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Who Greens the Waves

   The main content of this volume prepared by Judith van Leeuwen, is presenting a culmination of a very interesting and important research project performed by the author, whose intention was to thoroughly explore the idea of the environmental governance of the maritime/offshore industry, looking from the historical perspective. The book opens with some introductory information, including the general info on the marine environment, governance, research questions etc. The following chapter of has been mainly dedicated to the changing spheres of authority in the environmental governance, while the third chapter is dealing with the research methodology while the fourth and fifth chapters address changing authority in the maritime/offshore field. The other chapter is focusing on the comparison conducted of the environmental governance of the offshore vs shipping industries. The closing chapter of the volume contains the conclusions and reflection. The main portion of the document has been supplemented with the references and several appendices, summary, info on the conceptual framework, various established methods of research plus associated questions. The environment protection is quite a new field of research and study, and that is the basic reason why there are no too many sources of info available on the subject matters. This, in turn, is what makes the present volume so valuable to all interested persons.

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   Today, marine ecosystems shall definitely be considered quite a wide topic that includes so many different processes, geographical peculiarities and different groups of various bio-organisms. The present publication is a sort of collection of topics that in fact are not directly related to the matters stated above but rather telling the readers about the research that has been already conducted by groups of professional scientists that have been working all around the world; the only common element is the search for the excellence of the authors. This book contains eleven chapters, with the opening chapter covering the threats that are there to the ultraoligoscopic systems. This chapter is followed by the one describing the process of modelling the dynamics of the pelagic ecosystem in north-west Mediterranean area. The remaining chapters of this book address the meiofauna as an instrument to be used for the bio-monitoring of the marine system, ecophysiology and evolution of the labytinthulomycetes, limiting the impact of bottom trawling, hydrocarbon contamination, chemical interactions, marine spatial planning, proper mapping of the seabed, plus some other really important issues. A good and useful publication aimed at all people having the real interest in marine ecosystems, taking into account the amount of the material as well as the way of presenting.​

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marine physics
   The technology and science of today equips us with increasingly complex methods of studying the ocean. The intention of the person who wrote this book was to introduce readers to the contemporary problems of marine physics and to explain all mechanisms of the fundamental physical processes happening in the sea together with their inter-relationships. The purpose was to enable the readers to embark on a further study of marine physics.  The author has made an attempt to produce a proper synthesis of the results obtained in the course of the latest researches in the field of marine physics, while maintaining the manageable size of the publication. The text part of the volume has been limited to a discussion of the physical properties of the seawater, thermodynamical processes that occur in the sea, as well as the transfer of sound waves and sun light in the sea, mass exchanges, air-sea interaction and other critically important matters. All classic problems have been covered within this book, such as sea waves, currents and tides; however, if you want to get the detailed information on these, you would better refer to the numerous relevant textbooks that are available. The volume will definitely be of service to a broad range of interested readers...

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Questions about the Oceans
   This popular publication has already been widely recognized by all lovers of ocean and all people interested in marine environment, it was published by the NGDC, i.e. National Geographic Data Center. The questions that have been selected for this book are quite typical and popular. One of the purposes of this volume is to supply the correct answers to the commonly asked questions on marine science and oceanography. It present factual materials to be used by younger people at literally all grades with the intention to stimulate their imagination and further interest to the subject, provoking the further study. Another goal of the authors was to provide the teachers with the suitable intro to selected marine science subjects. Each of the questions and corresponding answers is followed by specific references containing some additional info on that topic. Of course, it should be understood that the answers presented in the volume might not cover some very subtle details and relevant complexities, taking into account that the authors have tried to limit the answers with 350 words to keep the book reasonably sized. Particular attention has been paid by them to presenting the answers in a very understandable manner so that the students of secondary schools could use it easily. As a result, considerable part of the book can even be used by junior readers.

