Here is the 2.16 version of the popular and recognized Beier IVCS 2002 DP-0 ship handling simulator. It was created and released by Beier, one of the world leaders in marine software development and production, quite a long time ago, in 2002, it still remains quite actual and useful for people willing to have some practice and improve their ship handling skills. The password to be used is "awas".

No need for installation thus can be used as portable software. The pack was checked and no viruses were found. Unlike some other simulators presented on our website, this one should be treated more than a training software rather than a game. The user will be offered several types of vessels to work with, namely shuttle tanker, passenger/car ferry, passenger cruise ship and even offshore supply vessel. Though it can be seen that the program is fairly outdated, we do believe that it it still actual and useful when used as the training resource for anyone willing to preliminarily check his knowledge of ship handling. Quite rare piece of software.

We definitely recommend this training software to students and future bridge officers as something to start with, you will not be disappointed with the results of such practical training.

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This is one of the active releases of the extremely popular ship simulator. Subject software was developed and released by the professionals of Reality Twist GmbH company, and is fully compatible with all Windows OS up to and including Win 8. There are four interface languages available (English/German/French/Spanish).

This simulator will require 4 Gb of RAM and minimum 3 Gb of free space on the hard drive of your computer to work properly. The users will be able to participate in various maritime operations and go to the sea as a part of the Rescue Team; they will join many difficult but so interesting rescue operations, assist in fire fighting, save people in numerous missions. They just have to choose one of the available vessels and the area in the North or Baltic Sea, turn on the radio and start. The user will be offered to steer one of two salvage cruisers, namely Harro Koebke or Hermann Marwede, through the stormy seas, deploy the rescue boats to help people over board...

You will be able to take on the role of the captain of the real rescue cruised and will have to move around the vessels; users can view their vessels from various camera angles and even from inside. The range of available missions is really impressive and makes the simulator extremely interesting to use. The simulator features the full spectrum of the rescue missions.

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Well, this program shall be treated as some kind of 3D simulator that offers user quite realistic conditions of sea, real coast maps made from satellite, moving water terrain, naval cannons and ships battle against the computer. This program has been written in compiled freebasic. Multiplayer mode is supported (in order to play in the multiplayer mode, the users will have to use either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome web browsers).

The simulator was verified to be compatible with Windows 7 and should run even without any problem even on the newer releases of Windows. The whole archive was thoroughly checked for viruses or any other sort of malware and no threats were revealed during the scanning. Wind simulation is also available so the environment conditions are simulated very well.

Although we would obviously not consider this as a training software used to develop the student's knowledge of ship or boat handling, we would still recommend this program for entertainment. The system requirements are actually minimal so this program may be easily run at any computer/laptop. Just try this one and you will see the difference between this simulator and any other of the games or simulators in this section of our website.

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Today, we are offering you the latest of the available releases of one of the most popular and world recognized 3D ship simulators. The interface of the present simulator is multi-lingual so it will not be a problem to find the best suitable language. As the name of this software implies, it is the simulator in which users are able to handle various types of ships - from very small vessels to huge ocean liners.

We would definitely recommend to use the present simulator for training purposes as well as just to have some fun - in any case, we promise that you will spend the time and not only enjoy playing but also try some practical application of your theoretical knowledge on the ship handling. Just launch this program and you will feel yourself a Captain of the ship. The detailed elaboration impresses, the users can see all minor details and visit so many ports. This pack features built-in crack. No viruses or malware in this pack.

Compatible with all Windows versions provided they are 64-bit. Intel i3 2.6 GHz processor will be required together with 4Gb of RAM for this simulator to run. The simulator is indeed very interesting to play. You may press any button and move every handle as if you stood on the navigation bridge of the vessel.

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We are hereby offering our users one of the latest releases of one of the most popular ans world famous ship simulators available today. This training software has been developed and released by Reality Twist GmbH; the software proved to be fully compatible with all versions of Windows operating system, up to and including Windows 8.

The users will be offered a good choice of four interface languages, namely - English, French, German, and Spanish. A couple of words about the system requirements for this program. The present program required your desktop or laptop to possess a minimum of 4 Gb RAM and 3+ Gb of free space on the hard drive in order to function properly and run without any lags. You will be given an opportunity to sail away... You have to go to the sea because you are a part of the Rescue Team.

The users are free to join many interesting rescue operations, fire-fighting activities, saving people in more than twenty different missions. Just choose your vessel and the area in the North or Baltic Sea, turn on the radio and start. The simulator is very interesting to use, it is just a game; however, the choice of the tasks being assigned to the player is impressive and will definitely require some knowledge.

We would recommend it to everyone who is interested in marine operations, handling the vessels and boats, and performing various tasks - treat it as some sort of practice.

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