This course of technical English language has been primarily intended to aim the students of Mechanical/Electrical Engineering in technical schools, as well as colleges and universities; it will suit both professional engineers and technicians. This book can also be used for self-study.

The book comprises of thirty units each with authentic exercises from a very wide variety of sources. The topics selected to be included into this book have been chosen by the authors with intention to cover all areas of both Mechanical/Electrical Engineering. The technical contents of the publication includes general engineering matters, training courses, materials and mechanisms, automatic systems, engineering design aspects, robotics, electrical engineering and technology, mechanics - statics and dynamics, pneumatics, hydraulics and fluid mechanics, computer aided design (CAD) and others.

The starting unit of the book is dedicated to the general engineering, while the second unit shows the reader how to choose a course while the next one addresses engineering materials. Then, there are units on mechanisms, forces in engineering, electric motors, central heating, safety matters, latest technological developments etc. We do consider this book a recommended reference source for every engineer regardless of the field.​

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The initial declared purpose of the present publication was to bring together a whole range of nautical info. In fact, such amount of information would require a separate library. The book is a mixture of factual technical information and lexicology, together with wild superstition - it covers not only what seamen say, but also what they believe and think, and how seafarers describe their equipment; it shows what laws and traditions determine how the seamen do their job. We all know that navigable waters cover more than seventy of the Earth's surface and, until last century, world's oceans were the only possible option for any intercontinental travel.

Even today, when airlines are taking over passenger traffic, the vessels still carry almost whole world's trade, which is rapidly expanding trade. That is why it is not that surprising that a huge part of the history has been written on the oceans; you must have already noted that so many words used nowadays, have nautical origins. Though most of them are English words, centuries ago they might be French words.

This book is the compendium of nearly nine thousand terms taken from different sources of maritime terminology. Some of the entries are brief, but others have been supplemented with additional information.

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This book was written by the duet of authors - Elaine Murray and Valerie Lambert - with the intention to create a volume that could be used by all learners of English language, willing to practice their spoken English as well as practical writing skills used in everyday communication. The training material is presented in the form of short texts and dialogues - note that the audio version of all texts and dialogues has also been included in the pack presented to your attention, and it will definitely make it much easier for the students to work out the correct pronunciation of all words.

It shall also be noted that British English has been mainly used when recording all supplementary audio materials. The glossary is also there so the users may test themselves on the understanding of key items. The authors of the publication has concentrated on the everyday technical English that is being used in a huge variety of industries, including marine industry. The use of very specific language has been kept to a minimum; however, some small amount of it has been presented throughout the book. The students can use the book from the very first chapter or just choose the selected units directly relating to their professional needs. 

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This technical Dictionary offered to you today is a truly excellent reference offering readers huge amount of useful info in a very convenient, so easy-to-use and quick-find format. The publication will for sure be of great at use to the students, industry professionals, teacher, writers or just general readers as it will assist them all gaining proper understanding of all fundamental ideas and key concepts of various engineering areas.

The team of authors used a simple and very clear way, using the language which will be easily understandable to the general readers, not only to the industry pros; in the meantime, this book is comprehensive and thorough enough for the advanced students and even scientists. This second edition of the Dictionary was updated and now contains about eighteen thousand entries, including abbreviations/acronyms, gives correct pronunciation for all terms contained, covers so many topics including mechanical engineering, building, industrial and civil engineering, electrical engineering, acoustics, control systems, systems engineering and others.

The publication may also be used when preparing to the PE examination as mechanical engineer. There is an appendix providing some additional information and useful data.   

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This publication has been specifically designed and published to teach the English language of both discussion and conversation. The author has tried to make a prediction of the words and frequently used phrases required for the students of English to effectively participate in the conversations. That is why this book should definitely be considered the perfect training material to be used for conversation courses.

The publication is a genuine treasure trove of very useful expressions that all students would better have in their vocabulary to speak fluently. The way material is presented in the book makes the learning process very enjoyable for the students. The authors of the book have applied a so-called "lexical phrase" approach. The units that are contained in this volume are quite simple and provide a wide range of commonly used expressions that students will have to learn and memorize. Among the skills that have been covered within this publication there are expressing opinions, responding to people with sympathy and disagreeing with someone, back-channeling and others.

There are some practical exercises supplementing the theory given in each of the units. The teachers who have used this book during the teaching process have already found this volume very useful and practical and consider this book a truly great grammatical resource.

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This book is for everyone, taking into account the amount of useful explanations and other information it provides to the readers. Its author did his best to collect about eight thousand of marine terms and words in a single volume - note that, since some of the terms may have more than one (sometimes up to five) definition, the total number of entries reaches 8600.

The terminology contained in this dictionary refers to such important nautical aspects as seamanship techniques and navigation, marine engineering, astronomy and meteorology, naval architecture, marine science, maritime economics, insurance matters, cargo handling, and others. In addition to that, the author made every attempt to get the scope of the publication extended through various subjects that may not be directly fall under nautical works but shall still be considered helpful to the mariners.

The dictionary has immediately become very popular among maritime industry professionals because it covers the whole vessel from keel to truck and from stern walk to the bowsprit. We would definitely recommend this publication to everyone wishing to get more familiar with the terminology used in the various fields of marine industry. And, of course, it is the must-have to every professional.

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This well-written and very useful book is intended to help people who are experiencing general difficulties with writing English being non-native speakers. All dos and don'ts have been arranged in alphabetical order for easier navigation, coupled with a comprehensive index and functional cross-references -what this means is that the users will have no any difficulties when searching for the answers.

The book is also supplemented with some useful appendices like tips on writing and laying out a document, basic grammar notes etc. This entertaining guidance book packed with useful information was compiled based on the very long and brilliant experience of the author, Kay Sayce, in assisting people in producing documents in English. The publication addresses all awkward issues, such as the business English, acronyms, letter writing, American English language, clichés and jargon, quotations and hyphens, etc.

The book shows that though there are rules and conventions, they shall rather be used as the basis on which the confidence to explore the whole versatility and richness of the English language shall be built. We would definitely recommend this reference to be used as a tool for any person, whose work involves using good written English, for instance, writers of the reports and other professional papers.

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We are glad to offer you the scientific dictionary which has been specifically developed by the author, Simon Collin, and first published about 15 years back with the declared aim to provide all students of English, including people learning the language by their own, and people willing to get familiar with the English terminology related to various fields of technology as well as some fields of science, in order to be able to conduct their day-to-day work.

This is the 2nd edition of this publication, and this one has been completely revised - as a result, it is now fully updated with the very latest developments in so many areas of science and technology. This dictionary is really world recognized and so popular, offering people more than 17000 professional terms from such aspects of science and technology mechanical engineering, chemistry and physics, electricity and electronics, earth sciences, telecom and others. This updated and completely revised release contains hundreds of new terms, from computing to the environmental protection, each of them being provided with concise and very clear definitions.

We do recommend this dictionary be treated as the truly excellent reference book the professionals of today and of the future. A number of supplements provided there at the of the publication, contain some additional valuable technical info like math symbols, Mendeleev's periodic table, measurements etc.

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