The present publication is developing and applying the newly introduced computational and analytical FDM, standing for the finite difference methods, used to solve the flow problems in drilling and subsequent production. The content of the volume prepared by Wilson Chin will also provide the readers with the valuable technical insights into the analysis of the flow assurance.

The author has used the modeling techniques simulating the motion of the so-called non-Newtonian fluids, such as the Bingham plastic. As a result, his publication is presenting the proven methodologies for the stuck pipe and cutting transport analysis on the basis of the detailed empirical data.

Subject methods are applied in the subsea applications for the eccentric boreholes when designing the pipeline bundles. The author has also addressed the important aspects of the design and modeling of the pipes with the non-circular cross sections...

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A new release of maybe the best principle primer of the offshore industry. The present publication has not been originally intended to serve as a definitive manual, it would rather be useful as the overall reference source providing the general technical introduction to the offshore engineering which is quite a complex object. The author's aim was to provide readers with a full coverage of the important aspects of the offshore industry presented in easily understandable terms; his efforts have made this title popular and appreciated by both newcomers to the offshore industry and the experiences practicing engineers.

The content of the publication starts with the general information about the offshore structures and vessels. According to the numerous feedbacks, this title shall be treated as a very valuable and timely addition to any specialist's library. The author has provided superb and lucidly clear technical explanations of the key aspects of the disciplines involved and made the book rick of essential information easily accessible to the readers regardless of their background and experience in the field.

The offshore engineers of today are required to perform a huge number of different tasks; this book shall definitely be on his shelf for ready and quick reference. It will be particularly valuable to the new recruits to the offshore industry and equally appreciated by the experienced specialists willing to refresh their technical knowledge...

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The present publication was published to encompass all newly introduced novel CFD techniques for the computation of the various offshore wind/tidal applications. The CFD techniques, standing for the computational fluid dynamics, are commonly regarded as one of the basic design instruments used for the exploration of the various engineering challenges that are presented by the turbines for the generation of the energy from winds and tides.

The problem is that the experimental tests in the offshore environment are very difficult to arrange and costly; that is why the industry people have had to concentrate on the CFD as the option to be utilized when designing the appropriate elements of the turbines, to get clear understanding of the physical phenomena involves, be able to predict the production of the electric power etc.

Note that the amount of books dedicated to the offshore turbines for power generation is still very limited so we would you to use this opportunity; we are pretty sure that no one will be disappointed with the content of this volume.

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A truly perfect guidance on today's offshore safety; the content of the volume has been originally prepared by the Falck Nutec specialists; this company is there near the top of the the world leaders. It will be definitely be very useful for all persons who are dealing with the safety issues when performing their day-to-day activities in offshore.

The work opens with some general information on the offshore activities so that the interested readers can get all required basic technical knowledge. Then, the authors of the booklet provided the overview of the several both national and international laws and regulations considered most important. The safety part itself consists of safety awareness info, followed by the main abandonment and survival techniques, SAR (search-and-rescue), and location equipment.

The readers will find all necessary information on the HUET courses related to the helicopter safety, how to provide first aid to others and protect from hypothermia, as well as firefighting equipment and techniques, and breathing apparatus. Is there any need to underline that this is a must-read one for all people working offshore as the book addresses safety which, in turn is the most important aspect.

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Nowadays, we may all witness the constantly increasing need for the construction of the new engineering structures in the region of Arctic seas. Subject requirement has actually been generated by the rapidly developing offshore oil and gas industry, taking into consideration that substantial reserves of the hydrocarbons are known and confirmed to be there.

Structures designed to work in the Arctic region should be capable of withstanding all severe environmental forces commonly generated by the sea ice - note that this subject is still quite far from being completely understood. The underwater pipelines should be safe against the strudel scour and ice gouging; moreover, they should be build in a safe manner and economically. In addition to that, we have to understand and take into account such important factors as the human environment and social factors plus some others.

The present volume is taking a broad view and accounts for the interactions that occur between different factors involved. Numerous case studies of the actual projects in the Arctic region are illustrating the main content of the work.

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This is one of the most popular technical books on marine drilling - it will be particularly useful for the newcomers to the industry. The text of the volume is supplemented with hundreds of data diagrams and informative photographs included in order to better illustrate the chapters of the volume that, in turn, cover such the important aspects of marine drilling as preparation for the offshore drilling operations, description of the types of the offshore units together with the equipment installed on them, marine and drilling operations, training procedures for the personnel, theory and fundamentals of the rotary drilling, and many others.

It actually covers every single aspect of marine drilling, addressing the marine operations separately for easier understanding of the material. The book is expected to be highly appreciated not only by the students of the offshore drilling but even by the professionals of the industry who will get a good chance to check and refresh their knowledge of the subject. Have a look in this book if you really want to familiarize yourself with the basics of the offshore exploration drilling.

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The knowledge of terminology is one of the key points of the professional behaviour of any specialist, and the offshore exploration/production industry is not an exception from this rule. This is the new and completely revised release of the Dictionary. A truly must have book for every worker of the offshore industry.

It does not actually matter what exactly you do - are you the offshore worker involved in the actual drilling operation, or supplier providing the offshore facility with what they need, or the office worker - this publication will be of great use for everyone.

The articles of the present dictionary have been arranged in several chapters addressing such the important topics as rotary drilling rig parts, drillstem test symbols, cable tool drilling rig parts, etc. In addition the above, some useful information is provided on the petroleum related organizations, atomic weights and numbers, abbreviations.

We would definitely say that this dictionary will be of great practical use for all people involved in the offshore engineering activities as it will provide them all with the required knowledge of the terminology enabling them to perform their day-to-day activities ina safe and effective manner.

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This is the seventh edition of the popular Primer - it has been significantly expanded and supplemented with more than two hundred of colorful illustrations and photos as well as enhanced graphics and content. The materials presented in the book cover the whole process of drilling a well, from exploration to completion of the well.

The contents as follows - Introduction; History; Cable-tool and rotary drilling; Rotary rig types; People and companies; Oil and gas occurrence and characteristics; The drill site; Rig components; Rigging up; Normal drilling operations; Formation evaluation; Completing the well; Special operations; Environmental concerns and rig safety; Conclusion.

The publication has already proven very helpful when teaching the fundamentals of the oil well drilling to the non-experienced people and newcomers to the industry. The content of the book covers literally all important matters, from conception of the very first derrick and up to the modern and technically sophisticated drilling equipment of today.

The readers will be provided with a well-rounded general information on how the oil well drilling actually takes place. It is very easy to read and follow so may be recommended for the college courses. The graphics are excellent and explanations are kept at a basic level to be easily understood by all people regardless of their experience.

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