One more short yet interesting and useful animation about shipboard machinery - this one is demonstrating the whole process of the tank cleaning on oil tankers. All you have to do is just spend some minutes watching this small training animation and you will get duly familiarized with the tank cleaning process on a big oil tankers utilizing the smaller vessel and pumping arrangements.

Such animations can be used as the supplementary visual material for training crew members, students and future professionals of the industry. It does not actually require any specific technical knowledge of the process so will be excellent for introductory purposes, i.e. to be used for training people having little to no idea about tank cleaning activities.

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The old film devoted to the birth and development of the oil exploration and production in Saudi Arabia. The period in question is about 1950 plus.

The content of the video was developed by the specialists of the several famous oil companies working in the subject region and reflects the results of the joint efforts of the BECHTEL Corporation, TAPLC, standing for the Trans Arabial PipeLine Co., Arabian-American Oil Co.

People who are interested in the history of the oil industry will definitely find the film interesting since it not only show the development of Saudi Arabian oilfields but also touches the important historical aspects.

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This animation was prepared to show the very basic principles of the offshore drilling. Subject term is normally used to describe a mechanical process where a wellbore is drilled through the seabed in order to explore for and then produce hydrocarbons lying in rock formations deep beneath the seafloor.

It may also be used for drilling activities on the continental shelf and in lakes, inland seas and inshore waters. An excellent small video for the newcomers to the industry which will be good when demonstrated in the classes serving as a perfect supplement to the theoretical lessons.

Even if you are a professional, we would still recommend to download this one and save on your electronic devices so that you can always show this to the other people; since it is very simple and easy to catch, the content may interest people to get into the drilling industry.

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The South-East Asia and Bangladesh are currently considered global hottest spots of the maritime pirate attacks on the merchant fleet. The author of the present volume makes an attempt to explain why the maritime piracy still exists and in what form it takes place in the above stated region.

He offers his readers an integrated thorough analysis of the origins or the maritime piracy and its root causes, including the organized crime networks, politics - radically motivated groups, common use of the convenient flags, insufficient state control measures over the national territories, activities conducted by the private companies providing the security - the author provides all of the information related to these aspects and tries to identify their implications on maritime security, with particular attention paid to the Bangladesh and Southeast Asia.

Recommended reading for people engaged in provision of the ships safety and security, planning their voyage and routing and all other activities taking place in that area - they will benefit of the information and experience shared by the author.

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The originally declared objectives of the present guidelines were to help ensure and further improve the safety of the Supply and Rig moving operations commonly carried out in the NWEA, standing for the North West European Area and to provide comprehensive guidance on reducing or eliminating hazards and risks faced in the course of such operations.

The book starts with the list of signatories to this document, followed by other introductory info, including applicability of the guidelines, overview of the legislation, document control etc. Then the part of the book comes devoted to the responsibilities, both individual and general, while the next part covers the operations themselves, including those in port, voyage planning, weather, cargo handling and securing, vessel routing, instructions for safe sailing, relevant cargo documentation etc.

And the rest of the chapters address the bulk cargo operations including the overview of potential hazards, vessel and installation responsibilities and other matters, rig moving - planning, equipment, rig moving and towing operations, anchor handling etc., contractor management, risk management, avoidance of the collision-related risks, emergency situations, training and competency as well as the manning of the vessels involves, security provision in port and at the installation. There are numerous appendices with supplementary information required for the safe completion of the operations.

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The present publication released by LR is aimed to give readers some general overview of the ship designers and ship construction yards located in Southern Asian region, including India, Singapore, Bangladesh, India, Malaysia and other countries.

Over a huge geographical area a broadest range of various important factors have eventually shaped the development of the ship construction in the region - among those factors there were practical experience, history, cultural factors, ambition, and demand - all of them affected and continue to affect the shipbuilding capabilities in the region.

While recently Japan, South Korea and China have had number of the ordered vessels decreased, some of the South Asian countries dealt with in the pages of this guide have experienced some growth in orders. Taking the increased quality, competitive pricing and their burgeoning capability into account, both international and local ship owners are increasingly seeing subject area as a very attractive new construction option for their future projects.

The capability of the shipyards is now getting at a competitive level when we are talking about the facilities, quality and timing of the leading construction yards... In short, this document will be found practically useful by the people involved in the organization of the shipbuilding projects due to the information contained covering numerous yards.

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The version of the popular OpenCPN software developed for Android. As it is the case with the regular windows versions, it enables users to create concise chart plotters and navigation software; the program may be used underway or as a planning tool.

Same regular features are available in this release - single-chart, quilted, Chart-up, Course-up display modes, waypoint navigation, support of the most popular formats, OpenGL support, weather routing, AIS input and support for SAT and auto MOB handling, autopilot output support, and so many other useful and necessary functions.

As usual, this software is multilingual with more than twenty languages supported. Note that the version 4.8.0 for Windows and for Mac including all necessary plugins and chart support are also available for download and ready use.

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These officially published Russian Register Guidelines are defining the procedure for compliance of the on-board living and working conditions for the seafarers with the applicable requirements of MLC 2006 Convention, with particular emphasis being placed on the national legislation.

The document is intended to determine the procedure for the issuance of the MLC Certificate to a vessel fully compliant with the requirements of the Convention, and procedures to be followed when performing the review and certification of Part II in the Declaration, as per the MLC Regulation 5.1.3.

The document shall be used by the Russian Register personnel engaged in the relevant inspections as well as by the crew members preparing their vessel for the inspection by RS to ensure compliance with all relevant requirements prior to the inspector's visit on board, again taking into account the national laws and regulations governing the living and working conditions and arrangements.

The document starts with the scope of application and documents, followed by the guidelines for the inspectors and procedures to be followed in the course of the inspection. Three appendices supplement the main content of the Guide with additional information.

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