Here is a Student Version of the popular Virtual Engine Room simulator which is the computer-based training resource developed for the trainees who require some practice with the foil mission engine room simulator taking into account all relevant requirements of the ISM Code and STCW Convention. It incorporates all critical systems presented in the engine room of the vessels - they have all been duly modelled and implemented.

This version shows all switches and lamps, levers and consoles, analogue gauges and push buttons plus the digitized sounds required. The are mimic diagrams similar to those found in 'Big' simulators- divided into smaller sections. The multichannel digitized sound is folly comparable with the best simulators available today.

VER_FREE has many features which are not currently available in big foil mission simulators including built in checklists that can be used by students when learning by themselves. Another unique and important feature of this compact simulator is the CAA, standing for the Computer Aided Assessment which is used to evaluate the competency of the students.

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The present 1.0.6 version Unitor Waterproof Water Control System is another useful tool developed by the specialists of this company who had a primary intention to provide the chief engineers of the vessel with a handy tool to be used as a practical and efficient instrument for recording water test results and their subsequent storage.

The data in this application can either be stored on board the vessel or, alternatively, engineers may wish to send the results ashore for further reporting purposes and analysis. Note that performing the system test in a correct manner is only half the job; it is also critically important to duly store the results obtained, making them Waterproof.

The users shall take into account that the content of the attached help file is presented in Turkish language; in the meantime, the entire user interface of the application is in English. An excellent, very simple and remarkably practical software which is definitely a must-have on board any vessel. Download it and start using.

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The Seagull training software prepared for the persons willing to improve and practice their knowledge of the operation and surveillance of diesel auxiliary engines. The content of this training program is covering the general technical information about the engines including their specifications, shipboard systems including ancillary and auxiliary systems associated with the diesel engines, all applicable safety precautions, operation of the diesels and their surveillance.

The course is a great training aid for the persons directly engaged in the operation of the shipboard auxiliary diesel engines and their routine and periodic maintenance. As you can see from the list of covered topics, the content will be greatly appreciated by the practicing marine engineers working on board ships as well as to the students who will get an opportunity to assess their theoretical knowledge.

They will find all required information relating to the engines which will let them get fully aware of the good operation and maintenance practices and consequently reduce the downtime of the engines under their control - this, in turn, will eventually result in the significantly reduced operation and maintenance costs.

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The volume was specifically developed by the specialists of Russian Register to provide the industry with the recommendations pertaining to the CAP, standing for the condition assessment program. The content was prepared on the basis of the extensive experience of the subject class society in the implementation of this program.

The requirements of the oil companies being consumers of the CAP services that are provided by the Russian Register have also been considered in this volume establishing the procedure and relevant performance criteria together with the scope of the program. The intro part of the volume contains terms and abbreviations used in the text, and list of reference normative documents.

The main part of the Recommendations is divided in several chapters covering the general provisions, execution of the CAP operations, conditions rating scale, CAP surveys and reporting, analysis of the ship hull strength etc. Two appendices provide supplementary information on the required format of information submitted on the repairs for the final CAP reporting, and list of the information that is submitted to the owner of the vessel. The latest release of the document.

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This publication contains the Guidelines were released by the Russian Register class society and shall be followed by the people implementing the MLC 2006 provisions. The content of the guidebook was designed to provide all required assistance to the shipping companies during the preparation for the MLC inspections and certifications of their ships.

The document is opening with the useful information on the application scope, followed by the definitions and list of normative references. Then, the main terms and abbreviations together with the definitions used throughout the document, have been listed and duly explained. The main body of the present volume contains the text of the MLC 2006 Convention supplemented with the informative and valuable commentaries.

This part includes the introductory information for the newcomers, articles of the Convention, and Regulations and Code. In short, we would say that this is an excellent and very useful publication which shall definitely be possessed by those directly engaged in MLC certification of the process, including all stages from preparation to the issuance of the final certificate. This is the valid latest edition.

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This is another training program of UNITEST series. As it is clear from the title, the pack contains the ver. of the simulator allowing trainees to virtually operate the typical medium-speed marine diesel engine so that they can apply their theoretical knowledge obtained earlier and try working with an engine. This version of the program is still actual and definitely useful.

No need for crack/activation. Compatible with all Windows. The simulator will present a huge professional interest for the practicing marine engineers who may use it to refresh their skills; and it will be even more useful for the students and newcomers on board as it will provide them with the opportunity to practice without any danger to the equipment.

We recommend you to download and try this compact but very informative and user-friendly application. This is one of the most popular training simulators for the marine engineers and its effectiveness has been already proven so it makes sense to make a try.

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The UNITEST is maybe the most popular marine training software in the world. The software presented to your attention in this pack is an excellent compilation of marine training applications that have been already proven effective and have gained tremendous popularity among the seafarers in all parts of the world - it means that the program will definitely be found useful for literally everyone already working or intending to work in the shipping industry.

This pack contains numerous training simulators for the shipboard diesel engine, main and auxiliary steam boiler, alfa laval distiller plant, piston compressor and fuel oil separators, steering gear, refrigerating plant and STP, oily water handling equipment and many other machinery and equipment normally installed on the vessels. The trainees will be able to virtually operate every piece of machinery applying their theoretical knowledge. The pack is free of any malware. The serial number included for immediate use. Have an enjoyable and fruitful training.

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The training simulator introduced by Japan Marine Technologies. Subject stern tube sealing is required to be installed to ensure that both the operability and durability of the system are improved and that it is automated.

Throughout the years, the present simulator has proven to be of practical use for the trainees as well as for the practicing marine engineers and crew members since it provides them with an opportunity to try different actions with the system without any risk to the actual arrangement.

Though released quite a while ago, the simulator remains popular and helpful today due to its effectiveness and user-friendly interface. The data sheet for the Airguard 3AS seal system is included in the pack as a separate pdf file. As usual, clean files with no malware and no need for installation, just launch. Windows-compatible.

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