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This course is one of those provided by the world famous Marlins as one of their CBT, i.e. the computer-based training. It will be of great importance and use for the people whose everyday job activities involve operation and maintenance of the shipboard oily water separation equipment. We know that incorrect use of the shipboard oily water separating arrangements or intentional bypass of the subject separators can eventually result in the huge fines imposed on the ship operators and owners by the authorities.

The main objective of the present course is to explore and professionally analyze the major environmental problems commonly caused by polluting the marine environment by oil from ships, as well as the most common situations with the separators. The trainees will get to understand the operating principles of the oily water separators and know how their oil content monitors actually work.

The course will be beneficial to all crew members and should take from two to three hours to complete. So, take your time and go through the information provided by the course authors very carefully to ensure due understanding of all contents, as it will helpful when performing your onboard duties.

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FRAMO AS is located in Bergen, Norway and has long tradition as the leading supplier of the submerged cargo pumps to the world’s tanker market. FRAMO research and development department is working continuously upgrading the pump design to meet the all latest internationally recognized regulations and standards. Before you enter the cargo tank to service the pump, always close the hydro-pressure inlet valve, purge the cofferdam and familiarize yourself with the ship’s safety rules.

Also pick up the number of standard tools you will need for the service job from the FRAMO toolbox. Before you start the service job, study the cargo pump service manual carefully, description and drawings. We will now show you how to dismantle new cargo pump SD 125-5/SD 150-5. Sequence number one - dismantling the impeller and wear rings…

As you can see, these very detailed and informative video lessons prepared and officially released by FRAMO can be used both for training of the students and newcomers to the vessel, as well as for the practicing and experienced marine engineers who want to refresh their knowledge of the pumps and get a bit more technical information about these particular pumping arrangements.

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This is a set of three mini-programs that would be useful to the marine engineers. Of course, these cannot be compared to the modern heavy-weight and multifunctional software. However, some basic functionality is provided making these programs useful bot for training and on board ship.

Developed by the TurboSoft, one of the most recognized software providers in the maritime shipping industry, the programs will work on any computer, are virus-free and will not require any sort of password, paid registration etc. They will help you when calculating the size of the marine diesel engine, and calculating the VE, i.e. the volumetric efficiency. We definitely recommend you to have them on your laptop. Note that the size of the software is absolutely minimal.

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Let us offer you to try the new interactive training set released by Wilhelmsen Ships Service. The developers of this excellent training resource did their best to provide trainees with the tool enabling them to get familiarized with virtually all important aspects of the fuel oil usage by the machinery installed on board vessels.

The main content of this course has been supplemented by the numerous test questions - they will let you ensure you understood the material correctly and track your learning progress. The duration of the video is about twenty-five minutes. The working language of the course is English.

Note that the trainees will have to install the Adobe Flash Player on their computers in order to start training. Also make sure you enter something (no matter what) in the Login field of the program interface, just do not leave it absolutely blank. We recommend this course and wish you training success.

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This official Alfa Laval training program is intended to help the marine engineers and provide some information on the titanium plate type fresh water generators and their installations on board vessels as well as onshore facilities.

We would recommend this training software to all people involved in the operation and maintenance of the subject fresh water generators as this training will definitely help them to develop the necessary practical skills to supplement their theoretical knowledge.

Clean files, no viruses, ads or malware, no need for paid installation or activation codes. Enjoy your training.

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Here is a Student Version of the popular Virtual Engine Room simulator which is the computer-based training resource developed for the trainees who require some practice with the foil mission engine room simulator taking into account all relevant requirements of the ISM Code and STCW Convention. It incorporates all critical systems presented in the engine room of the vessels - they have all been duly modelled and implemented.

This version shows all switches and lamps, levers and consoles, analogue gauges and push buttons plus the digitized sounds required. The are mimic diagrams similar to those found in 'Big' simulators- divided into smaller sections. The multichannel digitized sound is folly comparable with the best simulators available today.

VER_FREE has many features which are not currently available in big foil mission simulators including built in checklists that can be used by students when learning by themselves. Another unique and important feature of this compact simulator is the CAA, standing for the Computer Aided Assessment which is used to evaluate the competency of the students.

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The present 1.0.6 version Unitor Waterproof Water Control System is another useful tool developed by the specialists of this company who had a primary intention to provide the chief engineers of the vessel with a handy tool to be used as a practical and efficient instrument for recording water test results and their subsequent storage.

The data in this application can either be stored on board the vessel or, alternatively, engineers may wish to send the results ashore for further reporting purposes and analysis. Note that performing the system test in a correct manner is only half the job; it is also critically important to duly store the results obtained, making them Waterproof.

The users shall take into account that the content of the attached help file is presented in Turkish language; in the meantime, the entire user interface of the application is in English. An excellent, very simple and remarkably practical software which is definitely a must-have on board any vessel. Download it and start using.

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The Seagull training software prepared for the persons willing to improve and practice their knowledge of the operation and surveillance of diesel auxiliary engines. The content of this training program is covering the general technical information about the engines including their specifications, shipboard systems including ancillary and auxiliary systems associated with the diesel engines, all applicable safety precautions, operation of the diesels and their surveillance.

The course is a great training aid for the persons directly engaged in the operation of the shipboard auxiliary diesel engines and their routine and periodic maintenance. As you can see from the list of covered topics, the content will be greatly appreciated by the practicing marine engineers working on board ships as well as to the students who will get an opportunity to assess their theoretical knowledge.

They will find all required information relating to the engines which will let them get fully aware of the good operation and maintenance practices and consequently reduce the downtime of the engines under their control - this, in turn, will eventually result in the significantly reduced operation and maintenance costs.

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