Theory of the marine compasses can be understood by applying some imagination and is not that complicated. However, the information contained in most of the books available today lack clarity and it makes the process of understanding a bit more difficult. The author of this volume has made every effort to present the information in a simple way so that it can be understood by all categories of readers, from newcomers to the professional mariners.

The book starts with the syllabus of the STCW 1995 convention, followed by the info on the free gyroscope. Then, there are two chapters dealing with the damped and undamped gravity controlled gyroscopes. The errors encountered in the gyro compasses have been dealt with in a separate chapter. Same applies to the follow-up systems, transmission systems and the associated performance tests.

The author has also included several real life examples of the application of the contemporary compasses. Numerous exercises have been included for better training process and they are all supplemented with the correct answers. We recommend this publication to anyone interested in the construction and working principles of the gyro compasses.

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Electronic marine navigation has passed a critical waypoint – the vast majority of all vessels navigating the seas and engaged in the international maritime shipping have the ECDIS installed on board. This landmark shall be treated as one of the most important milestone in the long journey.

There are so many procedures that have been established during the past decades relating to the electronic navigation and that shall be used by the practicing ship navigators, developers and suppliers of the navigation charts, hydrographic offices and others.

As a result, the ECDIS was first accepted by the IMO as the substitute to the traditional paper charts. Moreover, there are many regulations developed by the IMO in this respect and the provisions of subject rules and regulations shall be complied with at all times. This fourth and latest edition of the publication features the completely revised contents.

The authors have provided the descriptions of the essentials for the development of the shipboard electronic navigation systems together with the recommendations for their use covering the associated technical functions and limitations imposed. The general guidance have been provided on the use of these systems as well as training and certification aspects.

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This classic publication was originally designed to be used by the officers of naval militia as well as by the yachtsmen and all future mariners and it did gain the success and popularity among all professionals of the coast services in many countries of the world. Every effort was made by the author to keep the size of the book compact to make it convenient for the everyday use.

However, it contains all information about the practical navigation you may need. The book was published long time ago and managed to stand the test of more than a century. Note that despite the year of original release, the material presented in the publication is still valid and useful since the basics of the marine navigation have not changed – of course, the latest technological advances in the field of navigational equipment could not be covered, by the essentials remained same.

The instructions prepared by the author are as concise as possible but the clearness of the explanations is still there, making the contents understandable to all categories of readers. The use of high mathematics has been avoided wherever possible and this is another reason why the publication can be recommended to the broader readership.

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This is an excellent guidebook written in a very user-friendly manner to get the users of the VHF radios installed on board marine vehicles better acquainted with the functions of the equipment, covering both analogue and digital ones. The explanations provided by the author, who is the expert in the field, are describing the radio systems on the leisure crafts, detailed and straightforward.

It is one of the best books of marine radios available today and this third edition features revised and updated contents. The book will provide all required information for passing the SRC, standing for the Short range Certificate, considered mandatory for all people dealing with the radios including the associated procedures, theory of the radio, and general information about the GMDSS systems. The people all around the planet use this volume as a perfect reference book and a fundamental companion.

The style of presenting the information is typical for all other publications in Reeds series, i.e. absolutely clearly explained and supplemented with numerous illustrations for easier understanding of the subject. It will of great practical use for anyone willing to refresh both theoretical essentials and established procedures.

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This publication will present a truly intelligent account of the fundamental principles on which the design of all contemporary systems of marine navigation bases. They have all been placed in context with the essential methods of navigation and addressed in the introductory part of the volume.

The material contained in the book has been arranged in the following way – first of all, the author addresses the navigation itself, including the history of navigation and different classical methods of celestial navigation, and then proceeds to introducing readers to the quantum ideas. In the final third the author is dealing with the navigation based on satellite systems, for instance the GPS and orbit theory – virtually everything is covered here.

The publication is mainly intended to be used by the non-specialists in the field of navigation but still possessing some basic understanding of engineering. The very broad range of different aspects relating to the development of both space and surface navigation has been covered, and every effort was made to avoid any mathematical formalism that would make reading difficult and too complicated. All technological advanced in marine navigation have been well documented in the pages of this brilliant book.

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This is the informative handbook with the content initially aimed to serve as the accessible practical guide for use by the shipboard radio operators as well as shore-based radio stations, particularly operators of the VHF and SSB, i.e. MF/HF radios. It will provide all readers with the required technical info about the radiotelephony procedures, coverage and appropriate use of the cell phones, terms and contacts, and how exactly SAR is being managed in New Zealand.

The information presented in the handbook has been arranged in five major chapters. The first one has been dedicated solely to the radiotelephony procedures including prowords, i.e. procedural words, VHF channels, SSB frequencies, silence period etc., while the second one addresses the coverage and services including broadcasts and warnings, medical advice, sat safety services etc.

The third chapter provides other important information including the medical evacuation, working with choppers, transmissions in harbor, testing the radios, sea rescue by choppers etc. Two remaining chapters of this handbook are providing the useful contacts plus contain a small yet comprehensive Glossary of the terms used in this handbook and generally in the industry.

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The voyage planning process can be treated as a sort of evolution from the old-school penciling of the proposed route on a nautical chart to a really high quality and technological process including the proper risk assessment. The marine navigators of today have to filter, analyze, correctly interpret and also do good and thorough evaluation of the huge amount of data used for the ship voyage planning.

Of course, when doing so, due care shall be taken of the compliance with the applicable regulatory framework. The recent introduction of the electronic charts followed same approach, allowing the mariners to filter the nautical chart data and adapt it to such extent that would allow only the relevant information to be displayed, meaning the voyage-specific information directly relating to the particular vessel. In the meantime, proper attention shall be paid to the handing of the information.

When compared to the traditional paper nautical charts, this approach will require a fully reworked mindset forming some challenges to the navigators today. What it means is that the navigators shall be able to properly adapt the routines of the duly trained craftsmanship on the charts in order to ensure that the subject challenge is met.

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This is one of the most important books on the navigation bridge of any ship. The GMDSS stands for the Global Maritime Distress & Safety System – this one was developed in order to provide navigators with the fastest and most efficient way to call for the assistance, should it be required at sea at any time, regardless of the size and geographical position of the vessel.

The present volume was released to help shipboard people better understand the system and will therefore be of great use for any person whose duties imply using the GMDSS system. In addition, it can also be used as the training material for the students. The author has explained the system together with its operation and all procedures.

The coverage includes the syllabi of the LRC, GOC and ROC, i.e. Long Range Certificate, General Operator’s and Restricted Operator’s Certificates. This sixth edition of the publication includes all recent changes to the regulations related to the GMDSS system. The volume has already proved a very valuable reference source for the users of the associated equipment as well as for the exam candidates. The text is full of informative and detailed illustrations, questions-and-answers and revision guide.

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