The content of this book was prepared by the recognized expert Shelley Wachsmann providing readers with a remarkably rich and deep study of the vessels of the historical period starting from the closing years of the Bronze Age and up to the beginning of the Iron Age, together with the detailed analysis of their cultural and ethnic context.

The volume has been illustrated with more than two hundred photographs and supplemented with the informative annexes and appendixes. There is a glossary of terms included in the book for easy reference. An excellent volume for all ship model makers from newcomers to the professionals as well as to the naval history enthusiasts. The volume provides so much useful information that is quite difficult to find in the other publications.

In short, we would say that the present volume will offer the readers a broad range of the insights and a good evidence for the linkages that used to be there between the people and traditions of the Mediterranean. It has already been well accepted worldwide being treated as a very valuable asset for the people dealing with the different aspects of the cultural changes in the subject area and in the above stated period of time.

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The present publication is a real windfall for the ship modelers. Bill Shoulder, the author of the book will describe the construction of the model of the famous "Speedy" - note that the volume is prepared and aimed at the "scratch" model makers who normally work from the very basic drawings; however, the content of the book will be of equal interest for the builders who use the kit of parts.

The scale applied is 1 to 48and the efforts of the maker will eventually result in a model having a hull of 18 inches in length while the overall length of the rigged cutter and the height are approximately 30 inches. The vessel is carvel built and has eight guns carried on board. You must be aware that some of those cutters were built clench, however by the period addressed in the book, i.e. 1820s, carvel construction was a bit more usual.

In short, if you are a ship modeling enthusiast, does not matter professional or just a newcomer, have a look into this publication and who knows, maybe you will make a decision to go though the content very carefully and start making your own copy of the model - yes, it is absolutely possible, you only have to follow all the instructions provided for you in the pages of this publication.

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This book was written by the professional ship model maker putting to paper the effective and most popular methods he has developed himself during his thirty years spent at the work bench with the main intention to provide some help and practical guidance to the beginners taking their very first steps in this exciting hobby. The readers are not expected to have any serious skills in model making.

All they need to do is to understand a coach and follow the instructions. The author is leading the readers through the whole process of model making starting from choosing a modeling kit through setting a work shop and up to the final stage of decorating and even displaying ready models, with the incredible clarity and patience. There are dozens of practical shortcuts revealed in this volume.

Note that the volume includes a concise yet comprehensive Italian-English glossary of nautical terms which will be very useful when you start to assemble the Italian modeling kits widely presented in American and of course European shops today. Take a look in this book and you will understand that building ship models is not difficult at all - it contains absolutely everything you will ever require in order to get successfully started in a perfect pastime that will definitely last a lifetime...

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The author of the volume, David Griffith, has managed to prepare an excellent reference for the ship modelers constructing 1/350 and 1/700 models. The book is remarkably informative and has already been found to be one of the most useful publications for the modelers since it contains so many ideas that are ready for immediate use.

Taking into account that the ship modeling kits available today are getting more and more complex and that there are many new features becoming common, this volume will be a perfect assist to the persons who are trying to use some new materials. You will never get tired of reading this book as every time you read it you will come away with something new missed in the previous reads.

You will find many new techniques to try. According to the reviews by ship modelers, this one is the best book for the beginners. The text of the book has been prepared in a conversational and relaxed manner; it is supplemented by many informative and detailed illustrations.

All of the instructions are very clear and simple making them easy to follow, leading the reader throughout the entire modeling process. Definitely must-have book for any ship modeler, from beginner to expert.

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The ship modelling is a truly fascinating and deservedly popular hobby owing to the enormously wide field of chronological and geographical choice. It is equally interesting to artists and craftsmen, students and professionals, technical and non-technical persons - in fact everyone - since it is quite inexpensive and reachable for all still permitting remarkably broad science, artistry and craftsmanship standards.

This book was designed for she ship modellers and its author is a practical and expert model maker with a thorough knowledge and understanding of the vessels and the sea which he gained from so many years of his sailing experience. All people with the interest in ship model making who have tried this book, found it very useful and practical - the content of the volume has proven to be greatly helpful in their hobby.

That is why and following their recommendations, we would suggest that all ship modellers, regardless of their level and skills, have a look in this publication since all of them will definitely find something interesting in its pages. In fact, it is one of the best available volumes available today of ship modelling - just have a look and leave your comment.

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Well, it goes without saying that sailing is one of the most adventurous and significant aspects of human history. The mariners of the past are truly legendary people recalled today due to their courage. From the other side, their ingenuity can be expressed by the highest degree of technical advances that was achieved in the development of sailing vessels.

That is why the sailing vessels really deserve their right to be represented in the art collection owing to their magnificent structure and decorations. The present picture publication was released to illustrate the ship models contained in the famous collection of the Museum. Though not forming too large group, these models are outstanding and some of them are even unique, such as the McKay half-models and the Royal George.

The detailed photographs of the models exposed in the Museum are supplemented by a short yet quite informative narrative providing some additional information about particular vessel. The present volume was designed to be of great interest for the ship modelers, naval history enthusiasts and even general readers who will definitely find huge amount of useful and perfectly illustrated information.

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The famous Greenwich National Maritime Museum currently houses the huge collection of scale ship models, which is actually treated as the largest one in the world. The majority of the ship models presented in the museum are official artifacts that have been made by the navy craftsmen or by the ship constructors themselves.

The historical period referred is from around the middle of seventeen century up to today. they are representing a 3D archive of a truly unique authority and importance. The ship models are deservedly treated as the invaluable historical evidence offering remarkable level of detailed elaboration than the best plans could do, and demonstrating exactly what the vessels looked like centuries ago.

We highly recommend this publication not only to the ship modelers but also to all people with the interest in naval history taking into account that most of the vessels addressed are historical, and also to the shipbuilders and naval architects who may have a look and see how the vessels of past centuries used to be constructed and build, get familiarized with the arrangements on board etc.; all of them will definitely appreciate and benefit of the content of this document.

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This set consists of two maritime atlases. The language is French. The files inside contain detailed black-and-white drawings/sketches of the sailing ships of the past. This set will be useful for ship modelers as well as everyone else fond of the sailing fleet of the past.

The quality of the images contained in both atlases is quite satisfactory, so the readers will definitely not experience any problems connected with the loss of quality during the scaling. We would recommend the present set of atlases to all people with the serious interest in the naval history and ships of the past, and particularly to the ship modelers.

The publication is very rare and the content will be greatly appreciated by all model makers since they will find the information not available in most of the other publications on the subject of ship modeling.

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