The Guide presented to your attention today is among the very first all-embracing books on navigation written for the merchant fleet officers. The original release of the first edition took place quite a while ago, at the times where radars were not used at the mariners had to apply the sounding method in order to find the position of their vessels.

Many technological developments took place after that, and in general the crew members of the vessels become much more professional and efficient, and this fact allowed reducing the crews; the ships, in turn, have become much more powerful. There is a strong need for the knowledge and deep understanding of the navigation principles and techniques and of the correct sequence they should be applied in different conditions.

This latest tenth edition of the publication will feature extensive coverage of all important areas of the marine navigation and can therefore be recommended to both students in need for the good technical knowledge and for the professional navigators willing to refresh the essentials. The arrangement of the material in the book is exceptionally user-friendly being the reason why the volume was re-published so many times and become one of the most popular guides available today.

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Here is a very rare book, one of those perfectly written textbooks on marine navigation that were used in the past. The book was published more than a century ago, back in 1912. However, the material will still be considered useful to the people willing to understand the theoretical basics of the navigation.

Of course, considering the technological advances that took place since the time of the original release of the volume, it cannot cover most of the modern hi-tech means of navigation. However, as we all know, the essentials of navigation remained unchanged and to this effect the publication can still be used. Moreover, it will be a great one for the people collecting the marine books of the past times.

Note that the content of the publication was officially digitized by Google and the appearance is now next to perfect, making reading much more pleasant. In short, we do recommend this excellent textbook on marine navigation not only to the professional mariners but only to the students who can find useful materials presented in a very original and easy to read manner. This is a definitely must-have publication in the library of every single mariner and you are encouraged to get it.

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The passage plan shall be prepared for all vessels and it shall cover the complete voyage starting from the berth of departure and up to the berth of the arrival. Subject plan shall be prepared in strict compliance with the recognized international/national standards and to the standing orders of the shipping company. The content of the plans shall also be following the navigational practices and standards established within the SMS, i.e. safety management system of the company.

The vessels of particular company will most probably use the same format when preparing their passage plans, though the variations commonly cause by the types of cargo and of the vessel, as their as of the commercial agreements are also possible. The passage plan that has been used within this publication is not compliant with the instructions of any specific shipping company and has been presented to serve as an example of preparation. The passage plans usually differ with their layouts.

Generally, the documents specific to the particular shipping company are used when preparing the voyage plans. The authors of this work have used the general layout for the plan, balancing on the information on the charts with the other documents relating to the passage plan. Do not forget to use all documents related to the passage plans together with the navigational charts...

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The content of this navigation textbook is primarily aimed at modern navigators working under significantly increased workload which demands very clear working methods as well as concise but comprehensive instructions. Note that the working methods that have been selected for inclusion in this volume are quite easy to understand for both students of maritime colleges and schools and for people working onboard vessels.

The text of the book is supplemented with numerous worked examples and informative plots, and there are also many exercises to allow navigators gain some fundamental and advanced marine navigation skills. The publication covers regulatory requirements and provides instructions on proper passage planning, ocean routeing and sailing, bridge procedures to be implemented and followed, celestial and radar navigation, extreme weather issues, e-navigation, tidal streams, marine communications including GMDSS, AIS and reporting systems, SAR activities and many other important aspects.

There is also a brief glossary of terminology used throughout the volume. As noted above, the book is highly recommended to the future navigators as well as for the professionals willing to improve their marine navigation skills.

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A constantly increasing number of the merchant vessels find themselves chartered to operation in Arctic waters, creating a real and significant demand for the newly constructed ice-classed vessels. Subject requirement is commonly applicable to the vessels that operate in the low temperatures or in the iced waters, with their crew duly trained to man such sort of vessels, and it has already brought about by numerous factors including likelihood of the shipping trade routes that are opening up in the Arctic region, coming on-stream of the terminals in northern regions, and a significant increase in cruise traffic in Arctic region.

All above mentioned factors are directly contributing to the requirements for the ship crews to have access to all required and available technical knowledge from the ice pilots and navigators. Operating a vessel in iced sea required higher standards of training combined with the practical experience. This combination will allow the required development of the skills and professional knowledge and proper understanding in order to competently and efficiently manage the safe passage of the vessel.

Safe navigation of the vessel in ice comes as a result of the experience in the winter navigation combined with the ability of the crew to perform the proper interpretation of the available reports and select the best route on the basis of the behavior and characteristics of the ice...

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This classic book was written in the early twentieth century with the intention of the author to provide people willing to study navigation science with a good textbook they could you when preparing for their examinations. The information is presented in a very simple and easily understandable manner so this volume can be used by the beginner level students.

Note that the students are not expected to have a deep knowledge of mathematics, just simple arithmetic would be sufficient to understand the material presented in the pages of this book. Of course it shall be noted that no important information has been omitted. Numerous examples have been added by the author to illustrate the computation methods covered by the author.

The volume opens with the description of the major instruments commonly used in marine navigation, the compass and nautical charts, then we proceed to the piloting techniques and navigation tools, in fact all aspects have been covered. This is a very good textbook for the collection of any person with the deep interest in marine navigation and historical books on the subject, as the publication is very rare and you one can hardly find the book in any of the book shops today.

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This is definitely one of the oldest, if not the oldest, publication available here. A pure classics published in 1876 and a treasure for the collectors of the old marine books. The book was written by the prominent marine navigator of the past times. This is the third edition of the book in which he adapted the navigational rules to the navigation tables which were in use at the time of the publishing, and also addressed the other tables, such as the Norie's Nautical Tables.

This was done to assist students in working out numerous examples that have been included in this volume - such approach let them avoid any difficulties. The arrangement of the material applied in this book is pretty much standard for all marine navigation books. The volume opens with the sections explaining the basic definitions and Mercator’s Chart as this information is considered essential prior to proceeding to the main content.

Such important topics as trigonometrical ratios, correction of courses, proper use of the compass, finding courses and distances by nautical chart, fundamental formulas of marine navigation, and so many others have all been covered in detail. The topics are explained in a very understandable way. As we mentioned above, there are many examples included to facilitate better and easier understanding of the material.

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This classic work on marine navigation is actually intended to be used by the people with little mathematical training willing to get necessary qualification in the area. The author of the book has presented the material in a form easily understandable even to the newcomers and students. Every effort has been made to avoid complex mathematical exercises and abstractions normally having no real practical use to the navigators.

The text part of the volume is supplemented with numerous useful and informative data diagrams and graphical explanations for better understanding of the subject. Though the publication is quite compact in size, its content covers all important aspects of marine navigation. The topics addressed in the volume include the compass and dead reckoning, time and piloting, the sextant and correction of the altitude, explanation of the latitude, longitude from the stars and the Sun, position lines and other information.

The volume has already proven effective through the good feedbacks by several generations of the readers, noting that it was released more than a century ago. However, its content is still valid as it bases on the theoretical knowledge therefore retaining its value for the students.

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