Humans have done sufficient damage to every habitat that the bells can always be heard, but we seek to place emphasis elsewhere. How can an audience focus on a drama's denouement until they're invested in the players? Where they live? Who they live with? The conflict and beauty of their lives? Hence our focus on the characters in the oceans, the lives they lead, and the tactics they use to thrive.

We have tried, in our chapters, to bring these characters to life by combining a novel's narrative flair with the scientific accuracy that these subjects demand. And we chose the sea's most extreme life to show what life is fully capable of. We apologize for inaccuracies that may still be present: despite a worldwide network of friends and colleagues, a survey comprising more than 200 topics will never be perfectly accurate while research is ongoing and new results are arriving.

Throughout, we used the scientific literature as the foundation of fact on which our narrative is built—but good storytellers also try to show their subjects in living color, in dynamic movement, and in life and death. And for these elements we sometimes constructed scenes that are fully consistent with the data but may not yet have been witnessed...

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There were six of them, five young men and one woman, dressed in brand-new desert camo and pristine combat boots, posing for a cell-phone photo at the terminal gate. They were the sort of soldiers you see everywhere in American airports these days: Guys with Oakley shades perched atop freshly shaved heads, women with hair tucked inside their caps, moving purposefully and a little furtively, separate from everyone else.

Their expressions seemed both confident and a little edgy. No one knows what the future holds, but it is seldom as obvious or meaningful as when a person sets off for armed conflict. From that moment on, anything can happen. The soldiers were documenting a true departure, the beginning of a very personal and potentially fatal group experiment: This is us leaving Atlanta, leaving the known world behind.

The scene has been repeated, in various incarnations, for as long as people have been going off to war. It would have been much the same for Romulus Tolbert, a soldier I was trailing, nearly a century and a half after the fact. In the fall of 1863, Tolbert was waiting with his fellow soldiers in the Indianapolis train station, in his own crisp uniform and unsullied boots, preparing to ship off to the American Civil War. He was about to step across a similar threshold, and he faced the same basic question: Will I make it back? He had no way of knowing how bad things would get, which was probably just as well.

I came across Tolbert's story while researching a comparatively obscure historical episode that had made the local news two decades before, when a farmer and a Memphis lawyer reported rinding what they believed to be the remains of a steamboat known as the Sultana buried beneath an Arkansas soybean field. The Sultana saga was by then largely forgotten, despite its epic proportions and the fact that it branched off into a network of intriguing subplots, one of which concerned Tolbert.

The interwoven stories of the Sultana disaster have a lot to say about human survival, and they are particularly attractive to those of us eating frozen yogurt in Concourse E. They show us what a full onslaught is like, with everything the Fates can throw at you...

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This book has become a best—seller among all knotting books of today. Though it is quite compact, the content is covering literally all most practical and useful marine knots together with the whippings, hitches, bends and splices used frequently by all seamen. It is showing the readers not only how to tie a particular knot or hitch but also how to use it in the most effective way.

One of the features of this forth release of the title is that it includes the QR codes linking it to the explanatory videos. The straightforward text prepared by Colin Jarman and excellent color images make this publication very reader—friendly and actually ideal for the crew members and students. It is definitely the must—have book for any person going to the sea. The recent decades have shown the significant developments in the materials and construction techniques and they still continue to develop very rapidly being driven by the very high performance needs of the maritime and offshore industry. The book starts with the chapter dedicated to the materials, including newly introduced ones, and their mechanical properties.

The main body of the document is arranged in three big parts addressing the knots, hitches and bends, then whippings and, finally, splicing. They are preceded with some general introductory information about the ropes and explanation of the relevant terminology. Needless to say that the instructions provided in the pages of this popular title will be of great interest to the working seafarers as well as to the seafarers of the future who are only making their first steps in the field.

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A fascinating story of the author's adventure in a boat all around the western coasts of the British Isles. This adventure started when he decided to leave his life in a cozy home in Sussex and go for the sea adventure. He has a 42-foot wooden ketch, the Auk, and was accompanied by a friend of him who knew a bit about sailing.