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Oceanography - An Invitation to Marine Science

   Today, the world ocean affects the lives of all people, and the author of the present volume, Tom Garrison, has made an excellent attempt to show all readers how exactly it does. He is taking readers on a very interesting exploration of the ocean, covering all important areas such as global warming and changing coastlines, zoo-plankton and plastics problem which is growing quite dangerously. The Hurricane Katrina together with earthquake in the Indian Ocean have also been addressed. This book will be very useful for people willing to gain a good and thorough understanding of the ocean wonders and get the correct answers to the specific questions surrounding it with the remarkably fascinating text presented in the publication. The material included by the author brings the basics and goes a bit further and has been accompanied by numerous informative illustrations and images making it so easy to understand. We would for sure say that it will be equally ideal for people first introduced to the science of oceanography and to ones trying to evolve their knowledge. The boon incorporates many basic elements of geology and meteorology making a great and useful addition to the library of any person with the interest in marine science and oceanography.

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maritime archaeology
   In the present technical handbook on marine handbook the author, Jeremy Green, provides a good and systematic technical overview of the marine archaeology, offering readers a detailed description of this rapidly growing field of marine science. This second edition of the handbook includes wealth of newly added information related to the utilization of the computers together with GPS, newly established methods of data recording and documenting. The author of the title is treating the underwater archaeology as a completely separate discipline, demonstrating how the professionals, government officials and scientists usually interact and how the today's market for the artefacts creates various opportunities for these professional groups. The text of the publication is perfectly illustrated with numerous informative images; and the approach that has been chosen by the author is very comprehensive. The volume provides readers with a basic information on underwater environments, land structures under the water, and conditions that are created by the sea by the changes in it's level. This book has been primarily intended to serve as a guide and source of reference info for all people who are working in the field of maritime archaeology. The original concentration on important technical matters is maintained by the author, since this volume is a technical handbook.​

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methods of seawater analysis
   Since the very time when the initial release of the present publication was first introduced, i.e. around forty years back, it has already found a worldwide acceptance as a very reliable and remarkably detailed source of relevant technical information. And this second release of the volume, significantly revised and extended to include some of the additional info and keep the book duly updated with the latest relevant technological advances. This release of the book is reflecting the rapid pace of both methodological and instrumental evolution that took place in the preceding decades. It shall be noted that this volume shall not be treated as an authors' attempt to cover all aspects of the analytical marine chemistry; is should rather be looked at a good and comprehensive attempt of the authors to describe in detail various methods they have already introduced and/or refined and that yielded reproducible enough results in day-to-day work. This publication may definitely be recommended to all researchers of marine science, taking in due consideration the all wealth of technical info that has provided by the authors as well as its topicality. The students of marine science would also find this volume quite useful when used as a reference source.

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Random seas and design of maritime structures   

   The present publication is dedicated to the random ways - the ways of this type are considered maybe the most critical constituent of the marine environment. The reason for that is that the random waves are making the process of designing the maritime and offshore structures significantly differ from the design of the structures that are located ashore. The author of the book, Yoshimi Goda, fully explores the theoretical concept of these waves as applicable to the design of the breakwaters and seawalls, as well as of the harbor structures for easier comprehension by the practical industry engineers. All theoretical aspects involved have also been discussed. The publication is deservedly treated as a Bible on this subject since it covers the theory of the design of the maritime structures in more details than many recognized standards do. The engineers will for sure find this volume very useful because it provides a good overview of all existing methods of description of the waves in question, with the particular attention being paid to the extreme waves. The objective of the author of this volume was twofold - to provide the engineers with the useful tool to deal with random seas, and to serve as a very practical design handbook for graduate students.

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fundamentals of acoustical oceanography

   Among the key features of the present publications are the integrated and modern approach applied by the author to both active and passive underwater acoustics, numerous useful and informative examples of the lab scale models of the ocean-acoustic environments, together with the practical experiments carried out at sea, the coverage of the remote sensing of the sea floor and marine life, explanation of the high intensities, parametric sources, shock waves, cavitation, streaming and the explosive waves, coverage of the microbubbles caused by the breaking waves, dispersion, attenuation and rainfalls, inclusion of the valuable information on signal processing of the ocean sounds, various physical and biological noises, explanation of the propagation of the sound along the ray paths and caustics, presentation of the sound transmissions etc. A very valuable volume for the people involved in oceanography. The publication has already proven to be the authoritative one and full of supplementary exercises and examples for better understanding of the theoretical part. The authors of the volume encourage the marine scientists and engineers to apply the modern and newly established methods...

