The book by Clark Reynolds, is seeking to discover the constants and strategic alternatives that commonly govern the empires and their navies throughout a whole human history by means of raising the hypotheses for their testing by the historical examinations and future actions.

The author has therefore conducted the examination of the natural factors, for example topography and geography, together with the different important economic and political aspects of building the empires, touching the intellectual and even cultural manifestations, technologies and the matters of tactical evolution.

Combined together, all above mentioned elements are defining the concept of the sea power in the XIII century A.D. and in the XX century B.C. The present publication consists of seven major parts covering the command of the sea and different alternatives, oceanic age and early Thalassocracies, total wars era, and other aspects.

In addition to the text, this document includes a set of maps of the Mediterranean region, American Sea Lanes, the Ancient World in general, Asian periphery etc. The bibliography section lists the general sources of information used when preparing this book. A definitely recommended book to have a serious look.

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This best-selling book by Alexander Exquemelin will definitely and seriously fascinate any of the modern readers interested with everything relating to the piracy and by the history of European conflict in the Caribbean region and on the Spanish Man. The book will be extremely interesting for any enthusiast of the naval history and any professional historian.

This publication is fully dedicated to some sort of cross between the real privateers who were commissioned with a purpose to defend the overseas colonies and trade of their country, and genuine outright pirates, the buccaneers who were mainly French, Dutch and English adventurers who did ply the waters between the Caribbean Islands and Central America, Colombia as well as Venezuela more than three centuries back. Their activities reached a peak at some point in the second half of the XVII century, and this was the time when this nice eyewitness account has been first released.

The author of this book is providing the truly fascinating details of the French presence in Hispaniola and he is also describing the main features of that country together with its inhabitants, plus valuable and interesting comments at the whole length on the origin of the buccaneers, recounting their code of conduct as well as their way of life. Exceptionally interested one for all lovers of sea.

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This book by Ronald Love is representing a remarkably useful survey of the European expansion and exploration that took place during the early modern historical period and thorough examination of this development. The text contained in this volume combines the factual historical information with the analysis and interpretation; as a result, the book become very informative, easy- and interesting to read.

Apart from the main text, there are lots of supplementary information included in the publication, for example biographical profiles, excerpts fro the important historical documents, and even the glossary. For sure, students and all people with the interest in the naval history will definitely find this book very useful when searching for the information or conducting researches on the maritime exploration.

The author has described the early Portuguese expeditions that were taken along the coast of Africa; in addition, he also addressed the discovery of Americas by Spanish mariners, exploration of the Pacific, and the expeditions made to search for a northern marine passage to China. The narrative chapters of the book will guide the readers from the exploration of Mongol Empire by Marco Polo to Magellan's travel around the globe and all other historically important events. This is a treasure for any naval history enthusiast.

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This book is intended to serve two main purposes. The first is to provide ship-modelers, marine archaeologists, and historian; with a guide to how English ships of war were fined out during the great age of the sailing ship. In this respect I hope it will follow in the traditions of James Lees' Masting and Riggings and Peter Goodwin's Construction and Fitting of the Sailing Man of War 1650-1850.

However, the reader will notice some differences from these works. I do not claim to have provided every piece of data on all the fittings of the years in question nor have I attempted to draw up tables of proportions for various ships and periods. Instead, in the main text, I have described the general principles which affected the design of each fitting, and in the appendices provided material from contemporary sources which have been selected largely to provide detailed information and specific dimensions. I have not attempted to interpolate from these to provide proportions which might cover other cases, preferring to leave this to the reader. The second purpose is broader: to study the development of a particular technology for its own sake.

The book is almost entirely confined to the Royal Navy, mainly because there are sources, in the form of manuscripts, plans and models, for this body, while those relating to merchant ship owners are rare, for few records were kept in the first place, and those that were have largely perished...

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This nice historical book has been prepared by the recognized and professional naval historian Antonia MacArthur, who is mainly specializing in the restoration and replication of the most famous vessels of the past. The publication tells the readers the captivating real story of this vessels and ninety-four people who made that remarkable voyage.

