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Catamarans - The Complete Guide for Cruising Sailors

   The publication by a professional sailor and yacht design expert Gregor Tarjan is covering literally every single aspect of cruising catamarans, providing interested readers with an excellent and well-though combination of customer's guide, practical how-to manual and an attractive coffee-table showpiece. In his work, the author has performed a thorough review of the fundamental technical concepts of the multi-hull vessel design and construction, operational performance and handling of this sort of vessels; he has also included a very interesting discussion related to the recent developments in the field. The text of the volume is filled with informative illustrations and graphics plus beautiful photos. The book is examining what the multi-hull seamanship is and what the difference between the single-hull and multi-hull sailing is; the author has revealed several useful yet little-known practical tricks for getting the max speed from your sailing catamaran. The images contained in the book are truly gorgeous. The readers will be able to discover all desirable and advantageous attributes of the multi-hull vessels, covering both sailboats and powerboats. The publication provides readers with the useful review of the technical capabilities of catamarans, sharing the insights from professional naval architects.

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Designing the Motor Yacht Sharina - A Guide to Key Differentiating Factors in Designing Your Trawler

   Very informative source covering virtually all aspects to the design and construction of the boat. It is mainly intended for the people who are commencing the projects starting with a clearly bare hull of the boat between forty and sixty-five feet range willing to properly develop a technical specification for the completion on the basis of the total performance of the system. Subject specification may be given to the yacht builders or used for the do-it-yourself projects. The content of this book is based on the technical construction specification for the motor yacht Sharina, a fifty-five feet trawler which the author of this title is intending to build. The objective of the design of Sharina was to create a relatively small offshore and coastwise yacht for living aboard and also with some additional requirements to serve as a ocean voyager. The publication explains the original intent of the design and demonstrated why certain design decisions are made. Note that not every single choice is discussed in the book and it covers only those considered key differentiating factors relating to the total system performance of trawlers. The readers will find all required information concerning the hull features and construction, electrical installations, safety matters, HVAC systems, steering and propulsion arrangements, security issues etc.

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A Cruising Handbook - Everything We Learned from A to Z while Cruising on Callipygia

   The content of the present handbook is mainly based on the experience gained by the authors during their in total four-year voyages. The authors express their hope that the information included in the volume will be useful to the people interested in cruising. The book starts with the introductory part providing the general information about the basics of seamanship. Then, the second chapter named "Starting-off", provides readers with necessary tips on buying a boat and also contains an article covering the cruising life in general. This one is followed by a "How to's" chapter giving the idea of anchoring activities, boat notes, book of lists, deck log and defect book, departure checklist and other relevant paperwork, nautical chart management, equipment instructions, maintenance schedule etc. Remaining chapters of this interesting and fascinating book shed the light on various possible situations that the seamen may face at sea, including emergency situations, getting aground, fire on board, leaking hull, heavy weather conditions, rigging failures, crew overboard, steering failure etc. The book addresses the marine radio communications, navigation techniques and equipment used, fog and sound signals, medical emergencies, using radar and so many other important and useful topics that would definitely help any cruiser.

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The Troller Yacht Book

   Here is the twenty-first century update of the world popular book written by the professional yacht designer to serve as a sort of guide to the safe and efficient offshore cruising yachts. It has been loaded with detailed technical information covering the design theory, construction and outfitting of the yachts. This book will be very useful to all people who are in the boat design and construction. The publication has gained the popularity because of the author's approach to the important questions - he is actually looking at them at a slightly different angle, That is why the book is treated as a really great read for all boat and yacht designers and constructors. The style of writing used by the author has made this book very easy and interesting to read. The way he explains the various design features of yachts and boats enables the readers to better understand the theoretical principles that are usually considered quite difficult. In his book, the author has covered the hull shapes, machinery, propulsion arrangements, sails, decks and actually all aspects one needs to be aware of in order to understand all design matters. Very informative and opinionated publication and a must-have for every boater due to a wealth of information provided.

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Fiberglass Boat Repairs Illustrated
   Since this book is very easy to read, it is highly recommended to anyone fairly new to the construction or repair of the fiberglass boats. However, it will also be very useful for those people who are experienced since reading it will definitely increase their confidence, and this is important. This book has already helped a lot of people with their fiberglass boatbuilding and boat repair projects due to the numerous useful and practical instructions provided by the author. Just try to follow the suggestions and instructions in this book and you will see that any difficult project may become much easier for you. Subject instructions are supplemented with a number of full colour and step-by-step image sequences as well as line drawings which were included to present readers with the very basics in a digested form. The readers will learn how to work with different sorts of materials, e.g. fiberglass, carbon fiber, epoxy, polyester etc., improve the safety, value and appearance of their boats, save time and money when performing the repairs, fix the leaks and cracks happening to the hulls etc. and even fabricate some new components. Some other activities like restoring the gelcoat have also been discussed. This is a really nice entry-level guidance.