Adam Nicolson - the author of this interesting title - sailed off Cornwall to Scilly and then t western coast of Ireland prior to heading to the Orkney Islands and finally Faroe Islands. Note, however, that the present volume shall not be treated as just a travel journal. The author has written about his yearnings for the sea and open spaces.

There is an excellent and interesting dialogue running all through the content of this book with the author being between the various attractions of home/not home together with the certainties of what one knows and seductions of he or she does not. The publication is filled with the rich experience of the author presented in a very poetic and reflective manner.

This is a story telling readers about the marvels of the Atlantic coast and depicting the portrait of a man who has determined to check what it is all for, being somewhere in the middle of his life. Exceptionally well written book which is quite personal but still panoramic. Highly recommended to all sea lovers.

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This rare publication by Jacqueline Kranz contains more than three hundred of illustrations and provides readers with the very useful and, at the same time, entertaining surveys of the nautical antiques and antiques - we would definitely treat this book as a genuine treasure-house for both beginners and experienced collectors, in fact any people accumulating these objects for years.

The author has succeeded in literally infecting readers with her enthusiasm for collecting the art- and antique- objects relating to the nautical world, through the researched interesting facts and a real wealth of appropriate photos and drawings, supplemented with the lively personal anecdotes. The book not only provides the valuable information on all most desirable collectibles plus their relative values, but also gives the advice about numerous unusual objects that would otherwise go unrecognized by the novices.

The topics covered by this publication cover a very broad range of categories, starting from the expected ones, such as figureheads and paintings, half-models, lanterns, wheels, anchors and various navigational tools, to the unexpected categories, for example toys and games, porcelain, glass, sheet music and so many others. The book contains specific tips on finding and properly identifying the articles, plus many yarns about the collectibles associated with the Great Lakes, Mississippi and other inland waterways...

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wingnut's complete surfing
   I love surfing! That seems like an obvious statement to start with, but it's not just the act of surfing that I love - it's absolutely everything involved with being a surfer. From my first wave, I was hooked. But surfing now is so much more than just riding waves. I love to watch everyone surf, watch little kids play on foamies in the whitewater, watch moms and dads take lessons with their children. I see they are always better than their parents, and I love that the parents are not only at peace with that pud proud of it. I love to watch the ocean transform as a storm rolls into the coast, how it morphs into a wild maelstrom of wind, waves, and foam.

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Build Your Own Shipping Container Home - The Beginner's Guide

   While I've attempted to give you a good overview of how you might build a shipping container home, there are so many individual preferences, needs, and approaches, it is impossible and impractical to cover them all. That said, this guide along with the accompanying resources section is a living beast. The resources section in particular will be constantly updated with new information and additional resources. And the best bit? It's all based on what you want! Shoot me an email if you have any ideas or questions about shipping container homes and I'll do my best to answer your question and include any additional information in the resources section. We're a community of shipping container home enthusiasts. We can learn from each other, share what we know and help to change the landscape of domestic building with this nontraditional technique. So don't be shy! Let me know what you want to see in future editions of this guide, and what you would find helpful in the resources section. Here are some of my ideas, let me know what piques your interest: Sample Plans and Example Documentation, In-depth Interviews with Shipping Container Home Owners, Typical Details, Product Recommendations.

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Sail for a Living - Find a Job, Start a Business, Change Your Life

   This popular book written by Sue Pelling will tell readers how to turn their passion for sailing into a completely new lifestyle. They will discover the realities of so many marine careers available in the industry today. The book will provide the necessary information for the beginners and, more important, give them the inspiration to change the job and, who knows, the whole life. Here is the brief contents of the publication - Intro - Working in the yacht charter industry - Setting up your own charter business - Superyachts - Teaching and coaching - Professional racing - Expedition yacht work - Sailing support jobs - Media - Yacht delivery. The text of the book is very easy-to-read and includes a number of case studies for better understanding.

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