The author has researched the story of the HM Endeavour in detail and illustrated the texts with numerous contemporary paintings, adding the nautical charts and relevant drawings and sketches; moreover, mote that there are many photos of the replica ship. As we said, this book describes not only the famous bark but also pays much attention to the people who sailed. The author has did her best trying to highlight the whole excitement of discovery to new geographical areas and new people, new animals and plants. Many interesting extracts taken from the original shipboard logs and records have also been included in the book.

That is why we are pretty sure that this publication will present interest not only to the professional maritime historians but in fact to anyone with the interest in the naval history, famous marine ships of the past times, sea voyages made centuries ago, sea adventures, geographic discoveries and everything else related to the sea and the ship.

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Warfare at Sea - 1500-1650 - Maritime Conflicts and the Transformation of Europe

   The content of the present book is mainly focusing in the maritime conflicts looked at as one of the parts of the process of transformation that took place in Europe from the end-XVIII century to the mid-XVII century. The main lines of the subject transformation are quite well-known, Looking from the maritime perspective, some of the parts of this transformation process were considered particularly important. The long-distance maritime trade has significantly increased and the role of the capitalist entrepreneurs in human society has become much more important in Europe. In the whole Mediterranean area, in the Ottoman and Spanish empires dominated in the beginning of the XVI century. The last decades of the XVI century and early decades of the XVII century showed the rapid rise of both political and economic power of the north-western Europe and stagnation of the Mediterranean... In this publication, the author has emphasized the role of the maritime conflicts in the naval history and transformation of Europe, in particular. It starts with the clear description of the important role of the warfare, followed by the major technology as well as tactics and strategy, information on changing maritime societies, maritime wars, organizations and states, maritime state formation and Atlantic warfare, galley navies, major sailing navies and wealth of other important and valuable historical information.

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Outlaws of the Atlantic - Sailors, Pirates and Motley Crews in the Age of Sail

   The Outlaws of the Atlantic is one of the most popular publications on the naval history touching so dramatic world of the maritime adventures. Written by the award-winning naval historian, the book literally turns the marine industry upside down - it shows the history from the viewpoint of commoners - pirates, sailors, slaves and other outlaws of the sea from late XVII to the early XIX century. With a keen eye for these characters, the author shows how the maritime actors shaped the history. The reader will know how merchant sailors organize, inspired and maintained the democratic structures both outside and within the laws at the time. It all resulted in the book exploring the maritime history "from below". According to the readers review, this book is really awesome and containing huge number of information that would be very difficult in other ones. A great reading for all people interested in naval history and very informative source from a very well known and world respected historian. The readers will definitely enjoy the background history of the present volume providing them with the detailed information on how the merchant seafarers used to organize, inspire and maintain the democratic structures within and also outside the laws for more than three centuries. In fact, this volume presents an excellent collection of the specific historical papers.

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Pocket Battleships of the Deutschland - Warships of the Kriegsmarine

   The naval ships of the German Navy fleet that participated in the Second World War are deservedly treated as one of the most popular subjects in the whole naval history, and the present publication compiled jointly by Klaus-Peter Schmolke and Gerhard Koop has been already appreciated by all naval enthusiasts and found to be one of the best collections available. In fact, it is one out of the six volumes prepared by these authors, with each of the volumes dedicated to one particular class of ships. This book addresses the Deutschland class warships. It provides readers with the finely detailed technical description of the warship, outline of the services and numerous informative and perfectly illustrated ship plans, maps of the naval battles and quite substantial collection of photos. Apart from the professional naval historians, the book will be of great use for the ship modelers who are willing to build a model of the Deutschland/Lutzow class and require a good pictorial reference. The texts and statistics presented by the authors are very informative and useful. Note that the drawings included in the book are very correct and the main content starts with some general historical overview, followed by the chapters on the operational life of the vessels and the overview of the overall success of those ships.

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