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your first powerboat
   Your boat may be one of the biggest investments in your life, just next to your home. Buying a boat and owning it implies making one tough decision after another. This book shall be treated as the essential guidance providing a method to purchasing and owning boats - it will answer so many questions that the novice boat owner will have, including how to avoid buying a boat that they will never use, how to choose a proper option for powering the boat, how to negotiate the very best deal on any brand new or used boat, how to perform necessary boat survey without having to employ someone else. The reader will understand why it often make sense to go for the fractional ownership option. They will also get to know about the important and necessary financial matters such as calculating cost of the ownership. All the tips provided in this publication will help readers to save their money when buying a boat for themselves. The author is the Captain licensed by the USCG and experienced marine surveyor - a perfect combination to advice newcomers on proper sizing and valuing a boat. His efforts and time spent when preparing this book resulted in the excellent practical guide for buying and maintaining a boat.

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Boat Painting Guide & Colour Card

   Please have a thorough look into this Guide for painting, which was developed and released by the professionals of the YachtPaint - people who have been so creative in developing the best solutions in order to protect and improve the performance of the boats of any type for over a century - really remarkable experience record. It makes no difference where you are located and which waters your boat is intended to float, you will definitely find the highest performance coatings that are backed by the knowledge and support provided by International Paint. This release was prepared by the recognized industry experts and will be very useful for every boater. The booklet starts with a nice and concise Quick Reference Guide, followed by the introductory chapter named Before Your Start. After that the readers will proceed to the Step Project Guide and the guides shedding some light on the antifouling and topsides issues; the recommendations for blister repair and prevention are also there. At the end of the publication there are Colour Card and Troubleshooting Guide. We do think that this is a truly important publication for those dealing with the determination and application of the paints to the hulls of the sail- or powerboats and yachts.

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Start to Finish - Dinghy Sailing

   Here is a truly perfect and must-have guide for all newcomers to dinghy sailing who are willing to learn the basics as well as to those who are experienced but still intent to improve their sailing skills and get the techniques developed. The Guide is very easy to follow and provides step-by-step instructions supplemented with so many illustrations and photos - it contains everything the dinghy sailor needs to know - the book is divided into four big parts, namely Basic Principles, providing the very basic information on the dinghy boat, Preparing to Sail, First Sail - addressing the preparation and the process of sailing, and Basics of racing - for a bit more advanced sailors. The Glossary of the terms is also there. We would say that it is one of the most comprehensive sailing books available at the market today. You will definitely enjoy reading it and will find so much of useful and practical information inside. It will be useful even for the people who do not sail dinghy boats - the author of the book did include the large separate section dedicated to the larger boats like yachts and sloops. It contains all necessary basics of the sailing and navigation. The images and graphs are included in the book for illustration of the text.

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Sea Kayaking - A Manual for Long-Distance Touring

   Who would have thought, when I first dropped off the manuscript for Sea Kayaking at the offices of Jim Douglas and Scott Mclntyre back in 1980 that there would ever be a fifth edition? The "sport" wasn't even called sea kayaking; we picked that name for the title of the book to make it clear mat we were talking about neither paddling on rivers nor using canoes. Sea Kayaking had a nice ring to it. and the name fit much better than coastal paddling, blue water kayaking, sea touring or any number of other less precise options. Sea kayaking has long topped the list of fastest-growing water sports. There are still more people padding canoes and aluminum boats, but sea kayaking is where the energy is. Recently I returned to the kayak industry after some years away from it writing children's books and home-schooling my two children. I found that much had changed during my absence. For a start, many of the small players have grown big. some gobbled up by very large fish indeed. Manufacturers such as Perception. Necky and Wilderness Systems have been bought out by multinational corporations that have seen big business opportunities in sea kayaking. The competition between these giants has been fierce. Fortunately the vitality of the small builders remains and the quality of boats is noticeably higher. Sea kayak instruction has also become a thriving industry, but like many educational systems, it has largely focused on those aspects of the activity that can be most readily taught and measured—such as paddling skills and rescue techniques—rather than on subtler, less tangible skills such as judgement, sound seamanship and good risk management. Sea kayaking as I know it is roughly 80 per cent seamanship skills and less than 20 per cent boat-handling skills. The reverse is true only if all your paddling is done in sheltered waterways. In addition, some inappropriate crossover skills have found their way into sea kayaking from racing. It has become fashionable, for example, to paddle a sea kayak as if it were a seven-kilogram racing shell, with a high, exaggerated "chicken wing" box-style stroke and racing paddles. It is a stroke that works brilliantly if you suddenly need a burst of power, but I know of no one who has paddled a loaded sea kayak for a thousand miles and maintained such a style. Yet it is being taught by skill-focused paddlers as the stroke of choice.

