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The training booklet of the fourth part of the popular Entry Into Enclosed Spaces training series considered best practice in the shipping industry. It is very important that the procedures established by the company for entry into enclosed spaces are followed at all times and by all people on board ship. Everyone shall understand the hazards associated with entering enclosed spaces and working there.

Therefore the training shall be provided to all people on board on a monthly basis in order to minimize the possibility of any incidents. The booklet starts with the general overview of the enclosed spaces, which is followed by the instructions on the so-called "on the spot" risk assessment to be performed prior to entering into such space. The next three sections are providing all necessary information and practical tips on the safe entry into confines spaces, dealing with the emergencies and leaving the spaces.

Traditionally, the volume includes a number of questions for tracking your training process, supplemented with the correct answers for re-checking. Some additional information is there in the appendix. Note that the booklet goes together with this training video. The previous parts cover Awareness, Preparation and Procedures, and Equipment.

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One has to be very careful in the enclosed spaces since we know that such spaces can kill. A recent studies suggest that over the last fifteen years or so maybe up to a thousand seafarers have died in enclosed spaces. We know that what really determines the safety of people working in the enclosed spaces is not what goes on when they are in them but what should have been taken care of well before.

So you have got to be very careful and there are so many things to think about, a lot to consider and you want to live you simply cannot afford to let it go wrong... The present training video supplements the booklet addressing the enclosed spaces entry. They both make the part four of the training series developed to provide seafarers with the necessary information about such spaces and techniques/procedures to be used when entering them.

The previous three parts of the series are dealing with the Awareness, Preparation and Procedures, and Equipment; note that they are all available at Libramar. We recommend all our visitors to have a close look in each booklet and video to get fully prepared to entering and working in the enclosed spaces safely as this is the first thing they all should do - care about their own safety.

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These CCS guidelines have been prepared and released with the intention of the authors to provide required assistance to the relevant parties including owners of the vessels, ship construction yards and suppliers willing to get better understanding of the subject and planning to implement the HK Convention for the Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships.

It will also provide the guidance concerning the uniform implementation of ship survey and certification requirements for the CCS surveyors attending the vessels with the GP, i.e. Green Passport, classification notation assigned. The content of the guidebook opens with the brief introductory information about the control of hazardous materials on board ships and the IHM itself.

The general survey and certification information including general requirements, assignment of the associated notations and issuance/endorsement of the certificates is there in the second chapter while the third and fourth chapters are dealing with the development of the IHM for newly delivered and existing ships, covering general requirements and material declaration, supplier's declaration, application for the survey and other aspects.

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This classic volume is the original work first presented more than a century ago. Though so much time has passed since the date of its original release, the content of the book retains importance and self-descriptiveness. Created by the prominent experts of the past times, the volume provides useful information and tells readers about the things that are quite difficult to be found explained in most of the other available publications.

The style of explanation is very clear allowing the material to be easily understood and followed for the people with little to no sailing experience at all. The main content of the book is arranged in six sections covering the trigonometry, the mariner's compass, the sailings, construction of charts, terrestrial magnetism, the propeller wheel, explanation of the tables, traverse table, nautical sines/cosines, tangents/cotangents, secants/cosecants.

As you can see, the layout of the publication remains intact - in fact, this is the digitized original version of the useful manual which will be of great practical interest even to the modern navigators and students since the author addresses the very basic, fundamental knowledge on which any contemporary navigation technique are built.

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This film is devoted to Le Soleal, one of the most interesting cruise ships of today. She is a brand new vessel intending to make a first voyage to new destinations on waters that are nearly not possible for any other mega-cruise ships to navigate... Subject vessel was designed back in 2013 by the respected and recognized experts in the field.

She has several sisterships and all of them embody a remarkable alliance between wellbeing, intimacy and luxury. She is treated as one of the most innovative yachts available on the modern cruise market. It is an excellent adventure and a perfect rest provided to all passengers on board Le Soleal. The present video will be very interesting to the people from the maritime shipping industry who will definitely find so much of interesting information about this cruise ship.

Apart from that, the content will present interest to the general audience, noting that the authors of the film have not overloaded it with too much of technical info and data. An excellent must- and easy-watch for every single adventurer, naval enthusiast and shipping industry person. Spend one hour of your time watching this film and we promise that you will not be disappointed.

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The officially released Guidance Notes for the thickness measurement of the ship's hull developed and released by the China Register of Shipping. Note that this is the latest edition of the guidebook. Hull gauging is considered one of the most important parts of surveys that is why it is critical to conduct the thickness measurement in full compliance with all requirements of the classification society.

The volume starts with general information followed by the chapter providing detailed description of the established working procedures used during the thickness measurements of the hull. The third chapter is dealing with the renewal criteria for the structures in question - this chapter is particularly important for the marine surveyors and inspectors engaged in the evaluation of the condition of the hull and shall be used as the basis when making relevant decisions.

The next four chapters address the technical requirements of CCS for the gauging of different types of vessels including general dry cargo ships, oil tankers, combination carriers, chemical carriers, bulk carriers and others. The closing chapters of the book contain minimum requirements for the liquefied gas ships and selection of the locations where the thickness measurement should be performed.

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Well, it is true that maybe no vessel in history has ever managed to engender such remarkably continued fascination as the world famous Titanic of the White Star Line. The Titanic used to be literally the largest of the man-made objects ever to move at the time of the delivery in 1911. The ship was built at Harland & Wolff's ship construction yard in Belfast. Everything about Titanic was truly impressive.

And, though the design of the ship and all workmanship applied at the time of design and construction made her branded as "unsinkable ship", we all know what did happen. The content of the present publication provides the information about this liner, which may be quite difficult to be found in any other publication, and this approach has gained popularity to this volume.

We would recommend this publication not only to the marine enthusiasts and lovers of the nautical history and story of Titanic but to the general reader and also to the ship designers and naval architects who may wish to check different opinions on the design and construction features of the ship. Such experience has resulted in many lessons learned which should all be reviewed by the specialists. The readers from different parts of the world have already appreciated the book and found it very interesting and deserving attention.

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The OSV Code providing all required guidance for the safe transportation of people and cargo by OSVs, standing for the offshore supply vessels. The official IMO release approved by the MSC and adopted by the Assembly. The content of the present regulatory document concerns with the safe practice in the operation/management of the offshore supply vessels when they are interfacing with the offshore platforms and other types of installations.

The volume will also provide valuable practical guidance on items commonly covered by SMS and required by the ISM Code. The book starts with General chapter providing the introduction to the information, definitions and relevant documentation, communication, and handling of cargo.

The next three chapters making the main body of the document, are covering port operations including cargo and communications related matters, sea transport and offshore operations including the associated mooring requirements, communication, transfer of the personnel, cargo handling and other important aspects to be considered. Three appendices give some supplementary information such as the types and examples of installations, interfacing activities and color code used for the bulk substance hoses...

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