This is one of the best reference books teaching people to use simple and plain English to reach max effectiveness in their communication in writing. The author of the volume has presented simple and practical guidelines on how the written papers shall appear and be formatted, also covering the presentations. The suggestions given by the author are remarkably straightforward and reasonable.

The book is highly recommended to the people willing to improve their writing skills and experiencing problems with expressing their thoughts in a clear way. Follow the instructions provided by Bailey and you will increase your productivity and efficiency in your day to day written communications. According to the numerous reviews of this book submitted by the students from different parts of the world, including both native and non-native speakers of English, it shall be treated as an absolutely indispensable manual.

While the first part of the volume is dealing with writing, its second half is devoted to the presenting. he authors provides valuable recommendations on using the tables and headings, bullets etc. making the process of writing easy and pleasant, and the result readable and clear.

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Here is one of the best, perfectly detailed and complete maritime dictionaries available today. It will be an excellent information source for the readers interested in square rigged vessels since the content details every part in three languages - English, French and German. It will also be very highly appreciated by the naval historians.

The book is full of reproduced illustrations that will definitely impress all enthusiasts of the maritime history. The author of the dictionary was in fact the first one to properly recognize the whole complexity and variety in maritime technical terminology and the demand for the classification of the terms.

Using his thirty-five-year sailing experience, he has managed to set out a truly exhaustive yet easily understandable explanations of all parts of the structure and equipment of the vessel, describing the man types of sailing and steam ships, iron and wooden ship hulls, propulsion machinery, anchoring arrangements, spars and masts, rigging, up to the bends and knots, concluding the content of his work with the list of standard measurements.

Since the time of the original publication in 1885, the volume remains invaluable resource for every single reader with the interest in ships and life on board, marine engineering and understanding of the maritime language...

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The present authoritative and comprehensive dictionary will provide clear definitions of all units and prefixes, together with the measures and weight per SI system. In addition, the content covers both traditional and industry-specific units. Some scientific and historical background is also provided.

This work has already proven invaluable to the practicing engineers, technicians and scientists but will be equally useful to the general user and students. It is an excellent and well detailed reference book giving a professional discussion on the most important topics of metric and regular measures. The dictionary addresses all units used in engineering and science covering the associated terminology, as well. The book features a full exposition of the SI system.

Each of the entries in this dictionary provides user with the historical information that is required for conducting proper interpretation of the headword. Each of the units, in turn, has been accorded a separate entry. Some selected terms considered specific to metrology have been provided with clear and informative explanatory notes; same applies to the numerous math terms of measurement and counting. A perfect dictionary for every person in engineering and science, dealing with any sort of technical calculations or documentation.

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For several decades and through all nine previous release, this publication remains one of the best and maybe most complete technical writing references for students and industry professionals.  The book has been very highly evaluated thanks to its layout and brevity of the entries contained. The readers in so many countries of the world have already found the present publication very useful since it provides answers to so many technical writing questions.

The authors have mostly focused on technology researches and professional technical documents. It is a very reliable and remarkably versatile stand-alone reference book that shall be used in a variety of circumstances due to the clear language used by the authors and amount of the info contained. You will for sure enjoy using this book and will also sure find it the "Swiss Army knife" for any technical writer. The arrangement of the book has been appreciated by the readers as the whole content is alphabetized for easier and quicker reference.

The publication was found to be very helpful, it provides very extensive examples for most of the topics. A must-have source for people dealing with preparation of technical documentation in English and having a need for a good reference book.

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This small and compact vocabulary comprises thirteen pages covering the main areas of the shipping and offshore industry, such as types of marine ships, capacity measurements, offshore terminology, offshore support and supply vessels, general shipping terms, geographical abbreviations, types of affreightment, abbreviations, worldscale.

Bearing in mind the numerous topics addressed by the person who compiled the vocabulary, we may say that the booklet will definitely be of some use by persons working offshore, on board ships and offshore installations as crew members or service specialists; however, the information provided in some sections may be helpful even to the office personnel dealing with preparation of the purchase orders, various reports, requests, communications and other activities that may require proper and thorough understanding of the maritime/offshore industry terminology, including ship nomenclature, abbreviations used etc.

Moreover, the knowledge of the terms is also vitally important for port state control inspectors, marine authority officers, marine surveyors and all other specialists involved in the shipping and offshore industry. We would recommend to download this small vocabulary and keep it.

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This well-written and very useful book is intended to help people who are experiencing general difficulties with writing English being non-native speakers. All dos and don'ts have been arranged in alphabetical order for easier navigation, coupled with a comprehensive index and functional cross-references -what this means is that the users will have no any difficulties when searching for the answers.

The book is also supplemented with some useful appendices like tips on writing and laying out a document, basic grammar notes etc. This entertaining guidance book packed with useful information was compiled based on the very long and brilliant experience of the author, Kay Sayce, in assisting people in producing documents in English. The publication addresses all awkward issues, such as the business English, acronyms, letter writing, American English language, clichés and jargon, quotations and hyphens, etc.

The book shows that though there are rules and conventions, they shall rather be used as the basis on which the confidence to explore the whole versatility and richness of the English language shall be built. We would definitely recommend this reference to be used as a tool for any person, whose work involves using good written English, for instance, writers of the reports and other professional papers.

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The ultimate intention of the author of this publication was to provide readers with the source of info that covers all core areas of the English language. The book is a remarkably comprehensive intro to the subject, and it is also exploring the ongoing debates in world Englishes, their testing and teaching.

The publication draws on a wide range of tests, examples and other data, e.g. articles from world popular newspapers, and it also includes some classic readings. Most of the important sociopolitical and historical developments in the world Englishes have been covered in this book. The title is very interesting and very well-written. The layout is perfect and makes this book very easy to read. It covers most of the related topics in a very clear format.

The complexity of the English language must never be underestimated and readers should not take the sensitivities surrounding it lightly. The efforts made by the author have resulted in an excellent resource for the students to introduce them to the rapidly growing field of world Englishes. Note that references have been made to the materials straight out from our everyday life, and such approach made the whole content of the volume easily accessible for everyone. 

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When I wrote the first edition of this book, I wanted to cram a lot into it. Cookbook became my metaphor: a collection of everything I could think of that was useful and tasty—and set out in self-contained chapters that readers could use in any sequence they want. But now, I see certain coherences I didn't see then. I see first what commentators also noticed most: my so-called "romantic" approach, that is, my emphasis on freewriting, chaos, not planning, mystery, magic, and the intangible.

I am still singing this tune. "Just write, trust, don't ask too many questions, go with it. Put your effort into experiencing the tree you want to describe, not on thinking about which words to use. Don't put your attention on quality or critics. Just write." This is the je ne sais quoi dimension of writing. I always want to talk about what cannot quite be analyzed: the sense of voice in writing, the sense of a writer's presence on the page, the quality that makes a reader actually see or experience what you are saying. That is why I use so much indirection and metaphor. I have designed this book so you can either read it straight through or else skip around.

That is, I have arranged it in what seems to me the most logical order; you will find some cumulative benefits from reading it in the normal sequence. But I have also made each section and chapter fairly complete in itself so you can thread your own path and find the chapters you need for your particular writing tasks or for your own particular temperament or skills.

By reading Section I and the short introductions to the remaining five sections, you will get a good sense of how the whole book works. In addition, almost every chapter ends with a short summary or section of advice which you can consult for more information about what the chapter treats.

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