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Advanced RC Boat Modeling

   Well, the title of this book John Finch is quite self-explanatory, The publication was prepared by him with the sole intention to provide the boat modelers with the necessary theoretical information as well as all what is required from practical point of view. As a rule, the racing strategies are usually set forth from design point, and are based on the idea that the boat models, first of all, must be easy to control. This book starts with the easiest type of boat hulls, the tunnel-like, which is exactly the one for the beginner to start with. Every boat builder must have this book in his collection. You will not only know how to build a good boat but will also learn how to make it fast. In particular, we would appreciate the excellent info on how to properly set-up each type of the hull, for instance catamarans, outriggers, vee-hulls. The essential advantage of this publication is that people can easily build a model boat without struggling too hard with the handling problems. It is also a very good source of information for those who wish to modify or optimize their "ready-to-run" models of powerboats to make them faster. In any case, this is a must-have source for every boater and modeler.

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Boatowners Mechanical and Electrical Manual

   The new edition of one of the best boat system maintenance book ever published. This release contains many significant updates in comparison to the previous edition. In fact, all section have been re-worked; however, the electrical systems portion was affected most. The publication provides enough technical information to allow people, even newcomers, to diagnose the problems with their boats, and, what is also important, to understand whether the external pro's coming to fix the problem, know what they do and offer. Today, there is no any other book looking at the mechanical and electrical issues happening to the boats, that deep. The publication covers nearly all parts mechanical and electrical parts of all types of boats. The reader will get professional advice on such the important matters as battery technologies, marine diesel engines as applied to the boats, electric propulsion, electric motors, hybrid propulsion, electric lights, marine electronics, generators, solar power, transmissions, pumps, steering arrangements, watermakers, 12V and 24V DC systems, energy efficiency, A/C and refrigeration, mooring arrangements, rigging, bow thrusters - too many to get listed here...

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Boating Skills and Seamanship

   This book is one of the most informative publications related to the boating. It will suit even the beginners having minimal knowledge - they will learn everything what is required in this book. In case of boating, the experience cannot be substitute with anything else; however, some necessary fundamentals must be possessed by the person wishing to hit the water for the first time. Try this book and it will definitely prevent you from making some of the most popular boat handling mistakes as well as from getting bad habits from the start. The book shall definitely be treated as the perfect introductory source to the fundamentals of the recreational boating. Apart from serving the beginners, it will also be useful to the intermediate-level powerboaters since it offers all readers the necessary basics of proper choosing, equipping, handling and maintenance of the powerboat. Note that this is the updated edition with some significant changes made. The readers will know how to select a good boat and the essential equipment, will get familiarized with the latest equipment for electrical navigation, know about the stability and safe boat loading; there are also some instructions on boat handling and seamanship techniques, boat trailering, safe navigation etc.

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Maintenance and Repair for Outboard Motors

   Why to choose an outboard engine; The present and past of the outboards; European Union 2004 emission standard labelling; Distribution networks; Outboard engine anatomy; The power head, shaft, power leg; How the engine works; The two-stroke and four-stroke engine cycles; Scavenging; Four strokes or two?; The main parts of an outboard engines; Terminology used; Piston displacement, torque and compression ratio, HP, power/weight ratio; Number of cylinders in the outboard engine; Specific fuel consumption... and so many other topics relating to the maintenance and repair of the outboards. As it is the case with the most technical stuff on board the powerboat, the outboard engine is quite simple in use; however, should it happen to break, it immediately becomes very complex and obscure piece of machinery. This book is intended to provide the boat owners with some guidance on the maintenance and repair of such engines. First of all, it goes without saying and discussion that the best way to prevent the engine from breaking down is the regular maintenance. It may seem quite tedious and time-consuming if you are not guided; however, with proper guidance, it is really easy and quick task. That is why this guidance book must be in the collection of every boater.

