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You are highly encouraged to have a close look at this absolutely perfect training resource officially presented by one of the world leaders in the field of marine coatings. The onboard maintenance manual is in the form of the user-friendly and pictorial application, made interactive for better and easier use. The user will be offered a wide choice of actions normally associated with the maintenance of the ship’s hull.

The sections of the program include technical data sheets, safety data sheets, maintenance on board, maintenance reporting, technical calculations, and the color card. You will only need to move the hand sign on the screen of your computer to make choices. The printing feature is embedded, together with the contact list of the offices. The software contains lots of useful technical information and will be a great reference tool for the ship superintendents when choosing the appropriate product.

For example, the onboard maintenance chart will divide the ship hull into several sections like the topside, weather deck, cargo holds, machinery and accommodation areas, void spaces, superstructure, ballast and fresh water tanks etc. Take a test tour and you will definitely find this software practically useful.

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This is an excellent training tool developed by The Nautical Institute specifically for the people working on the bulk carriers. The program is made of two sections – manuals and plans. The section with the manuals will provide the trainees with the stability information manual, grain stability manual, cargo loading & securing manual, and ballast water management manual. All of the above manuals are presented using the Diamond 53 bulk carrier as an example.

Note that the general information about the subject vessel is provided, as well. The plans section will give you such plans as the general arrangement of the vessel and midship section drawing, tank and capacity plan, docking plan and shell expansion, drawings of the ballast water system, natural ventilation, shipboard lifesaving and firefighting arrangements, hold washing and drainage system, temporary mooring arrangement, fire control plan, general arrangement and sealing plan for the hatch covers, arrangement of the air pipes etc. The software is very easy to use, just launch the Start file and you will have access to the above listed documents immediately. No need for any serial codes, cracking; the documents are free of any malware.

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A truly excellent compilation of the training courses for marine engineers developed by the professionals of the world respected MAN B&W Diesel A/S. It includes several valuable training presentations and numerous operation manuals for the B&W series of marine diesel engines. One of the presentations describes the main advantages of the ME engines, while another one explains the design features for K98 ME (-C) electronically controlled engines.

Then, there are two huge folders with training materials, containing detailed technical presentations prepared for each of the engine pieces, e.g. bearings, cylinders, purifiers, fuel equipment, exhaust valves, etc. also touching such operation and maintenance aspects as automatic tuning of the PMI, turbo cut-out, engine upgrades, technical service, report guidelines, etc.

In addition to the above, there is a separate "pure training" folder containing presentations on the ME engine concept, hydraulic power supply and hydraulic cylinder unit, exhaust system, fuel system. PMI, general description of the engine, MOP displays etc. Needless to say that this set will be of great use to all personnel dealing with the operation, maintenance and repair of these marine diesel engines since it provides comprehensive references on nearly every detail.

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The Navi-Planner CBT (computer based training) is specifically designated for the officers-in-charge of a navigational bridge as well as for the nautical officers with enough experience. In addition, it will be useful to any other people responsible for the navigation and planning. The main purpose declared by the developers of this course was to significantly increase the safety of navigation though the improvement of the skills and knowledge required to fully utilize all technical features of the Navi-Planner program.

Those who have successfully completed this training course, will be able to freely use the program to perform planning. They will also get the ability to properly select and assess all relevant data and take proper actions, operate all basic planning functions of the software, update all data required for the planning the voyage, use all specific functions for voyage planning and advanced routing planning.

The program is divided into seven major sections - introduction, display of vector and raster charts, paper charts and digital NTM, overlays, voyage planning, route planning, charts. For sure the must-have piece of software for anyone involved in the process of planning of safe navigation of the vessel as well as those assessing the associated risks.

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The present program was released by the Hyundai Heavy Industries Company. The Diesel Engine N142/3(9K90MC-C) - Electronic Instruction Manual is intended to help people dealing with operation, maintenance and repair of the subject diesel engines.

This program includes following parts - Instruction Book - Operation, Instruction Book - Maintenance, Instructions for Hyundai-MAN B&W Diesel Engines Components - Code Book, Final Drawings for Main Engine, Instruction and Operating Manual for Fitting and Accessories, Final Drawing and Instruction Manual for Propulsion Control System - B.M.S. (Bridge Manoeuvring System, as an option).

For easier use, open the Start file and navigate from there, you may access any of the parts from the main page. The various systems within the diesel engine have been explained based on standard systems, though each particular diesel engine is constructed to the manufacturing plant's specification - it means that the information provided in this set of files should be used for guidance purposes only.

For details the users would better refer to the documents and manuals coming with the particular engine. In any case, recommended for use on board the vessels or ashore, as well as for training.

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Manual - Electronic Instruction for 7RT Flex 84T-D diesel engine contains all necessary technical data for proper operation as well as maintenance. It is searchable and comprises of the following five parts: operating manual, maintenance manual, code book (catalogue of spare parts), documentation for bought out items, records and tech drawings.

The operating manuals that have been selected and included in the pack should be used only for the corresponding types of Sulzer engines. Please read all of the manuals carefully and make sure you have gone through all operating instructions before you intend to operate the engine or perform the maintenance. The info contained in the manuals, together with the images and graphs are basing on the official drawings prepared by Wartsila.

The documents are primarily intended to be used by the personnel directly involved in operation/maintenance/repair of the engines. They have been prepared bearing in mind that the personnel is duly qualified to perform above stated activities in safe and effective manner.

Among the areas covered in the operating manual there are functional description of specific systems of the engine, required operating media, operational aspects etc. The maintenance manual contains maintenance diagrams, info and instructions on the dismantling and assembly required for the maintenance.... 

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There are following chapters available in this training course: Short Introduction - Philosophy of the flex-technology; Mechanical features - rail- and supply unit - exhaust valve drive - WECS modules; Hydraulic Systems - fuel injection - control oil - servo oil - starting air; Control Systems: WECS-9500/9520 - system layout - exhaust valve - injection - rail pressure - misc.); EMO-tuning (on request); Service Aspects (general - assembly - disassembly - inspection intervals).

This detailed introductory course will be very helpful for ship machinery crew as well as service and maintenance engineers. It starts with the opening section describing the main advantages of the common rail technology, i.e. flexibility in the operation of the injection and exhaust valves, much more precise control of the volumetric fuel injection, better control of the individual fuel injection valves, much higher efficiency when compared to the conventional engines, so many new possibilities to reduce the emissions to the atmosphere, relatively low steady engine speed (ten to twenty percent rpm R1), good potential for variable fuel injection rate shaping, reduced fuel consumption, free selection if the fuel injection pressure etc.

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Another compilation of the service manuals and training materials. This pack was prepared by the professionals of the world recognized VAF Company dealing with the production of the maritime measurement systems. The set consists of eight parts. The first part "Applications" contains some very useful training video films providing the installation instructions for the flow meters, describing the work principle of the shaft power thrust and torque meters, propulsion efficiency monitors, fuel consumption and ViscoSense, and viscosity control systems.

The second part "Liquid flow meters" contains numerous product bulletins as well as the instructions for installation, operation and maintenance of the piston meters, vane meters, fuel consumption monitors, ticket printers and other related equipment. The next part is "Oil batching and blending systems" and contains the application bulletin for the VAF oil blending systems.

This one is followed by "Oil discharge monitoring equipment" which also provides some product bulletins and the technical manual for the Oilcon Mark 6M system. The remaining parts contain the technical documentation relating to the propulsion efficiency monitors, alarm units, and operating/installation instructions for thrust actuators, viscosity meters etc.

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