offshore engineering an introduction

   A new release of maybe the best principle primer of the offshore industry. The present publication has not been originally intended to serve as a definitive manual, it would rather be useful as the overall reference source providing the general technical introduction to the offshore engineering which is quite a complex object. The author's aim was to provide readers with a full coverage of the important aspects of the offshore industry presented in easily understandable terms; his efforts have made this title popular and appreciated by both newcomers to the offshore industry and the experiences practicing engineers. The content of the publication starts with the general information about the offshore structures and vessels. According to the numerous feedbacks, this title shall be treated as a very valuable and timely addition to any specialist's library. The author has provided superb and lucidly clear technical explanations of the key aspects of the disciplines involved and made the book rick of essential information easily accessible to the readers regardless of their background and experience in the field. The offshore engineers of today are required to perform a huge number of different tasks; this book shall definitely be on his shelf for ready and quick reference. It will be particularly valuable to the new recruits to the offshore industry and equally appreciated by the experienced specialists willing to refresh their technical knowledge...

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Concrete in the Marine Environment

   This nice title shall be treated as the informative resource for everyone who need to know everything about the concrete applied in the offshore structures working in the sea-water environments since it is providing all necessary info related to these structures, chemical composition, microstructure and mechanical properties of concrete, gives some interesting historical background of concrete commonly used in the sea-water, frequent causes of the concrete deterioration in the seawater, proper selection of construction materials, proportions for the durable concrete mixtures, repair works on various marine structures, concreting practice, and future applications of the concrete offshore. The author limited the use of specific terminology and added numerous real-life examples and also many supplementary illustrations. The concrete is deservedly considered a practical and durable material and its utilization in construction of various maritime/offshore structures is quite beneficial from economical point of view. Same applied to the reinforced concrete considered a perfect material for constructing the advanced marine structures. The present title provides crystal clear explanations of the relevant technical aspects of concrete use in building the maritime/offshore structures together with its behavior...

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offshore pipelines

   Both offshore and deepwater hydrocarbons production using the pipelines has already gained a truly huge momentum in the energy field in the past decades. It is considered quite common that the costs usually associated with the construction of the offshore pipelines are higher in comparison to the various drilling components. The process of optimization of the offshore pipeline development processes is deservedly treated as being critically important topic and is a pre-requisite for the effective management in the relevant offshore operations. This informative title has been prepared primarily for the offshore engineers and management reps who are working on the offshore/deepwater pipelines. The author has not actually intended to duplicate the technical information that is readily available in the other publications. The main content of the volume has gathered the professional experience of the author gained through many years he spent directly engaged in the design, installation, testing and operations of the offshore underwater pipelines. The main objective of the volume is to provide both management and engineers with the guidelines that would assist in achieving a cost-effective management of the development and operations of their deepwater and offshore pipelines. The volume is also recommended for use as a reference source for by all categories of readers...

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Subsea Pipelines and Risers

   The best available reference book covering literally all of the risers and pipeline design. The content of this latest release of the title is duly updated with the recent technical advances in this field, reflecting the huge professional experience of the author and addressing the truly critical issues of environment protection touching the relevant economical issues. The pipelines commonly utilized for the transfer of hydrocarbons are deservedly considered the safest and also the most reliable way of exploitation of the valuable resources that are below the surfaces of the oceans. The design of the risers and pipelines is commonly looked at as quite a new technique that continues to develop; and the main final purpose of the subject developments is reduction of the associated costs plus the minimization of the environmental impact. The author made a very good attempt trying to assimilate the basics of the various aspects of the applied mechanics of the offshore pipeline systems. His efforts have finally resulted in this remarkably useful publication representing the proven contemporary practices and all required technical knowledge to be of practical assistance to the persons planning to form a part of the industry.

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Air and Gas Drilling Field Guide

   Have a look in the new edition of the book describing the fundamental simulation models developed for the deep-well drilling utilizing the gas/air drilling fluids, including the two-phase drilling fluids plus the stable foam-based drilling fluids. Approximately one third of the wells are drilled using the air/gas drilling fluids, according to the information obtained from the US Dept of Energy Estimates. The models that are included into this volume shall be used as the basis for the development of the systematic methods of planning the underbalanced drilling operations on the different deep wells and also for conducting the correct monitoring of the subject operations and the relevant construction projects. The document contains a good discussion of the main applications of these drilling fluids including the applications to the geo-technical industry. The discussion also touches the critically important well construction/completion matters. The original objective was to provide the industry participants with the correct and useful technical info directly relating to the cost management control in the field of drilling and also well construction. This document contains numerous fundamental simulation equations supplemented with the examples for various drilling models and other relevant data...

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oil and gas production handbook

   The content of this perfect and remarkably useful handbook has originally been compiled with the ultimate intention of the author to provide the readers having the interest in the hydrocarbon production industry with a comprehensive but easily accessible technical overview of the main processes involves and equipments used within the industry, The publication contains clear explanations of the discovery and extraction of the oil and gas today. A huge number of the images and drawings, data charts and graphs included by the author are bringing quite technical topic of production of oil and gas to life and make it much easier for the readers to understand. The volume is providing a valuable overview of the pipelines. The content will be appreciated by the people willing to familiarize themselves with the basics of the oil production as it is covering literally all important aspects, addressing oil production both offshore and on land. The book has been written in a very simple language and may definitely serve as a quick reference book or for the self-study. Again, it will definitely meet all needs of the persons looking for the basic information on oil production since the way of explanation used by the author will let the content be easily understood even by the newcomers to the industry. The professionals, in turn, may use this volume to refresh their knowledge.


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Dictionary of Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical Processing

   The offshore industry is very complex - it means that any miscommunication within the industry may lead to the serious frustration, result in the downtime and may even trigger the equipment failure and breakdown. The main intention of the authors of the present Dictionary was to provide all players of the offshore industry with the reference source that would be used for elimination of these potentially costly miscommunications and provide a sort of a common ground for the better and more effective discourse. It is expected to serve as the essential technical resource for all professionals and engineers of the oil and gas as well as petrochemical industries; however, the content of the Dictionary will also of great practical interest for the students and scientists. The Dictionary defines more than five thousand terms related to the technology and commerce and encompassing a wide variety of the fields including exploration and production of hydrocarbons, their processing and refining, transportation, management and financial matters, and, of course, safety issues. The book covers literally all aspects starting from the fundamental engineering principles and up to the very latest drilling technology and their real-life applications. All articles have been arranged in alphabetical order for easier and quicker reference...

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Fundamentals of Petroleum Engineering - Drilling Operations

   The official training course developed by the specialists of the Malaysian Technological University. The main content of this training course is arranged in seven major sections. The first section is purely introductory and provides students with the general information about the drilling teams and functions of the drilling engineer. The next section describes the major types of the drilling rigs, while the third section explains in detail what exactly the rotary drilling is. The remaining sections of the course are dedicated to the well control, established drilling procedure, directional drilling, and commonly experienced drilling problems. The drilling teams usually comprise of the contractor's personnel, representatives of the operating company, and service and supply companies. The main functions of the drilling engineers include preparation of the drilling programs, and working with the geologists on logging program plus with the other specialists including mud engineers, service/supply personnel, directional engineers etc. All of the drilling rigs have more or less same basic components; offshore drilling rigs may be bottom-supported, semi-submersible or fully floating. The booklet will show the readers the correct sequence of drilling operations on land and offshore, provide detailed explanations of different types of rigs and their technical features, explain the drilling process itself and give other useful information.

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