demonstrate the application of that scheme in the numerous case studies. The publication presents absolutely new perspectives and challenges for all professionals and enthusiasts of archaeology interesting in maritime connectivity.

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Naval Strategy and Power in the Mediterranean

   All historians who have been involved in the researches of the Mediterranean has paid particular attention to the historical period between 1450 and 1700, and there was a good reason for that. In the early modern centuries, navigators adopted the small vessels and sailing techniques in use at those times to change the whole character of maritime trade together with the naval warfare. The changes occurred in the competitions marking the Mediterranean seafaring have been considered equally important. After centuries of dominating of the Orthodox Christian and Latin powers in the region, the subsequent rise of the Empire of Ottomans did lead to the great clash between two most powerful human civilizations, namely Christian and Muslim. Subject struggle involved a whole set of religious, cultural, political and commercial aspects, with the diverse people of the Mediterranean region being the major players at first... The historical overview presented in this publication will trace all the associated developments, mainly relying on the historical scholarship focusing on the early modern period of Mediterranean region. The list of topics covered by the author includes the navies and the Mediterranean in different historical periods including the early modern period mentioned above, era of the world wars, and others; note that the contemporary issues of the maritime strategy and policy in the region have also been addressed in detail.

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The Indian Ocean in World History

   Today, the Indian Ocean to which this book is dedicated to, remains the least researched geographic region of the world. However, there have been significant cultural exchanges around its shores and across its waters. Edward Alpers, professional historian and the author of this volume has explored all complex issues relating to the above mentioned cultural exchange in the region through combining historical approach with the insights of geography, anthropology and other relevant disciplines. The volume has already proven to be an excellent source of relevant information providing all interested readers with a brand new perspective from which is it easier to get better understanding of the Indian Ocean. What the author has tried to underline in his work was that the oceans shall not be treated only as just barriers; they are rather connecting barrier which have proven their dominance in shaping the history. The publication is packed with valuable information supplemented with the numerous very useful ocean maps and photographs. The opening chapter of the volume is setting up the history and discussing the monsoons considered crucial to understanding some maritime patterns.... In short, this book is a very good introduction to this undeservedly under-studied region and its content will be of great interest for all lovers of the oceans and history.

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Operation Bismarck Sea

   This book by Lawrence Cortesi has been already top rated by the readers and found to be very interesting and entertaining reading - this is a sort of novel about one of the most important  naval battles in the South Pacific. The sea operation to which the present publication has been dedicated to, proved to be there among the critically important achievements reached by the American forces. In fact, it was the very first time when the aircrafts operating from the bases on land and having no naval support attacked, have attacked and have managed to destroy a complete naval armada at sea. This is one of the best titles by Cortesi who is the author of dozens of interesting volumes. The book tells us a very interesting story, The author writes in quite fluid style pulling the readers quickly through the narrative text. In fact, the whole content of the volume does not take you too long to read through, and the author has effectively fashioned all historical facts into a very final story. The author has provided a truly impressive list of the sources he used when preparing the book. Once again, the publication is very enjoyable and informative and that is the main reason why it gained so much of popularity among the readers. You can hardly find any other title that would contain so much of relevant information on the subject addressed in this book.

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Give Me a Fast Ship - The Continental Navy and Americas Revolution at Sea

   The publication offers its readers a thoroughly researched and rendered account of the very first incarnation of the US Navy fleet. In telling us this sprawling and really fascinating story, the author of the volume, Tim McGrath, does not lose a due sight of the human dimension of the subject. The author has also mined the archival sources mainly neglected in most of the previously told stories. And, his application of such approach has eventually resulted in a very interesting and readable history of the integral aspect of the subject campaign for the US independence. The content of the book has one far beyond the usual "spotlight" treatment of major historical events and offers the readers a series of mini-stories illuminating all important aspects of the colonial America's desperate and difficult struggle at sea. The interested readers all around the planet have already found this book as a very well-written and nicely illustrated; the publication also contains the extensive footnotes and an index, together with the bibliography proposed for the further reading. The informative and even entertaining volume telling us a story about the dedicated historical heroes who did risk their lives trying to overcome all the obstacles that were posed by the ruthlessly efficient British Navy fleet as well as American politicians. All people interested in naval history will enjoy this title.

