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A vessel at open sea fully depends on the professional knowledge, technical skills and also self-reliance of the crew members carrying out required maintenance and repair works. Among the other important technical skills that are considered necessary, we would mention the modern welding techniques.

The ultimate purpose of the present training handbook prepared by the specialists of the Unitor Company specifically for the maritime welders was to provide the welders engaged in different ship building and ship repair works with the useful source of practical knowledge covering the right solutions to the specific problems of the welding. The document opens with the quick introduction and guidance to the welding processes.

The process of welding and other related thermal processes are using compressed either compressed gas or electricity to get a concentrated heat source melting or burning away steel and other construction materials. All necessary safety precautions are required to be in place and followed in order to avoid any possible accidents relating to the supply of gas/electric power, sparks and fumes etc.

In the most countries, the regulations and guidelines relating to the welding and any other hot works together with their applications onboard vessels, are laid down by the authorities.

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The book will serve as an excellent general source of technical knowledge related to the joining of materials by means of welding. The coverage of the material is really impressive. the author is encompassing the welding metallurgy together with the weld pool chemistry and welding physics in detail. in the meantime he does not go too deep to the thorough descriptions that would be too difficult for the people with little experience in the field.

In fact, most of the welding related publications available today are only dealing with the basic welding techniques and principles leaving the science out, or vice versa. In this book the welding expert is taking a sort of integrated approach; this has eventually resulted in the content of his work being comprehensive and covering all aspects, providing self-contained treatment of welding together with the physics of the process and underlying principles.

The book is a real classic textbook and a must-have standard reference. There are hundreds of informative illustrations and data tables included by the author to supplement the main text of the book, correlating the science of welding with the currently used welding practices. Absolutely recommended to the practicing and future welders.

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Materials are and have always been considered one of the most critical elements since they support a wide variety of technological fields. The content of the present book was summarized on the basis of the results of the research activities and laboratory works, and it is actually forming a basic principle of laboratory work.

That is why this publication is expected to be suitable to the graduate students; however, it will definitely be of equal importance and use for the undergraduate students as well as the researchers and practicing engineers working in the fields of mechanics and materials. The material contained in each of the parts has been edited base on the technical review papers by the author.

The first chapter provides some general introduction to materials. The second chapter will tell the readers about the main technical concepts of the fracture mechanics, while the third chapter describes the main principles of toughness and strength of materials. The remaining chapters of the volume cover the steels, alloys, intermetallic compounds, cast iron, polymers and ceramic materials, titanium, aluminum, metal matrix composites and many other important and relevant topics.

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The publication starts with the introductory information followed by the historical background of the metal fatigue factor including the experimental works, standardization, fracture mechanics, implementation of the computers and servo-hydraulic testing appliances. The next chapter addresses the constant amplitude metal fatigue, including the fatigue mechanisms, ratcheting, S/N curves etc.

This one is followed by the chapter dedicated to the variable amplitude and multi-axial metal fatigue, including the math description, Miner's rule, standard load histories and other relevant information. The fifth chapter is dealing with the fatigue design, covering the failure analysis, approaches and situations, product liability and associated safety regulations. The next chapter addresses the uncracked situation, including the surface finish and mean stress effects, effects of notches, fatigue life improvement etc., while the following chapter addresses the cracked situation including the initial and final crack sizes, crack propagation, interaction effects, fractography and other important factors.

The remaining chapters of the book are dedicated to the fatigue crack paths, researches and development in the field, current industry trends, avoidance of the failures etc. Three appendices provide the information about the fracture mechanics, non-destructive tests, and random load theory.

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The present training booklet has been specifically designed by Videotel company with the intention to provide the crew members and all other people dealing with the use of the abrasive wheels with all necessary information and safety precautions to be taken.

The book starts with the short introduction followed with the practical tips for the storage and maintenance of subject equipment, and keeping the wheels in good operational and working condition - starting from making the right choice when selecting the wheel and checking the markings on the wheel and manufacturer's code.

The next chapter is dedicated to the actual use of the wheels, starting from the preparation of the wheels for work an checking their condition and fitness, through mounting the wheel onto portable and static machines, basic safety matters and equipment used for provision of the safe work, safety precautions to take and safety measures to be implemented and followed to make the work safe, and also main do's and don'ts to be considered when using the portable machines.

Then there is a summary of the information provided in the booklet and several question for assessment of your understanding. Appendices contained in the last section of the booklet provide the legislation-related information, useful case studies and further resources to check.

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One of the most popular classic books on the shipbuilding demonstrating the actual design methods and construction techniques. It was originally published so many years ago in order to serve as a reference book when performing training of the woordworkers and carpenters in the fundamental theoretical aspects of the construction of the wooden vessels.

The author of the volume tried to establish a course useful for the shipbuilders and boatbuilders; he did not try to prepare a complete treatise on the subject so please note that there can be some omissions. However, needless to say that the book will be of great interest for everyone willing to improve their knowledge of ship construction principles, as well as people interested in building ship models.

The book is classic and rare; of course, the shipbuilding of today much differs from the one of last century due to the new technologies developed; however, the theory of the process, naval architecture, mechanics, strength, hydromechanics and other remain unchanged...

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The present set of documents comprises of two separate volumes and belongs to the Cambridge Ocean Technology Series. The publication is mainly intended to provide readers with the comprehensive guidance on the marine use of various composite materials.

The first of the books included in the pack is named Fundamental Aspects and covers the production technology and materials science, provides structural analysis and FEM, describes the failure mechanisms, addresses the important environmental aspects, etc.

The second book, Practical Considerations, will examine how the theory is used in the design and construction of the structures like submersibles, boats, offshore installations etc.

Needless to say that the content of each book will be of great interest to the people engaged in the design and actual construction of the ships and other marine structures because the thorough knowledge and deep understanding of the different construction materials is one of the key factors determining the quality, construction effectiveness and reliability of the newly built vessel.

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We are hereby introducing an excellent training set made of three volumes released to describe all issues relating to both theory and practice of welding. The content of these volumes has been specifically prepared in order to support the AWS SENSE 2.0 guidelines for training.

They combine the text part basing on the theory with the laboratory manuals and other relevant supporting materials. The arrangement of the material in the books is following the modular structure of the guidelines from AWS and is intended to guide the students through the entire process of improving their welding skills.

The first book is the core volume - it introduces readers to the welding concepts - it covers five major aspects - occupational orientation, HSE matters, interpretation of drawings and symbols, thermal cutting process, and weld inspection testing and applicable codes.

The second volume is covering two popular welding processes - GMAW (standing for the gas metal arc welding) and FCAW (meaning the flux cored arc welding). The last book of the set addresses two other processes - SMAW (i.e. shielded metal arc welding) and GTAW (which is gas tungsten arc welding) processes. In short, all required information is provided.

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