The American Merchant Marine Fleet is made of the civilian-owned merchant vessels which are operated by either the government or private sector; they are commonly involved in commerce activities or in the marine transportation of the cargoes both in the navigable waters of the U.S. and out of them.

This Fleet is fully responsible for the transportation of the passengers and goods during peace time, and during the war; it also serves as an auxiliary supporting the American Navy Fleet, and can be called upon to deliver various supplies to the military.

Merchant mariners transport passengers and cargo cargo both within the U.S. and between nations, maintain and operate deep sea merchant vessels, ferries, towboats, dredges, and any other ocean ships navigating oceans and the Great Lakes, harbors, canals, rivers and all other waterways.

As of 2006, the American Merchant Fleet consisted of 465 ships with more than hundred of thousand members. The present historical introductory video film has been taken from Periscope Film LLC archive. It was presented by the U.S. Maritime Commission.

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This nice and interesting video was beautifully produced; the acting is great indeed. The science is very accurate, and the movie will be easy to understand for everyone. The content of the film is based on the book called "Longitude" written by Dava Sobel and it presents the material of that book very well.

We would highly recommend all our visitors to watch this truly amazing and only one-hour documentary film and and we do promise that none of you will get disappointed with this wonderful look at the history of navigation. Since this video is not scientific and not oriented at the experienced professionals of the maritime industry, it will be found good by the people with the interest in maritime world but having little to no idea of what it actually is. Feel free to share with the people outside the industry and maybe they will get interested.

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This short video will show the process of manufacturing the standard shipping containere. The whole process is demonstrated from zero to ready product. The video was created and edited by Clayton Arnall. The container box shown in this film was constructed in BigSteelBox factory in Shanghai, China.

You will now see how exactly the container boxes are constructed, welded, and then what kind of tests they have to pass in order to get approved for use. Quite interesting one giving you an idea of the construction process which is important for understanding of the properties of the containers, and their strength, in particular.

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Another interesting episode of Extreme Engineering - this one if devoted to extremely large offshore oil exploration/production platforms considered one of the most complex engineering structures. This film will tell you so much about these offshore marvels.

Particular attention has been paid by the authors of this video to the platforms operating in the Mexican Gulf as this is a place where nearly one third of all American oil is pumped. Watch the film and follow the construction of the giant work horses of the US offshore industry of today.

The information will be useful not only to the newcomers but also to the professionals of the offshore oil-and-gas industry since, taking into account the complex nature of all offshore activities, there is always something new to learn. You may wish to watch two other episodes of Extreme Engineering series, namely Biggest Warship and Container Ships, both available here.

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Here is one of the most fascinating videos presented by Richard Hammond - it belongs to the Engineering Connections series and is dedicated to the extremely large LNG carriers. This place is one of the most interesting and strangest places on the planet - it is just inside of a huge technically sophisticated machine - it is a tanker with the cargo on board that is capable of powering the whole London - just imagine it - for a week, a cargo equivalence to energy to the fifty five nuclear bombs.

This enormously large vessel is carrying LNG, i.e. liquefied natural gas, in enormous amounts, millions of litres of the stuff - this cargo turns into highly flammable gas at the normal room temperature and that is the reason why people want it - they can use this gas for various purposes, including cooking and heating their homes. Creating a good, safe and effective technology to transport such sort of cargo by sea is really very complex engineering task...

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This interesting video has been dedicated to the one of the most amazing container vessels in the world. Eleonora Maersk was delivered in 2007 in Odense Lindoe ship yard in Denmark.

She is capable of taking more than 15000 TEU on board, having the enormous overall length of almost 398 meters, molded breadth of nearly 57 meters, and maximum draught exceeding 16 meters.

The vessel tour starts from the main deck, and then you will virtually enter all the spaces including accommodation, cargo holds, navigation bridge etc. A truly fascinating video of the incredible ship. Have a look and we promise that you will be impressed with the size and technical perfection of this ship.

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The Costa Serena is one of the most easily recognized and popular cruise vessels and an integral part of the award-winning green fleet. She costs almost half-a-billion euros and is capable of carrying almost 3800 passengers on board in a safe and perfectly comfortable manner. The one thousand crew members, all of them spending most of their lives at sea.

Now after summer, the ship is facing a brand new challenge, namely a honeymoon season. And now this crew has to be on high alert. The present video was made to demonstrate the life of a cruise vessel as never shown and seen before. The coming weeks the team of authors of this video will spend testing this five-star floating city. This is Cruise Ship Diaries...

A recommended video for all people involved in the shipping industry, particularly cruise shipping as the professional; however, the content will be equally interested even to non-marine people planning to undertake a sea voyage on board a cruise vessel for the first time and searching for the information in this regard...

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This present video film was prepared by the professionals of the NatGeo channel - it is intended to tell the interested people about the Jewel of Muscat ship's more than 5000 km long voyage undertaken across the Indian Ocean as well as her really heroic battle with Monsoon.

This ship was built from almost twenty tons of wood. The shipbuilders had to spend about a year to construct this vessel - it was actually the reconstruction of a 1200-year-old Arabian ship, conducted on the basis of the ancient shipwreck.

There is no welding or any other modern sort of joining details involved - the vessel is held by - just imagine that - more than one hundred kilometers of the rope in over 127000 hand-sewn stitches made. Watch this very interesting video and you will be excited with the adventures those brave sailors faced. Maybe one of the most exciting NatGeo videos about the shipwrecks and famous vessels of the past times...

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