Megastructures - Panama Canal Unlocked

   Another video of the Megastructures series. This one is dedicated to the world famous Panama Canal. The Panama Canal is indeed a superstructure, one of the most fantastic creatures of XIX century. Its construction was extremely complex and effort-consuming project. So many different ships pass through the Canal every day - from private sailing pleasure yachts to the supertankers and huge container vessels. The maximum size of the ship that can pass the Canal, has become one of the recognized standards of the shipping industry.

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Megastructures - The World's Most Extreme Island

   This film is dedicated to the Palm Jumeirah. Stretching five and a half kilometres into the Arabian Gulf, the most facinating engineering project the world has ever seen... Palm Jumeirah - it is so vast that it can be seen from Space. Built only from sand and rock, threatened by earthquakes, winds and erosion from the sea, it is truly remarkable...

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Megastructures - The World's Biggest Cruise Ship

   Freedom of the Seas launched as the world's largest cruise ship and has the New Year's celebration to be doneon board complete with the with the biggest ever New Year's Eve party at sea. The crew has just one week left to prepare. Everything they do is new. They are going to face many unusual challenges. Freedom must be ready to handle almost everything - winds, storms, hurricanes, and even contageous diseases. This is the inside story of the first New Year Eve onboard Freedom of the Seas. Will it be pleasant sailing or a nutical nightmare?..

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Megastructures - Port Of Rotterdam

   This educational documentary by NatGeo is dedicated to the Port of Rotterdam, one of the busiest ports on the Planet. Getting the biggest ships in the world into dock without a catastrophy is the never-ending challenge faced by the workers of one of the most famous marine freeways of today. It is the largest port in Europe, serving hundreds vessels every day with the aggregate tonnage exceeding million of tons and costing more than a billion dollars...

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Megastructures - China's Ultimate Port

   Today, Chinese engineers and workers are engaged in one of the biggest construction projects on the planet - in the middle of the ocean. Welcome to Yangshan which is currently on track to become the biggest deep water port ever constructed, a twenty-kilometer quay with fifty berths over thirty kilometres out to sea; it is linked to China by the world's second longest bridge...

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Megastructures - Sinking An Aircraft Carrier

   This episode of the Megastructures series by NatGeo follows a specialist demolition team attempting to sink the famous aircraft carrier "USS Oriskany" with the untimate goal to create the huge artificial reef, in fact the largest one in the world. The team has to battle through the extremely thick and strong steel plating of the hull; the naval architects,divers, engineering units and demolition teams will discover the secrets of sinking the aircraft carrier and write another page in the history of marine demolition.

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Megastructures - How Its Built - Steel

   Another episode of the National Geographic's MegaStructures series. This film is dedicated to steel -man mande and definitely one of the strongest materials existing on earth. Watch this interesting video and you will see the innovations the steel made possible. It comes without saying that steel is the most popular and core material for the construction of ships, offshore platforms and any other kind of floating facilities. That is why it makes sense to understand how the steel can be used, what are the advantages and possible limitations.

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Megastructures - IceBreaker

   This film was produced by National Geographic team and is dedicated to the ice breakers. These are ships that navigate in the harsh weather condition and can pass through ice helping other vessels. And some of the ships can break the ice and transport goods at the same time. This allows to save huge amount of money. This film tells us about one of such vessels - the arctic containership with the length of 169 m. It took almost a yearto build her at one of the shipyards in Northern Germany. Her name is "Norilsky Nikel". Take your time and watch this extremely interesting film about one of the most interesting ships in the world.

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