This interesting historical book will tell you a truly fascinating story of the artful seamanship and political desperation at the times of the European struggle for power and wealth. The author of the publication has produced an excellent original and vivid narrative bringing to life a whole great historical period and shedding the light on the earlier explorers who used to sail from Europe to American continent.

The content of the volume is perfectly researched and interesting to read. According to the reviews submitted by the readers from different parts of the planet, the research work conducted by the author has finally resulted in one of the best publications on the subject available today. A very good examination of the connections between Columbus, Cabot and Behaim - the readers will see that in fact their geographical explorations are much more interconnected than one could think.



We definitely recommend this title not only to the professional naval historians but also to anyone with some interest in the explorers and explorations of the past, geography and history, and prominent people who made the history. It will be interesting even for the average readers with no specific background.



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Topics covered in this volume: WMU - Working towards gender equality; Intro; Maritime policy and women's advancement; Career development and associated gender issues; Maritime education and research - women's impact; Global leadership for maritime women; Sustainable issues in shipping industry - contribution of women; Maritime women - Global Leadership Declaration and the Programme of the Global Leadership 2014 Conference.

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The Splicing Guide released by the well known manufacturer of ropes. It contains useful and interesting information on splicing, single and double braids, braided safety blue and hivee eye splice. tapering the cover on high-tech ropes, mega plait to chain eye splice, three strand, etc.

You will find all information and instructions required for correct splicing, such as the general tips, whipping and tools that are required to make a particular splice, handling ropes and used rope, fid and dimensions of the ropes. The detailed step by step instructions contained in the book will make the process of splicing ropes easily understandable even to the complete novices, taking into account the number and informativeness of the figures and images supplementing the text instructions.

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There are so many publications dedicated to the Titanic, maybe the most famous ship in the history and one of the most tragic catastrophes in the ocean, but this one should definitely deserve your attention. The book was written and first released straight after that disaster occurred, and the content of the wok in giving the first person accounts of that catastrophe.

Of course, it shall be taken into account that the opinions of the various authors will significantly differ from the later researches and discoveries. This is a must have book for all people who love Titanic as it will really make them feel they were there. The readers have already appreciated the content of the book and the experts have supported them. An excellent and thrilling account of one of the disaster that killed more than 1500 people.

This collective publication is giving a sobering account of that catastrophe providing details of the exciting escapes of luckier people as well as the acts of true heroism not actually equaled in modern or ancient times. This is an absolutely recommended book for all people somehow connected with the sea and ships, a reminder of what had happened once and should never repeat again...

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One of the best surfing related publications - it wa prepared by a surfing legend - Robert "Wingnut" Weaver - who is in the list of the most talented and professional surfers. Provided with the right instruction, anyone can pick up surfing. The original intention of the authors of this volume was to provide the surfers with a complete guide covering all important aspects of surfing, such as the design and performance of the surfing board, wave dynamics, different strategies for paddling out etc.

The text of the book is very fluent and supplemented with numerous great images. The readers have appreciated the sequences which were found to be very effectively explaining the points even to the absolutely non-experienced surfers. The book can be highly recommended to the surfers at all levels willing to improve their skills. It will be ideal for novices who want to learn. The author has presented a very interesting perspective from a longboarding point of view; the photographic sequences are depicting the typical progressions of the wave riding. The descriptions provided by Wingnut are excellent and easily understandable. This is a must-read for the surfers of all ages and levels as it is really aspiring.

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An excellent volume that will be most greatly appreciated by the junior readers. As implied by the title of this book it is intended to explain the readers why the heavy vessels constructed not only of wood but also of metal do not sink and are capable of staying on the surface of the water, i.e. floating. The volume starts with the explanation of the terms sinking and floating and then the author proceeds to the fundamental law of the shipbuilding - the Archimedes principle.

Apart from the main subject of the volume, the author also describes the hull and the main parts of the ship. There is a short historical background; the book is even supplemented with a glossary of most commonly used terminology. An absolutely recommended brochure for the shipbuilders and mariners of the future. Let them have a look in this publication and they will understand the main principles much easier than they would do it reading their school books; we guarantee that they will enjoy reading.

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The publication is dedicated to the famous sidewheeler of the past, SS Brother Jonathan; some 150 years ago the vessel got struck by the uncharted reef near Northern California and sank taking down the multi-million dollars of fresh-minted gold coins. Most of the people on board lost their lives and only nineteen could survive. The location of the sunk ship remained unknown for more than a century but was finally revealed.

In this volume that author demonstrates his research abilities. This is a truly remarkable piece of marine literature, perfectly researched and detailed, capturing the intrigue of maybe the most storied ship catastrophes on the West Coast of America. The author has beautifully captured the era and this was what made the book so engaging.

The extensive research conducted by him eventually resulted in this extremely popular publication appreciated by the naval enthusiasts from all around the world. A very entertaining though quite educational volume that can and shall be recommended to all people with the interest in the naval history, ship disasters, treasures and related researches - they will definitely find this book interesting and enjoy reading it much.

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The book by Philip Hoare is covering the whaling industry from a very broad perspective. It should be noted that it should not be treated as a pure biology textbook, and that was not the author's intention. This is an easy to read publication about the whales and whaling in general, filled with interesting facts.

The work reveals so much of useful information about whales and their history and is a sort of footnote to Melville and his Moby Dick novel. The readers are offered to learn a very interesting history of the actual interaction between humans and whales. The content is very well thought owing to the great experience of the author.

According to the review by Mark Kurlansky, the books is unpredictable, amusing and informative. It is a lively travelogue through the real history and lore of the whales called kings of the sea, a moving and truly extraordinary volume that will be greatly appreciated by all environmentally and socially conscious readers anywhere in the world.

Just have a look and we promise you will be taken away with how the author describes the subject. Numerous professional reviews of the book conducted by the world recognized experts support the opinions of the general readers and recommend the title.

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