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This work reflects the job of the author in touching literally all highlights of the hydraulic fluids. It is quite compact but very comprehensive publication well worth having. The author did not go deep into any rheological or tribological diatribes in order to keep the content of his book easy to follow for all categories of readers. As a result, the volume will provide a solid technical overview presented in a very plain language with no dwelling on theories and complex formulas.

The author has provided an excellent review of the developments in the field of hydraulic fluids, offers required guidance on all suitable maintenance procedures, and discusses the correct applications and selection of the subject fluids, investigating their chemical/physical properties relating to the operational requirements. The book provides the technical information and data that will be very useful for both students and specialists who are directly involved with hydraulics, concerned with both mechanical components, design of the systems, proper selection and maintenance of the hydraulic fluids.

The content of this reference text was built on the basis of the forty-year practical experience of the author, bringing together exceptionally comprehensive coverage of selection and behavior of the fluids. It also includes a complete technical analysis of the latest advances in synthetic oils... 

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Here is one of the best volumes on the subject of applied mechanics, which has already granted worldwide popularity among engineers. The book opens with the chapter on the vectors and associated diagrams, covering all relevant aspects such as the Bow’s notation, parallel and concurrent forces, non-coplanar forces and others. The second chapter addresses the acceleration and velocity including the angular ones, projectiles, instantaneous center and relative velocity.

The third chapter covers such important matters as the mass and accelerating force, as well as the momentum and torque, while the next one sheds some light on the centripetal acceleration. This one is followed by the chapters devoted to the sliding friction, moments and lifting machines, strain and stress, riveted joints, and pressure vessels.

After that the reader proceeds to the chapters dealing with the beams, including the equilibrium condition, cantilevers, bending, associated stresses, section modulus, direct and bending stress, and torsion. Finally, the closing chapter is completely devoted to the hydraulics including the volumetric expansion, pressure, friction, centrifugal pumps etc.

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An excellent dummy-book giving the basic info on the subject, exceptionally helpful and clear. It is indeed the readers' ticket to the world of mechanics of materials which is considered the foundation of all mechanical sciences, having the roots in math and physics. The scope of the book tracks a typical under-graduate course, providing readers with a very thorough introduction.

The readers will get the easy-to-understand explanations, covering the major principles of equilibrium, behavior of materials, geometric compatibility as well as the relation of the stress to the acting forces and movement, fatigue and fracture mechanics, different modes of failure, and many other aspects. The students using this book will be able to do much better on their tests and homework. The content of the book is a very easy reading for any technical class. The book will be very practical and useful for the people willing to understand what exactly they are reading. The readers will get a very quick refresher on the general knowledge as well as a review of the essential topics of statics; they would also sharpen their technical skills.

They will understand all key concepts of mechanics, know how to determinate the problems of statics and grasp the main principles of the strain and stress, deformations and also their interactions. Must have publication for every student and enthusiast of materials' mechanics.

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This perfect volume provides wealth of useful information and data for the engineers in any fields. The author included the numerous data tables and charts, informative diagrams and formulas, as well as the problems supplemented with the solutions, to enable the engineers feel more confident when dealing with the design and developments of the products, conducting the evaluation and analysis, operation activities etc.

The content of the book can easily be applied to the huge variety of the engineering problems, including but not limited to the mechanical and marine engineering, electrical engineering and electronics, metallurgy and many other important areas. As you can see, literally all engineering fields have been covered in the pages of this volume, which shall be used as a comprehensive and easily applied working tool for the modern engineer.

Spanning all of engineering, the book can be treated as a sort of summary useful to any typical engineer. We would definitely recommend this one to be used as a readily available reference manual rather than a handbook for the future engineers; it is good to open it and recheck the things you studied in the past, to refresh your knowledge.

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The new edition of the extremely popular publication released to continue the success of the previous editions. William Callister and David Rethwich, the authors of this title, continue to promote the students' good technical understanding of the three main types of materials, namely metals, polymers and ceramics plus the composite materials, together with the relationship existing between the properties of those materials and their structural elements.

The present release has been supported by a completely redesigned version of VMSE, standing for the virtual materials science & engineering. According to the numerous reviews, the volume is truly great at explaining things and very useful one for the materials engineers who will find all necessary general details of any material. It will be very helpful for the students as well as for the practicing engineers and other professionals willing to have some refresh on the fundamental ideas.

The content of the book is covering everything they will want to know and understand for the basics of mechanical engineering and material science. The explanations are all clear and supplementary materials are very useful. As the title of the book explains, it shall mostly be considered as an introduction to the material science course with the content being solid and perfectly arranged. 

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This resource is intended to cover literally all important areas of interest for the students as well as for the practicing engineers. The content of the volume is featuring the works by the recognized authors from all over the planet contributing their valuable practical experience together with the technical support for the globally working engineers in finding effective solutions for the mechanical engineering problems of today.

Each of the subjects has been discussed in detail and supported by many informative figures and data tables. For convenience of the readers, the book has been structured into three main parts, covering the fundamentals of the mechanical engineering, possible applications and complementary materials. The handbook has already been found to be unique and truly indispensable source of information being of a particular use for the materials engineers in demonstrating the existing cross-links to all key topics of the mechanical engineering.

This excellent and massive title has been compiled on the basis of the contributions from almost hundred experts. It encompasses all disciplines of the mechanical engineering and up-to-date references to the approved data. The book was specifically designed to serve as a desk-book for every person involved in engineering, providing the basic building blocks of this discipline... 

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This book is an excellent leader for the teaching of all aspects of solid mechanics. It has already been well met by thousands of readers all around the world. The content of the volume provides students of mechanics of materials with a truly precise presentation of the topics; the text has been illustrated with many live engineering examples easy to understand for the students and relating to both theory and application.

The methodology of presenting the material used by the author gives readers a good opportunity to succeed in studying. The book is filled with detailed examples and homework problems to make students confident. The readers will be able to learn quite well straight from this work. The data diagrams contained in the publication are very clear and understandable. According to the numerous customer reviews, this publication is there among the most helpful ones available today. The text has been mainly based on the understanding of the several fundamental concepts and use of the simplified models.

Such approach has made it possible to develop all required formulas in a very logical and rational way, clearly indicating all conditions under which they could be applied to the design and analysis of different engineering structures and components of the machines. The authors have also used many informative "picture equations" to assist readers...

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In this book, the authors have tried to apply a well-balanced materials-mechanics approach combined with the coverage of the recent technological developments in the fields of biologic and electronic materials; as a result, this new edition of the world popular textbook may be treated as one of the most modern and thorough publications available for the students.

In order to make sure that the learners have gained a proper understanding of the subject, the authors have presented the basic mechanisms operating at nano- and micro- levels across a very broad range of materials, in the mathematically simple and easy-to-follow way. Such integrated approach will provide readers with a conceptual presentation showing how exactly the microstructure of the materials is controlling their mechanical behavior.

The book is full of informative micrographs and colorful illustrations. In addition to that, the authors have included numerous exercises and live examples for better understanding. There are many empirical equations included in the content of the work. In fact, the book will be useful to all students regardless of their level due to the coverage of all fundamental concepts giving a comprehensive picture in this field, even though it is not intended to serve as an introductory text.

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