A fascinating book on classical mechanics telling the story of what actually physics attempts to do. The text part is remarkably clear and understandable, and the mathematics is utilized wonderfully. The book will be of great interest for all categories of readers irrespective of their level. The specialists and graduates will treat it as a sort of popular text that will help them to get the understanding of the concepts of physics of highest levels.

The students, in turn, may use it as an excellent reference book for their courses. The readers have found this volume to be nice, fully up to date and using modern terminology. The authors have explained and used linear forms in a fairly explicit manner. Most of the subjects have been covered and this makes this volume a real encyclopedia of contemporary classical mechanics.

The content features detailed discussion of geometry that will be appreciated by the students. According to others, the title is not only perfectly written but it is really inspiring. The derivations presented in the book will give readers due insight to the process and motivations of physics. In short, this is a book for those with deep interest in mechanics and willing to dig to a bit deeper depth than any standard textbook on mechanics may offer.

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This book has been written by Graham Kelly and demonstrates the great experience of the author and should be highly recommended for everyone studying vibration mechanics. The content of this volume will be providing them all with the clear explanations. The author has taken the applications-based approach implying the application of the engineering principles learnt by the students earlier while constructing a basis for the engineering design.

The volume is providing reader with a brief technical review of the fundamental principles of dynamics keeping the notation and terminology consistent and applying the principles to derive math models of the dynamic systems. The above stated methods of application are consistent with the common dynamic texts. Numerous practical plus valuable pedagogical features are included in the text with the intention to aid the readers with retention and comprehension. For example, such features include the developments of the major benchmark problems, namely three of them, revisited in each of the chapters and making up the coherent chain that links all chapters of the publication.

The learning outcomes have also been included in the book, together with the key summaries, formulae and equations, many solved examples with the emphasis made on the real examples, set of practical exercises etc.

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This book on structural engineering is intended to provide industry with a well-balanced and seamless treatment of the established classic methods of analysis and modern computer-based techniques for the engineering structure design and conceptualizing. The principle goal of the volume is to foster a better understanding of the structural behavior on the basis of the problem-solving experience for the students of various fields of engineering who have exposed to fundamental concepts of mechanics.

While most of the other books on the same subject are mainly focusing in the manual analysis methods and their application to the idealized and simple structure, this one encourages students to duly develop their intuition connected with the structural behavior. The approach applied by the authors of the title will assist in the development of such type of intuition through presentation of the realistic and extensive problems together with the numerous case studies and computer simulation, allowing for the exploration of how the mechanical structures are responding to the changes in their physical parameters of geometry.

The content of the book has been found to be sufficiently comprehensive to be used for the students from elementary to high levels. The chapters have been organized by structural types and feature nine hundred figures and informative graphs.

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We are offering you to have a look in this excellent reference volume prepared to be used by all graduate students plus professionals and describing the established analytical methods commonly used to derive the functions of strain and stress that are directly related to the fracture mechanics.

The main focus of the publication has been made on modeling and also problem-solving as the instruments to be utilized for the interpretation of the meaning of math solution for a concrete engineering situation or problem. Once this has been accomplished, the readers are expected to be fully able to think mathematically, consider the significance of the micro-structural parameters on properties from the metallurgical point of view, perform the analysis of the mechanical behavior of various materials, and realistically recognize how dangerous the cracks in the stressed structures can be.

The present publication differs from the other books in that the content has been organized around the modeling as well as the predictive approaches generally used for the explanation of the negative consequences of the crack growth cases. That is the reason why this volume is expected to take much more practical approach making it particularly useful and practical when utilized as a fundamental reference for the practicing mechanical engineers...

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The main content of this title is aimed to cover all important aspects of the fluid mechanics to be used by both professional engineers and students. There are many books on fluid mechanics available today, only some of them are comprehensively addressing all particular needs of the courses in fluid mechanics. Though the present volume has been primarily intended to be used by the students of mechanical engineering, it will also be equally useful for the students of any other engineering discipline.

Moreover, it could be used for the self-study if the readers possesses some basic knowledge of differential equations and calculus. As per the reviews, this is one of the best available graduate textbooks in the field recommended to everyone. The book will provide a truly coherent spread of the technical material necessary to gain the required knowledge. The derivation and explanations contained in the publication is expected to be of great use to all interested readers, not limited to the students but also including practicing engineers, scientists and researchers. Meinhard Schobeiri, the author of the title, has included the end-chapter problems and projects to help readers easier understand the material. It will definitely serve as a very practical and useful addition to the popular texts addressing the important aspects of fluid mechanics.

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The book by Kemper Lewis and Jonathan Wickert will provide readers, especially students, with an excellent introduction to the emerging field of mechanical engineering that will give them due appreciation for how exactly mechanical engineers design the relevant hardware building and improving societies all around the planet. The theoretical part of the book is supplemented with so many illustrations, all of them are helpful and instructive.

The figures contained in the volume are not complicated, and such approach allows the book to be used by the beginner-level students, who will definitely get much better understanding of the basic concepts. The readers will like the level of the material included in the book and its layout. The publication includes numerous engineering problems and live examples; it explains mechanical engineering in both quantitative and qualitative sense and highlights the various technical principles; note that all the information is up-to-date. Overall, we would say that this volume is one of the best available for beginners, taking into account the way of presentation of the material.

Subject material has been divided into eight chapters covering the basics of the mechanical engineering and design, problem-solving and communication, forces acting in machines and structures, fluid engineering, materials/stresses, motion transmission, thermal/energy systems, power transmission. The appendices cover the Greek alphabet and review of the trigonometry. 

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This completely revised and best-selling work is covering all latest way of analyzing different stress and creating vessels capable of surviving fatigue, shocks and high pressures, high temperatures and irradiation, as well as other hostile environments. The current release of the volume includes several new chapters dedicated to the residual stress, autofrettage vessels and influence of the Bauschinger effect, as adopted by ASME.

Among the other new areas, we would mention the design of various tubular elements and tube seats, and utilization of the PWHT, standing for the post-weld heat treatment, to effect the residual stress. The text of the publication is supplemented with numerous live examples of combined creep and fatigue, providing very valuable practical help. John Harvey, the author of this book, has also discussed the matter of extending the working life of the pressure vessels, together with the effective cost cutting ways with no quality sacrificed.

He has also updated the respond to the constantly increasing demand for the high strength and lightweight pressure vessels in various industries, including petroleum and chemical industries, in addition to the growing need for the vessels that could resist high pressures, for example ones expected in the subsea exploration, offshore drilling and mining of minerals. The volume will be found interesting by all engineers directly involved in the design, construction and further testing of the pressure vessels.

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The present fourth release of the publication will provide all readers with a good combination of the practical overview of the design processes through the case materials and live engineering insights. The book worked by Ullman is the result of the efforts of a very innovative designer coming through quite consistently, and this approach has made this book so favorite with interested readers all around the planet.

The volume is conveying the idea of mechanical design and addresses topics of the traditional mechanical engineering plus several important and relevant issues taken from the real world, for example the visualization and teamwork matters, customer focus, creative thinking and others. The author has also addressed the financial matters of design alternatives in a very practical way. The current edition of the textbook features numerous new examples from today's industry as well as more than twenty templates to help readers in preparation of the consistent and complete assignments in the process of studying.

The author has provided a very easy-to-follow text in a detailed manner. The content commences with the established and proven tools and techniques and then the author proceeds to the specific and much more detailed methods of the conceptual development...

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