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ancient water technologies

   Obviously, water is the most fundamental resource considered the basis of all life on our planet, and this resource is becoming increasingly important issue and potential source of conflict in today's world. The present fascinating volume setting out numerous ingenious methods used by the ancient human societies to gather, transport and store water, is a very timely book taking into account a profligacy and overextraction threatening the existence of the watercourses and aquifers that for millennia have been supplying people's needs for the water. The book is intended to provide readers with a general overview of the water technologies established by some of the ancient human civilizations. No publication on water technologies of the ancient times might be considered complete without discussions of the engineering developments of the Greeks and Romans, and these have been covered in the present volume together with the examination of how American societies of that historical period accommodated their water requests. The text of the book is really wide-ranging and offering some practical and effective technical solutions to the crisis taking place in today's water supply. Readers will find valuable insights made by the author into the ancient water technologies which underpin most of the contemporary practices of water engineering and management.

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dutch ships in tropical waters

   During the last years of the XVI century, the Dutch East-India Company became a very strong economic and political force in Asian region to become a world-leading private company by mid-seventeenth century. Robert Parthesius, professional archaeologist and marine historian, who is the author of present definitive publication has explored one of the most important instruments in the trade of the company, namely its vessels. He has performed a complete reconstruction of the shipping activities conducted by the subject company using a truly unique database charting all movements of even smaller ships that used to be ignored in the past. The publication demonstrates that the broad range of sizes and types of ships were in fact what did give the above mentioned Company its ability to sail and continue to trade in a profitable manner for years; the book also combines the best of the naval history and relevant maritime archaeological researches to change people's understanding of the dynamics behind maybe the most successful and critically important businesses of that period. A perfect monograph prepared to present the case of how exactly the VOC developed its network in Far East region. A very useful title covering all aspects of subject development.

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British Naval Supremacy and Anglo-American Antagonisms, 1914-1930

   The publication by Donald Lisio present a thorough study of British insistence on preservation of the naval supremacy during the time period covered, i.e. 1920s, together with the resulting resurgence of the naval and diplomatic antagonisms. The author is telling us an interesting story of the continuation of Anglo-American clash. For some brief time during the First World War the Great Britain, Japan and USA closely co-operated forming a part of the Allied Coalition created to fight against the Central Powers. That was actually did much more than bring them all together on the battlefields. The present document is covering the most important aspects of this subject. It covers the information related to the Geneva Naval Conference held in 1927 as well as the associated naval events that led up to it with the ultimate intention to add to the people's understanding of the international relationship as well as the arms-control diplomacy in that period of history by means of revealing that the political and economic, as well as the diplomatic control rationales were much less apparent struggles preserving the strategic naval supremacies. Among the topics addressed in this title there were also combat equivalency and conference shocks, cabinet crisis and failures of the Anglo-Japanese accord, new strategies and political issues, as well as other information.

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Sea Power - The Coalition and Iraqi Navies

   The content of this excellent and useful publication was specifically worked out by Peter Gilchrist who has made a very successful attempt to provide an expert's insight about the navy forces which were deployed in the Persian Gulf during the famous operation called "Desert Storm". We are all aware of the fact that one of the most critical aspects of the subject conflict was the sea war. The USA sent six carrier battle groups, battleships USS Wisconsin and USS Missouri and, in addition to the facilities mentioned above, numerous other navy vessels. The Royal Navy of the Great Britain, although with relatively smaller resources, was spectacularly successful against Iraqi ships. Australia, France and many other nations made their vital contributions. This books describes in details all ships together with their weapons systems and capabilities. Frigates, hovercraft, amphibious forces, mine hunters, destroyers, hospital evacuation and support vessels and the role of naval helicopters were also discussed in depth. It goes without saying that the content of the present publication will be greatly appreciated by all people with a serious interest in contemporary navy fleet. The information related to the vessel is supplemented with the illustration to allow interested readers have a full picture of what they are reading.