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The Usborne Book of Cutaway Boats

   At the first glance, this publication may be thought of as the nice and interesting one, devoted to a single vessel. However, should the reader have a bit more thorough look and study the content of the book, he or she will immediately note that the Christopher Maynard, the author of the book, did a remarkable job and included so much of basic useful information which every naval history enthusiast ought to know. At the same time, it shall be noted that the publication is very easy and pleasant to read - it makes the book truly excellent for children due to the way in which various details have been explained. The book starts with the intro expanding into a brief description of the way in which ships and boats float, sail and steer. This part is followed by the section dedicated to the triremes and riverboats, yachts and ferries. There is a separate chapter for the engines, powerboats and lifeboats, tugs and container vessels, cruise ships and tugboats, and even underwater vehicles. Note that every section of this book contains minimum one cutaway view of the ship in question and some of them are supplemented with the exploded view of decks. Definitely one of the best books on this subject available today. 

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The Sailors Book of Small Cruising Sailboats

   This book by Steve Henkel a very thorough and excellent collection of information on a huge number of small-size boats. You will hardly find such a collection anywhere else. Another advantage of the present publication is the format allowing to easily compare different boats. For the first time, the author has managed to perform a comparative survey of about ninety-five percent of the small fiberglass sailboats (the sizes covered are less than 26 feet) and create the perfect handbook and definitive gallery of such boats constructed in the last forty-five years. Every single boat design is provided with technical specifications, detailed plans and author's commentaries. We would definitely consider this book the ideal reference for all small-sized boats. It will also be useful for those who plan to purchase the first or next small cruising boat. The author's experience and remarkable background in the field of mono-hull boats have found their reflection in his book. Such experience allowed author to arrange the information in a very clear vary allowing comparisons, as stated above; he also explains some confusions in terminology. That all is why the book is so popular among the sailors.

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23 Boats You Can Build

   This nice guidance for the boat builders with a quite self-explanatory title was compiled and released by the editors team of the world famous Popular Mechanics Magazine who have spent so much of their time and efforts trying to choose the boats to be included in those twenty-three. The boats that can be constructed according to the plans, sketches and drawings provided in the present publication, are currently in operation in various parts of the United States. The building instructions are given in a very easily understandable way. This book will definitely suit both beginner and experienced boatbuilding enthusiasts; however, people who never dealt with the building of the boats before, would better familiarize themselves with the contents of the chapter nine called "Build Your Boat Right". The editors of the book do believe that it will offer something to tempt all lovers of boatbuilding and boating. The readers just have to choose their favorite type - for example, sailboat, ice yacht, cabin cruiser, kayak etc. - and follow the clear, simple and perfectly illustrated instructions. Be sure that the kind of boat you would like to have is there in this book - find it and try to build - it is not that difficult.

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The Chinese Sailing Rig - Designing and Buildng Your Own

   This guide dedicated to the chinese sailing rig guide has grown out of many years of designing, building and sailing Chinese lug rigs. Using this information, my fellow builders and I have been able to actualize our dreams. Much impetus for this work was provided by my lack of spare time for answering letters of inquiry about the Chinese lug rig. Also, each time I loaned out my notes, they were returned in a slightly more tattered condition. It seemed only practical to turn my notes into a book. When I began designing and building Chinese lug rigs in the I960's. Not much information was available. Itiere were a few magazine articles—all with inadequate detail—and some historically oriented books, hut no real "hammer and nails" approach to the subject. There still is very little practical inlormation available, and the field is wide open. That is why I have attempted in this book to provide a step-by-step guide specifically aimed at those wanting to design and build their own Chinese lug rig. More and more sailors are realizing how pleasant and carefree it is to sail with the Chinese lug rig, and it is my hope that the information found here will help each one turn those realizations into realities for their own vessels. Perhaps as fuel becomes more expensive, auxiliary sailing rigs will begin to sprout on power boats as well. Some of the older power boats are especially adaptable to sail. The Chinese lug sail would be a good choice for those power boat owners who are thinking about obtaining a little "silent power" from the wind. Iliis rig can be controlled from the pilot house and is essentially a low aspect rig. Power boaters considering a sailing rig might bear in mind that a larger rudder, or better still, an auxiliary rudder hung on the transom is almost a necessity. The two-masted rig can be made to help with the steering, and since, with two sails, the area of each can be kept low, it is more appropriate than a rig with a single mast...