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Practical handbook of marine science

   All of the practicing professionals in marine science need the easily accessible and of course accurate information readily available at any time and duly updated. This third edition of the Handbook was prepared to provide the readers with the comprehensive and useful practical reference source that would contain all critically important information considered necessary to meet all practical needs of the researchers, marine scientists and in fact of any person directly involved in the process of management of the marine resources. The information in the handbook has been presented in a very reader-friendly manner applying the multi-sectional format - as a result, this volume offers it's readers the extensive, very informative and illustrative tabular reference material that covers literally all major areas of marine science. Among the key features of the handbook we would mention the current data tables, extensive references from the sources up to 2000, numerous data tables and illustrations, and completely revised and significantly updated text part reflecting the very latest technical knowledge. The author of this volume has made a good attempt to highlight the inter-disciplinary nature of the marine science and covered a really wide range of interesting topics.​

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breaking ocean waves
   The ocean surface has been attracted the attention of people from the very beginning of our history. The breaking of the very large oceanic waves has a really hypnotic effect on human beings who are observing this truly magnificent phenomenon. These natural processes have always been the popular themes in painting, literature, and mosaic, and very few people managed to remain indifferent to this greatness of nature. The publication is representing the comprehensive and understandable descriptions of various physical findings of the research done in the spatio-temporal characteristics of the waves gravity as well as of the foam activity in the open sea using the tools of microwave and optical sensing. The main emphasis has been placed by the author on the most important physical aspects of the breaking processes required to measure the limitations and possibilities of remote sensing instruments is some specific cases. The author has also provided numerous informative illustrations from the experiments for better understanding of this complex phenomena. It shall be noted that the statistical characteristics of the ocean wave breaking and foam that is forming, are considered critically important to the dynamics of the ocean waves. An excellent study and valuable work on one of the most interesting topics in the field of marine science.
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Marine Scientific Research - The Operation and Status of Research Vessels and Other Platforms in International Law

   Almost four decades have passed since the time when the 3rd UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, i.e. LOS Convention, was signed. It entered into force in 1994 and is dealing with public international aspects of the oceans' law. The eighth part of the subject Convention is dedicated to the marine scientific research and this is what is addressed in the present publication. This volume presents a thorough analysis examining the legal framework for the above mentioned research with a main focus made on research platforms. People conducting such research, i.e. oceanographers, usually face a quite complex set of provisions that govern their activities. As the treasures of the ocean waters have become discovered and known to the major players in coastal states, the international regulations concerning the sea uses have become much more tighter. As said above, in the book the third part has been analyzed ; in addition to that, the publication provides interested readers with a good overview of air and even space laws relevant to the research activities, and describes their relation to the LOS Convention. Some of the other international regulations have also been dealt with and their significance in the customary law context has been analyzed. The book is mainly aimed at a scientific and legal audience...

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Marine and Freshwater Toxins

   The present publication is dedicated toxins in the sea water and fresh water; it is intended to present the structure of the main toxins having the aquatic origin - the reader will find information relating to the distribution of subject toxins, producing various species and vectors, some of the important toxico-kinetic properties, regulatory management aspects etc. The main species of those associated with the injuries have also been addressed in this volume. Among the marine toxins that have been covered within this publication there are ciguatoxina, equinatoxins, brevetoxins and some others - note that all of them could be lethal. Nowadays, both sea- and fresh water environments are considered new frontiers of humanity; however, the continuing increase in economic and tourist activities is provoking some nasty encounters between people and aquatic animals. The swimmers, surfers, divers and fishermen are becoming main victims. Unfortunately, today it is still not possible to adequately identify, know and treat the envenomations that are commonly caused by the poisonous and venomous animals. Plus, it shall be underlined as necessary that we are still not fully aware of the huge potential of the pharmacologic effects their toxins may have. That is why it does make sense to go through the chapters of this volume to have better idea of this subject quite important any marine scientist.

