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   The persons who decide to take the present learning program and satisfactorily complete it, should be able to properly identify and subsequently explain to others the principles of operation of various types of the direct current motors, understand how a solid state direct current controllers regulate the motor speed, get duly familiarized with the very basic operating principles of a DC choppers and phase controlled rectifier bridges, understand and be able to correctly explain different ways of achieving the braking in a solid state direct current control systems, and to properly describe the conditions in such control systems that could possibly result in the operating problems. Upon satisfactory completion of this module, the specialist must be able to recommend the procedures to avoid such problems, and implement them. The D/C motor controls consist of two parts, namely a motor itself, converting the electric energy into the mechanical motion, and a controller regulating the electrical energy that is required to operate the motors. The electrical power in this case will be regulated by means of the electronic components capable of producing the precise voltages in order to control the motor speed, it's force and torque, with the required level of accuracy...

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