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The Command of the Ocean - A Naval History of Britain 1649–1815

   The publication by N. Rodger is intended to describe with a truly unprecedented scholarship and authority the Britain's rise to the naval greatness and also to demonstrate the central place and critically important role of the Navy fleet and naval activities in the lives of the nations. The content of the book has been developed on the basis of the experience and the results obtained in the course of numerous researches conducted by the author over past decade. Note that the author describes not only battles and voyages as well as the battle cruisers but also how exactly the Navy fleet of Britain was manned and supplied, how it was fed and, what is also very important, how exactly it was directed and financed. The author has provided readers with the convincing reassessment of the famous historical figures. he has very illuminatingly contrasted all distinct and particular qualities of Collingwood and Nelson. Another intention of the author was to demonstrate people that , if they do not have a good understanding of the importance of naval history of Britain, they will never be able to fully understand Britain. The content of the volume is arranged in chapters by theme with a very broad periods of time. The book contains twenty-four pages of illustrations together with the statistical appendices and a very valuable Glossary of terms.

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Storm and Conquest - The Battle for the Indian Ocean 1808-10

   The Indian Ocean was the very final battlefield for the Admiral Nelson's and French Navy fleets. The book by Stephen Taylor provides a close look at several important historical figures. The author has prepared a truly superb work of naval history. The book will be found great by all people who like the general naval history and fans of Napoleonic because its content is really well documented presenting a deep and thorough research performed by the author. Top rated, this book provides readers with wealth of valuable and interesting information on the subject. The content is well-written and covers one of the most interesting periods of naval history. You will read this book not as a document but rather as a very fascinating sea novel and great an idea of the list history of Great Britain and France of the times of Napoleonic wars in the Indian Ocean. The publication may definitely be considered to be a very consummate account of the British confused approach to the colonial responsibilities of the subject time period. The accounts of heroes and villains of those times have been intensified in this volume through the remarkably detailed referencing to the actual papers and historical documents. We would recommend this book as a great read for the adventure buffs as they will enjoy all materials contained.

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The Age of the Galley - Mediterranean Oared Vessels Since Pre-Classical Times

   This title belongs to the series of publications providing readers with the detailed and quite comprehensive account of the technologies that have shaped the whole human history. It has been originally conceived as a fundamental reference work considered a first stop for all people who seek the information covering the aspects of the subject and is mainly concerned to be complete. This volume is very timely and important. In fact, a last decade so much work has been done in all fields and the editors of this volume have made their team of contributing authors with the intention to bring together i a single title the chronologically different areas of work related to this problem. Another important association with this volume is that it covers all historical, geographical and even economic aspects of the galley fleets. This is the first book to enable the readers to perform a correct assessment of the subject. The readers are admitted to the workshop where they will hear the claims and sometimes the disagreements of the workforce and realize that such a publication can only show the ways to these ends. Long story short, the publication is very useful and will be greatly appreciated by all enthusiasts of maritime history because of the rarely found and valuable information. The content covers the ancestry of the triremes, Hellenistic oared warships, oar systems, Roman empire fleets, merchant galleys, naval installations, and other marine vehicles...

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The Sea and Civilization - A Maritime History of the World
   Here is a very monumental retelling of the world history through the sea lens that was prepared and released to reveal in remarkable depth how humans first contacted with one another by water, i.e. by rivers and oceans, streams and lakes, and how various religions and cultures, languages and goods did spread along and across the waterways, connecting civilizations and defining what makes us human. The publication is a rhapsodic narrative text covering the experience of the maritime enterprise. The author takes readers on a fascinating intellectual adventure making clear how the rises and falls of the human civilizations can be linked to the seas. The author has presented the maritime history of the world spanning from the ships recorded in the very primitive pictographs to the vessels of today, addressing every single regional arena of maritime activity and elevating the awareness of rivers and seas as important conduits between people and states throughout the whole history of the mankind. The book contains a very good and informative discussion of the posture of the ancient human civilizations toward the sea and features the coverage if waning and waxing of the great empires as it could be evidenced in the exchange of various goods and vessels that were dealing with their transportation.

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Beyond the Blue Horizon - How the Earliest Mariners Unlocked the Secrets of the Oceans
   In his interesting work, the professional naval historian and archaeologist Brian Fagan has tackled a very rich topic, namely enduring quest to master the world's oceans, considered one of the most mysterious terrains. It will be great for all people fascinated with the sea stories and also interesting in boats. The content of the publication is very readable, covering a good portion of the naval history from the earliest boat journeys in the Pacific Islands to the nineteenth century transportations. The author has made an excellent attempt to capture the types of the journeys and reasons why the mariners of the ancient times needed to strike out past the horizon line. In some cases the author has also tried to capture the technical parts of the journeys covered, for example how the boats were boats and what materials were used for construction, how they navigated and manned, and other important and interesting matters. He recommends to read this volume in a linear manner but to start with the epilogue. The book starts quite slow but them rapidly picks up steam. It includes lots of information related to the people from different eras, correct interpretations of the collected data and even several personal anecdotes making it a very fascinating reading.

