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The content of the present publication on mechanical engineering is based on the proceedings of the IC-RIDME, standing for the International Conference on Recent Innovations & Developments in Mechanical Engineering, held back in 2018. It contains selected articles provided by the recognized experts in the field of mechanical engineering, covering numerous important areas.

In fact, we can say that the whole domain has been covered; the material is arranged in eight major sections, starting with the ones of fluid mechanics and the recent technological developments in the field of renewable energies. After that you will find interested articles on thermal engineering as well as the construction materials and manufacturing processes. The acoustics and vibration issues are covered within the following sections, together with the experimental aerodynamics.

The last two sections of the book address the mechatronics, robotics, and turbo-machinery considered so important in the XXI century. The articles included in the volume are reflecting the ongoing activities in the critically important mechanical engineering areas and as such can be used by both practicing specialists, and students willing to be up to date with all technological advances.

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The main objective of the present publication is to provide the introduction to the various important aspects of the FEM, as applied to the different engineering problems in a systemized manner. The author of the book has made an excellent attempt to give all required technical details of the development of each associated technique as well as of the ideas from the fundamental principles.

The newly introduced concepts have been illustrated using the simple examples where possible. Several computer programs have also been covered together with the examples of their application to enable the students to properly understand the computer implementation, to solve the specific problems, and also to indicate the procedures for developing such programs. The readers who have spent some time with this volume will be able to get the understanding of the current literature of the FEM; in addition, they will also be able to develop some short and simple programs for the solution of the various engineering problems.



The content of the publication is based on the huge practical experience possessed by the author in teaching this course to the students of engineering. The readers are expected to have some basic idea of the matrix theory. The materials contained in the publication will also be found useful by practicing engineers and in fact anyone with the interest in engineering.



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The subject of structural stability is treated as critically important area. This title is mostly intended to address the fundamental concepts plus the existing problems and established methods of the structural stability with the due qualitative understanding of the phenomena of instability; and the main content of this volume includes theoretical/practical studies of the stability.

The present publication is addressing very recent technical developments in the field of the bifurcation theory, important general aspects of the non-conservative stability, optimization of different mechanical structures under different stability-related constraints, pre-critical and post-critical behavior, sensitivity analysis etc. Wai Fah Chen considers the systems with finite freedom degrees as well as the continuous models, discussing numerous mechanical problems including spatial and planar buckling, anisotropic shells, fluid-conveying pipes and their dynamic stability, bending-torsional flutter, etc.



The methods that have been presented in this work are very constructive and could be easily implemented in relevant computer software. There are numerous informative photo-images included in the content of this book to illustrate the recently conducted practical experiments in dynamic stability of various non-conservative mechanical systems.​



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This is a real must-have and must-read for any engineer. The world famous publication which has been considered a real “bible” for all engineers for the last half-century and it is still one of the most popular and useful volumes. Several generations of the practicing engineers as well as students of the engineering disciplines relied on this book due to the remarkable coverage provided by the authors.

According to the reviews by the industry professionals, the volume is a really ideal introductory reference for all engineers needing a bit more than just empirical data for evaluation and comparison between different types of rolling bearings manufactured by the different companies and used for different purposes. The content of the book will help engineers get better understanding of the essentials underlying the design of these bearings, their use and technical performance, i.e. literally everything they need to be aware of.

It may be used as a textbook for self-study or applied by the engineers performing their day to day duties. This fifth edition of the book features numerous improvements and completely re-written text. Fourteen chapters of the book cover such important aspects as types of bearings and their applications, macrogeometry of the bearings, speeds and loads, interference cleaning and others.

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The present textbook is dealing with the subject of “Theory of Machines” but the author also included several sections addressing the topics that are not normally covered in the most of the usual books. The publication will be of practical use for the engineers and designers of the machines. The analytical treatment of brakes, for example, has been explained in detailed, with particular attention paid to the theoretical basics.

The contents of the publication includes virtually all important topics thus providing both students and professional engineers with all information they are expected to possess. The book opens with the chapters on the velocity, acceleration together with the associated analysis and diagrams, vectors, instantaneous centers. Then the author proceeds to the force and torque, work and energy, explaining each of them in detail.

After that, the main part of the publication comes where the author addresses such aspects as, for example, the dynamical similarity, and analysis of cams, friction, turning moments, flywheels, toothed gearing and so many other topics. There are numerous worked examples included for better understanding. The information is presented in a very easy-to-understand way so can be used even by the people with no deep knowledge of the subject.

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The publication is covering most important aspects of the corrosion engineering using the extensive theoretical descriptions of the main principles of the corrosion theory, as well as the passivity and strategies for the prevention of corrosion, together with the design of various corrosion prevention systems. The volume has been significantly updated with the results obtained from the relevant documents and reviews in the last decades.

The content includes numerous solved case studies taken from the real life, chapters dedicated to the corrosion analysis and associated problems, also provided with the explanations and correct answers - they all have been included to help readers with getting the proper understanding of the fundamental principles of corrosion at the metal interfaces and also how the corrosion rates may be controlled or at least inhibited. The publication also covers the multi-disciplinary nature of the subject field of engineering.

The book is extensively covering the theory of corrosion, selection of the materials and designs, as well as the effective engineering strategies for protection. It also contains more than five hundred of solved problems, informative data diagrams, case studies plus end-chapter problems. It could be used as a textbook for the corrosion courses or even for the self-study.

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This publication is the very latest edition of one of the most successful books for engineers. It goes without saying that proper understanding of the instrumentation and measurement principles is essential for the engineer working in any area including mechanical and marine engineering. No engineering activity would be possible without correct measurements. The readers will be introduced to the basic principles of instrumentation and wide range of various instruments and sensors commonly used when measuring different variables.

This edition features completely revised material covering all latest technological advances in the field of instrumentation and measurement, such as the smart sensors and electronic displays, associated software and others. The text is supplemented with numerous worked examples for better understanding of the topics and many exercises for the self-assessment.

There is one new chapter fully devoted to the safety issues where the authors focused on the relevant regulatory framework, and among the topics covered within this new topic are the electrical safety and different failsafe design proven effective. The book will be good for both students of engineering and practicing engineers.

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We would definitely say that this publication shall be on the bookshelf of any piping engineer. Moreover, it is recommended reading for any person dealing with any of the hull systems. Prepared by the team of the PFI experts, the content of the volume will provide all necessary information relating to the vessels and tanks.

The book consists of three chapters starting with the chapter describing various tank styles and giving some insight - it covers the horizontal and vertical storage tanks including open top tanks, skid tanks, crude oil production tanks and transport tanks, and many others. The second chapter has been devoted to the Code and non-Code vessels and here the readers will find info about the ASME Code together with the definitions used therein, characteristics of different materials etc.

The third section of the book is dealing with the tank and vessel accessories such as the stock heads, elliptical heads, as well as the various observation equipment, packing support plates, distributors and all other accessories. The publication is aimed to provide a good technical reference to any engineer and has already proven very effective. Just download it and have it readily available at all times.

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