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   Nick doesn't like fore and aft mooring buoys. He finds them difficult to pick up and, once secured, they seem to put veiy heavy loads on the mooring lines, particularly with the tidal stream from astern and a crosswind. Having read in the sailing directions that the only mooring option in Chausey Sound was between fore and aft buoys, he was thinking about giving up the plan for an overnight visit to the islands southeast of Jersey. His crew had heard that this was a magical place though, and persuaded him that, as it was neap tides and no more than a Force 4-5 forecast, it would be a shame to pass them by. As it turned out, there was plenty of room on the moorings and, with the help of smart work from the crew, Nick picked up a suitable pair of buoys without a problem. The wind had been light when they arrived and dropped to nothing overnight so his worry about strain on the deck cleats and mooring lines was ill-founded. The following day he planned to leave through the shallow northern end of the Sound, which meant waiting until mid-afternoon for sufficient rise of tide and a favourable stream. By lunch the wind had built to the promised Force 4-5 from the northeast, right abeam, and the heavy warp risers from the buoys were leading to windward at quite a shallow angle...

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Hydrodynamic Modeling Of Sailing Yachts

   This is the official publication of the Fifteenth Chesapeake Sailing Yacht Symposium. It was published 2001 and represents the result of the combined of Stefan Harries, Claus Abt and Karsten Hochkirch from Technical University of Berlin. As the name implies, it is dedicated to the hydrodynamic modeling of yachts.

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RYA Sea Survival Handbook   Generally, boating is considered to be one of the safest leisure sporting activities. But, in any sport that pushes us to the edge of our abilities, there will always be a chance of injury or even an accident. We have to be properly prepared in order to be able to cope with such emergencies and get our chances of survival increased. The present handbook is essential for everyone taking the one-day Basic Sea Survival Courses by RYA or the two-day Offshore Safety Course by RYA/ISAF. Actually, it will be very valuable for anyone who intends to take his boat offshore. In this publications the following issues have been addressed: preparing for and handling heavy weather, buoyancy and lifejackets aids, Man overboard prevention, liferafts, raising the alarms, fire control, when to abandon the ship, first aid, survival in cold water, lifesaving signals, rescue etc.

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Maximum Sail Power - The Complete Guide to Sails, Sail Technology and Performance
   This book consists of the following fifteen chapters: A Trip to the Sailmaker; It Starts with a Yarn; From Thread to Finished Fabric; A Primer of Panel Layouts; Molded Sails; Where Art and Science Meet; The Devil is in the Details; All About Spinnakers; Storm Sails; Sail Inventories; The Fine Art of Sail Trim; Sail Handling; A Stitch in Time; More Questions than Answers; The Wind is Still Free. The chapters above are supplemented with the Appendix, Glossary, Detailed Table of Contents, and Basic Boat Diagram.
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Yacht Hand, Competent Crew and Yacht Skipper
   The Royal Yachting Association & SA Sailing - Yacht Hand/Competent Crew & Yacht Skipper - A S.A. Sailing Approved Shorebased (Theory) Course incorporating the syllabus of the RYA and the AYF. The book consists of four chapters - Inland Waters and Local Waters; Anchoring, Mooring, and Berthing/Docking; The Theory of Sails; Rules of the Road.

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Sailors Start-Up A Beginners Guide to Sailing
   This second edition of "Sailor's Start-Up" covers all basic sailing skills and includes over hundred photos. List of chapters as below: What to wear; The right boat; Parts; Conditions; Classwork; Launch!; On a reach; Downwind sailing; Upwind sailing; Docking; Rules of the road; Physics; Rigging and knots; Safety; Bligh syndrome; Catamarans; Tacking in a cat; How cats go; Glossary.
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Corinthian Yachtsman
   Corinthian Yachtsman, or Hints on Yachting, the classic, old and rare book and real windfall for everyone interested in yachting and boating. The topics covered are: Yachting as a national sport; Progress on naval architecture; Buying and building; Concluding a purchase; Yachts' boats; Navigation; Preparing to start; Handling yachts; Extended cruises; Racing. Digitized by Google.
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yachts and yachting
   The element of Design is a most important factor in all good work, and nothing is more essential in all Construction than that there shall first be Design, which simply means that every necessary detail shall be reviewed, put on paper, and approved before the materials necessary for the contemplated work are touched. Design is especially necessary even in the most elementary forms of Naval architecture, as when the lines of a boat are laid down on paper, not only is the form of the intended craft more clearly seen, but an opportunity is afforded for correcting and altering any details which are shown by the drawings to be detrimental to the success of the boat designed.
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