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Maritime Traders in the Ancient Greek World
   Really worthwhile volume that should definitely be read by all people with the serious interest in the Greek trade and economy of the ancient time. The book has been deservedly treated as a very important and valuable contribution to the understanding oh the maritime trade activities of those times. The content of the publication is well-balanced and sensible. The author is dealing directly with the subject and the introduction to the book has been mainly devoted to the point of organization and procedure. All of the passages and terms covered within this documents have been translated from Greek to English; however, when reproducing the original Greek the author has resorted to two scripts - ancient Greek and the one transliterated into English, with corresponding decisions being made depending on the nature of the particular passage. The sections covering the abbreviations and providing the references to the Greek terms have also been provided. The boo provide all required information on the classical exchange patterns and modes, juridical place and wealth of the maritime traders of the ancient times, as well as the official and unofficial attitudes towards the maritime traders and archaic exchange modes. There are several appendices with additional information. In short, a good one for naval historians and enthusiasts...

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Dictionary of Disasters at Sea During the Age of Steam
   A very useful and actually must-have dictionary for any naval history enthusiast. The content of the dictionary has been laid out in the encyclopedic manner, and the ships have been covered in the alphabetical order. Note that the dictionary does not contain any ship drawings or photographic images, this book is rather intended to provide naval historian as well as other interested people with clear facts about the vessels covered in it. Each of the entries in the book starts with a resume of the important technical details about the ship followed with a brief information related to the loss of the subject ship. In some of the cases, this narrative has been limited to few lines that comprise all available information. However, in case of the more famous vessels these narrative portions may run even to several pages. Taking into account that the present volume was initially published by Lloyd's of London, the vessels that have been listed in the book are mainly those insured by Lloyd's. That is the reason why the book does not include some of the famous vessels - they were either insured with some another agency or simply not insured at all. Though some readers might find this fact a bit confusing, it shall be noted that it is next to impossible to cover literally all vessels lost throughout the naval history in a single volume of any size.

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The Sea Road - A Viking Voyage Through Scotland
   A genuine treasure for the people interested in Scotland's history. This volume belongs to the famous series titles "The Making of Scotland" focusing on how the Vikings did make Scotland the centre of the great seafaring kingdom and also how and why their influence can still be felt in Orkney and Shetland. The book starts with the prologue providing a very short historical background. In fact, in the time period around AD 800 there was no place called Scotland, there was only a territory a quite varied geography that, with the course of the time, became the Scotland, and subject territory was inhabited by people of different customs and culture. There were many kings and chieftains. No borders existed and the contemporary boundaries of the country were actually meaningless to the inhabitants of that time. And, of course, subject territorial boundaries would definitely be irrelevant for seafaring Vikings coming from Scandinavia. That is why one of the main objective of the present work was to bring alive the whole context in which seafaring Vikings did operate in Scotland of the past and to demonstrate what part Scotland did actually played in the world of Vikings. In fact, Vikings traveled much further than any of the Europeans had ever traveled and this allowed them to establish an excellent communication network over really great distances...

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The Ancient Sailing Season
   We are offering you to have a glance at this comprehensive and thorough examination of the effects that the shifting seasons used to have on the maritime industry plus on the warfare and pirate activities during antiquity; the publication prepared by James Beresford has overturned most of the long-held assumptions and beliefs concerning the capabilities of the Graeco-Roman vessels together with their sailors. The volume is remarkably well-written and the way of presenting the information makes it interesting and entertaining to read. One of the greatest features of this book is the ability to distinguish between the generalized traditional academic views and present readers with a variability in sailing conditions in the Mediterranean region of those times. The author of the volume has taken quite a close look at one of the most serious constraints that the ancient navigators faced, i.e. the sailing season. Traditionally, sailors of the ancient time used to go to the sea only during the time period between the onset of Spring and continuing up to the setting of the Pleiades. The authors has subjected this idea to very detailed examination by reviewing the ancient sources of information directly discussing the sailing season not limited to the Roman and Greek documents but also including the Hebrew papers...

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