Another brilliant textbook for the offshore workers. It will be particularly useful to the construction engineers. Among the main features of this volume the readers note the great and very informative photos making the understanding of the material much easier, inclusion of the elementary formulas to be used for the offshore calculations, and some other aspects making it a best choice for the students.

The book has gained the extreme popularity in the offshore industry worldwide and is used as an excellent reference guide for the selection, operation and maintenance of the various offshore structures. The content will provide readers with a sort of roadmap for the design of the structures standing up in any environments. The author has also discussed the matters of selecting proper type of the structure from both technical and economical viewpoints.

In addition, he has presented the effective design procedure to be applied to the fixed structures and gave some instructions on the design review in order to get the optimum technical solution. the offshore engineers having this book will received the information on the most effective and up-to-date methods to be used for the analysis of the structural lifecycle and implement the relevant maintenance plans...

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The publication was released to provide the offshore industry engineers with the required information and knowledge as well as the established effective methods that would assist them to reach the maximum efficiency while maintaining minimum costs; it will be helpful when used during the preparation for the different operational variables that are commonly involved offshore.

The content of the publication is very clearly presenting the knowledge of the subsea offshore operations; the author demonstrates how the offshore operations could be optimized. While the first part of the volume is covering the basic principles that govern the structural design of the offshore installations, drilling operations, equipment used and procedures to be followed, its second half addresses the commonly faced challenges of the deep/shallow water engineering, cable engineering, subsea engineering and safety systems.

There are many live examples included in the book from the various locations but mainly focusing on the offshore operations offshore China. The book will be useful for the offshore workers willing to maintain the facilities reliably and efficiently to reach maximum profitability.

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A must-have volume for all oil and gas industry workers. The book features excellent arrangement of the material and provides convenient and easily accessible reference for the offshore people not using these calculations and formulas regularly. The intention is to help them reduce the amount of the materials they shall carry to the site or rig floor.

The volume opens with a review of the basic calculations and equations; it provides numerous examples for better understanding. this is a perfectly handy reference book offering readers a quick overview of such important topics as the pressure control and drilling fluids, engineering and air/gas calculations - note that they are provided in either metric or English system.

The easy layout of the content will add to the practicality of the volume and allow to the workers and their managers to save time. This release of the book is covering virtually all calculations that are normally done offshore in conjunction with the drilling an oil well, production and also workover. An excellent and widely popular resource for everyone working on the offshore and onshore installations and directly engaged in the above listed activities.

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The present publication by Ramesh Singh is mainly intended to provide the builders of the various offshore structures with the valuable guidelines they should be following and apply to the control of the corrosion covering both theoretical fundamentals and their practical application to the corrosion prevention.

Following the instructions and using the knowledge given in the pages of this informative volume, they will be able to prolong get the structural life of the offshore installations including piping significantly prolonged and get much better understanding of all critical matters, for instance the cathodic protection and using the coating for the corrosion prevention. The author has made an excellent attempt to provide the offshore industry with the explanation of the very basics of the measures to be implemented for extending the life of these installations and eventually reach the desired reduction in failure risk and maintenance costs.

All possible field applications have been dealt with by the author. The main emphasis is placed by him on the CP, standing for the cathodic protection when combined with the high-efficiency coatings used for the prevention of the subsea corrosion.

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Obviously, the design and construction of the offshore structures capable of withstanding unique and extreme challenges existing there in subsea operation is very complex task. Taking into account that the wells drilled in the deep waters reach greater depths, the engineers involved in the design process, are normally confronted with numerous problems including ocean currents and water depth, harsh weather conditions and reliability of the equipment used, accessibility of the well etc.

The present handbook shall be treated as a remarkably definitive and comprehensive reference to be used by the engineers for the design, analysis and installation of the offshore structures. The book will provide them with an expert guidance to the major processes and technologies as well as the equipment comprising modern offshore installations, answering all crucial questions in a very clear language and covering the full spectrum of subjects.

The content is based on the thirty years of practical experience of the authors. We can say that all important issues of the floating and fixed offshore platforms have been addressed in a single volume providing an excellent overview of the subject.

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The present volume is dealing with the mechanics of offshore structures, particularly with their buckling and collapse problems. As per the numerous reviews, this is one of the best available materials for the working engineers owing to its very well researched content that covers all required topics in detail.

The book provides engineers with a perfect coverage of this quite complex subject. The author has applied a problem-oriented approach when preparing his book, addressing both classical and newly introduced problems and investigating them through a combination of theoretical analysis and experimental data. Each of the chapters is dealing with a specific problem and the author is analyzing each of the problems independently.

Taking into account the fundamental nature of the problems covered in the volume, they can also apply to the fields other than offshore exploration, for instance the tubes and components in the power plants, various on-shore engineering structures, naval vehicles, maritime structures and many others. The volume will be useful to the offshore designers and engineers engaged in the provision and maintenance of the safe and effective offshore piping arrangements.

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Planning of the well test is treated as one of the critically important stages in the whole life cycle of an oil well. Should it be done improperly, the consequences can easily cost millions. And now there is an excellent reference released to ensure that subject planning is done right from the first attempt.

The content of this reference has been compiled by the expert in well test engineering will provide all well planners with the sort of a road map guiding them through the relevant industry codes and standards, established practices and governmental regulations. Taking into consideration the activity level in the industry and lack of experienced personnel, the present publication will appeal to the specialists working for the drilling, well completion as well as the exploration departments.

The author is providing required guidance to this subject demonstrating how the associated documentation shall be prepared. The book takes the readers from the very basics of the design up to the test reports covering literally all aspects considered necessary for the continuous improvement. The content features detailed interpretations of the well test, coverage of the EWT requirements, preparation of the test programs and other useful information.

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Any professional who has ever participated in the performance of a deepwater hyperbaric weld will certainly agree that the successful welded connection, repair, and attachment of two pieces of steel in a dry environment is still one of maybe the most ambitious and challenging project with which the diving industry of today is confronted. This book is aimed to provide all required technical guidance on various aspects of underwater welding.

It is a highly detailed and informative reference source offering an insight in the important technology applied in the design and further construction of the offshore platforms and pipelines. The content of the volume covers the welding processes that can commonly be adapted to the underwater environment, established maintenance and repair procedures proven effective, safety matters, info on diving options and associated equipment, and the AWS RP for the underwater welding.

The problems commonly encountered in underwater welding have also been dealt with and analyzed together with the most important factors that affect the welding metallurgy, and many other interesting issues that every underwater welder shall be well aware of.

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