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Extreme ocean waves

   The publication that is offered to our users today has been specifically prepared and released for the industry professionals who are working in the fields of applied maths, fluid mechanics, physical oceanography, geophysics and other related fields and also for the students learning subject disciplines. The authors have attempted to detail the significant progress that could easily be observed in the understanding of the most important physical mechanisms of the "rogue wave" phenomenon during last several years. To discuss subject phenomenon, the authors have used the fully non-linear hydrodynamic numerical models. Throughout this interesting publication, the readers will find combinations of theoretical and empirical treatment required for the proper and complete examination of the problem. we would say that this book shall definitely be considered as a valuable and very helpful contribution to the technical literature that is covering the wave theory as well as statistics, since it helps to fill in the existing serious gap in people's knowledge of unusual waves. The book will for sure present a great professional interest to both the engineers and scientists who are studying the physical oceanography as well as wave dynamics and other related aspects, or involved in the relevant scientific researches.

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The Red Sea - The formation, morphology, oceanography and environment of a young ocean basin

   This excellent title has been released to present a good overview of the knowledge relating specifically to the Red Sea, and covering everything from the geological formation of this sea and oceanographic development, straight to the influences on the environment and ecology. The team of authors of the volume have gathered the valuable contributions from the world popular and respected researchers interested in the geophysics , oceanography, geology and environment of the region; in the meantime the publication provides readers with the comprehensive and thoroughly updated data. The book will be very interesting to all researchers involved in the study of the Red Sea together with its surroundings, and to the professionals dealing with managing and planning of the sea, its resources and environment. The Red Sea is considered a truly unique area. The book starts with the introductory chapter providing some general information on the Red Sea, its structure, origin and environment. Then some historical background is given, depicting the geological evolution of the region. Numerous chapters of this book address lineaments in gravity data, seismicity, seismo-tectonic setting, salt flows and volcanic eruptions, sea-level changes, hydrothermal activity, heat balance, impacts of climate change, corals, and so many other valuable information.

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Methods for the Study of Marine Benthos

   This is the very latest third edition of the "Methods...". The initial edition of the title was released about thirty-five years ago and was revised in between in order to take account of the latest interest and scientific approaches. As a result, this edition of the publication is absolutely up-to-date; the authors are making his best to to provide readers with the information on such topics relating to the studies of marine benthos as the analysis and design methods used in benthic surveys, diving systems, macro- and meiofauna techniques, sediment analysis, characterization of the seabed, sampling of the deep-sea benthos, and measurements of the energy and flow matter etc. The book has the aims mostly similar to the ones that have been declared in the previous editions of the publication, and even retains more or less arrangement including topics covered. However, it should be noted that there are some serious changes to the content of the book - for example, the authors dropped the chapter dedicated to the vessel position fixing, and they also appropriately redistributed in several chapters the considerations of phytobethos that used to be contained in one chapter. There are some other changes made to this publication by the author

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Hurricane-Generated Seas

   Hurricans are maybe most adverse aspects of the ocean environment, and their potential may cause a truly disastrous events for marine systems. This work may be considered a very valuable source of reference for all people who are involved in the naval, ocean and even coastal engineering field. The author clarified the conditions of the hurricane generated sea required for the design and proper operation of the marine systems and provided the necessary information for the protection of the onshore and near-shore structures and the environment during the hurricane landing.

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Storm Water Management

   The aim of this book is to provide readers with a necessary knowledge and some experience mainly for the industry professionals, various researchers as well as lecturers and academics. The importance of this topic in the time of climate change is growing. Nowadays, increasing emphasis is made on storm water management mainly in urban areas. It deals with the most important topics of incorporating rainwater back into the natural water cycle. This solution is hydrologically and technically meaningful and may be advantageous in terms of the national economy. Rainwater management measures applied to individual property are among those that can be described as measures applied at the source. These measures are usually not only technically effective but also cost-elfective.

