ship hydrostatics and stability

Author(s) Adrian Biran
Publisher Butterworth-Heinemann
Date 2003
Pages 368
Format pdf
Size 7 Mb







The hydrostatic approach applied to the problem of ship stability intends to find a due balance of the idealized weight of the ship and buoyancy forces acting on the hull. The present textbook may be treated as a complete guide book to be used by the students and even professionals willing to get better understanding of the ship hydrostatics in the design and performance of the vessels.

The author of the volume is bringing the readers from the first fundamental principles through both basic and applied theory of hydrostatics and ship stability, and he is also introducing the modern and newly presented mathematical techniques used for hydrostatic modeling and analysis. Numerous real-life examples have been included in the book to show the practical application of the hydrostatics and explain the theory and calculations; they will also help to demonstrate the effects of the shifting weights and displacements of the central gravity on the overall stability of the vessel.

The content of the book addresses all recent developments in naval architecture, for example the Matthieu effect relating to the parametric resonance, influence of the ship lines, effects of nonlinear ship motions on stability, and the international regulations governing the stability of the small vessels with the extensive use contemporary computer techniques...

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