Advances in Hurricane Research - Modelling, Meteorology, Preparedness and Impacts

Author(s)                 Kieran Kickley
Publisher InTech
Date 2012
Pages 198
Format pdf
Size 17.4 Mb

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   Even though numerous extensive researches have been carried out in the field of tropical cyclones, there is still a great area to be researched in order to fully understand them. This would commonly include a study of their forming, developments and moving, as well as predictability and meteorological signatures of the cyclones, their potential impacts and other major aspects. This publication provides readers with a wealth of completely new information and data along with the analysis and ideas relating to some of the basic unknowns in the researches of hurricanes covering the modeling of cyclones and their meteorological footprint, evacuation-related issues, etc. The publication has been arranged in three major parts with each of the parts organized in topic. The first part deals with the numerous modeling aspects; in this part the author reviewed the prediction systems for the development of the tropical cyclones and analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of the established approaches. The second part of the volume is dedicated to the meteorological context of cyclones. In turn, the third and last part of the title is mainly focusing on the preparation for the tropical cyclones and their possible impacts in different contexts. A good and useful volume for all people dealing with the weather prediction and related matters.

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