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Modern Water Resources Engineering

   This book belongs to the Handbook of Environmental Engineering series - the present volume provides readers with the necessary information on hydrology itself, open-channel hydraulics, river ecology and restoration, transport of sediment, river morphology and engineering; GIS and remote sensing applications, decision making under uncertainty condition - a new paradign for water resouces planning and management, upland erosion modeling, some recent advances in water resources systems engineering, impact of climate change on water resources, wetlands for waste water treatment and reuse of water. In addition to the above topics, there is a Glossary with the terminology explained...

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Progress in Modern Hydrology - Past, Present and Future

   In their publication, the authors intended to review the latest developments in the field of hydrology through the experiences of the team of engineers and scientists; it addresses the study of extreme fluid flows, water resources, data handling, basin studies and instrumentation, terrestrial hydrological processes and modelling, water quality, ecohydrology and climate change, hydrological data acquisition and exploitation, future prospects etc. There are some images provided at the last part of the publication to supplement the text...

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Seabed Fluid Flow - The Impact on Geology, Biology and the Marine Environment

   As the name of the book implies, it involves the flow of the fluid, i.e. liquids and gases, through the seabed, describing the processes and features of such flow and demonstrating the vital importance of the flow to natural environments and human activities. The authors target it to all professionals and research scientists working in the field of marine environment protection. Among the topics discussed in the book there are origins and nature of flows, seabed fluid flow around the world, migration and the contexts of the seabed flow, seabed fluid flow, biology and mineral precipitation, impacts of the fluid flow in the seabed on the atmosphere and hydrosphere, and implications for man.

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Ocean Sensing and Monitoring - Optics and Other Methods

   This publication was prepared to familiarize readers with the major techniques of the optical ocean sensing. It covers the most important topics relating to optical monitoring and sensing applications and will be equally suitable for managers and professionals in all related disciplines. The students interested in making future career in the field of remote sensing of the ocean will also find this book very useful. Since there are so many specialized areas in the oceanography science, it was impossible for the author to include all of them in this tutorial so the focus was made on the science and reasons behind specific approaches and methods without getting too deep into the details of issues.

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Liquefaction Around Marine Structures

   The primary aim of this very well-written and comprehensive publication is to describe physics of the seabed liquefaction processes around marine structures, and their implications for the pipelines and sea outfalls, quay walls, caisson breakwaters and other marine structures. We recommend it to all industry professionals and researchers in the area of ocean, marine and coastal engineering as well as to students who are interested in the liquefaction and stability of marine structures...

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The Global Water System in the Antropocene

   We know that humans have influenced the environment in many ways in the past, but since the industrial revolution and even more during the "great acceleration in the human enterprise" following World War IT, humans have assumed the role of a dominating force in changing the biosphere, geosphere, atmosphere, hydro- and cryosphere and hence affecting crucial functioning of the Earth system... This book is the attempt of its authors to present the most important regional and global perspectives of the experiences of the responces of water management to the global change - the ultimate goal was to address all involved issues like the constantly increasing demand for the water and environmental flows, and to help in building links between policy, science and practice in the management of the water resources...

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Analysis of Seawater - A Guide for the Analytical and Environmental Chemist

   This practice-oriented book was written with the intention to cover all aspects of the seawater analysis by means of the classical as well as the most advanced and recently introduced techniques. Until now, such analysis was limited to a number of major constituents. It will be of interest to anyone dealing with the environment protection and to other workers such as river Authorities, oceanographers, practicing analysts, scientists and, of course, environmentalists. The author collected all methods published in the last thirty years. the text is supplemented with almost fifty tables and same number of figures. The methods of the seawater analysis have been presented in a very logical manner making them easy to understand and perform.

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