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A Boat That Anyone Can Build

   This is just the short yet quite valuable and informative excerpt taken from the "Popular Mechanics" magazine dated half-a-century ago. The readers who decide to have a look into this small booklet will be told, very briefly, how to construct a simple boat with their own hands and without having to involve third party professionals; in addition, there will be no serious money required. As declared by the he authors of this mini-textbook to the boatbuilding, this new construction project will cost you almost absolutely nothing - say about dozen of bucks, and it can be completed in only sixteen hours; moreover, the newly built boat may be either oar-powered or moved using the outboard engine. Just try, because summer is coming! All necessary plans, sketches, and technical data inside. The authors insist that literally anyone can build a boat - you just have to find some dollars to get the necessary materials for construction. Then, provided you have some sixteen hours (usually not more unless you plan to waste the time), you may start. One of the secrets of this simple construction is the lack of any framework in the design. The sides of t e boat will fair around the single mold stick which is inserted between the stern and the stem, in a natural way...

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Introduction to Boating and International Crew
   This IYT publication contains modules 1 to 6 of the official yachtmaster training program. As it is implied by the title of the book, it is divided in two big parts. The first part - Introduction to Boating has five sections with the first one providing general introduction and other four addressing safety, passage planning, ropework, and short passages (both sail and power). The second part is named International Crew Certificate. It also starts with some introductory information, followed with the modules containing all necessary info - nautical terminology, safety, relative direction, intro to COLREGs, ropework, introduction to sail handling and weather, handling powered boat, MOB, nautical charts, compass, general nautical knowledge, marine etiquette, customs, marine manners, anchoring, practical subjects, dinghy theory. In addition to that, there is a comprehensive Glossary of terms at the end of the book - it is necessary because the volume of terminology used expands with the gained knowledge as the readers progress. Obviously, with sailing and boating becoming an international pastime with English being the tile language, it is truly essential to use the correct terms in order to communicate with other seafarers in a quick and effective manner, avoiding any sort of misunderstanding when executing various maneuvers or in case of emergency...

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Sailors Book of Small Cruising Sailboats
   This book germinated more than 52 years ago, when my wife Carol and I bought our first fiberglass boat—an 8-foot sailing dinghy, in 1957. At the same time, we started collecting sailboat brochures at boat shows and saving our old and dog-eared boating magazines in a closet, so we could keep track of ads and editorial reports of new fiberglass sailboats being introduced, in anticipation of some day moving up in size. Every few years we did indeed move up, which resulted in an even greater accumulation of paper. Over the years, the closet became a room full of literature—brochures, ads, books, magazines, plans. In the 1960s Carol wrote an article for Yachting magazine on how she and I had built a fiberglass cruising sailboat (a Carl Alberg-designed South Coast 23) from a kit in our backyard in Darien, Connecticut. Shortly thereafter I wrote my first boating magazine article. Figuring she was ahead of the game with one acceptance and no rejections, Carol retired from writing to pursue other interests (such as bearing and raising two kids in the 1960s, working for a local yacht charter firm in the 1970s, and becoming the first female harbormaster for the town of Darien in the 1980s) while I continued to write (and occasionally illus-trate with pen-and-ink drawings) as a sideline to my regular jobs for big corporations doing engineering, financial and corporate planning, business analysis, and consulting in New York City.
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The Insiders Guide to Boat Cleaning and Detailing
   Cleaning the boat is not as easy and simple as scrubbing its surface away with a kitchen cleanser since wrong procedures can easily damage your boat or the environment around. The book presented to your attention is not just a stern-to-stem guidance covering literally all aspects of boat detailing and cleaning processes. It recommends readers both brand-name and quite generic boat hull cleaning and maintenance materials in order to help them make proper selections. The text materials provided in this book are supplemented with a huge number if before-and-after photographs showing readers how to keep their boats looking nice and protect their market values, how to achieve best results with minimum possible efforts and using the environmentally safe methods. how to use checklists and data tables to keep the work efficient and duly organized. The publication will definitely be very helpful for everyone owning a boat, and it makes no difference whether the reader owns a small seventeen-feet console of a large forty-five-feet cabin cruiser. The book starts with the explanation of what the oxidation is and how it affects fiberglass, providing some advice on how to protect the boat's hull from oxidation or remediate if, if already occurred...​

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Float Your Boat - The Evolution and Science of Sailing
   According to the official statistics, more than four million people in America are involved in recreational sailing activities; yet the huge library of available literature on sailing leaves the majority of them high-and-dry. In fact, on one side there are purely technical guides for the pro's while on the other there are pretty simplistic publications suitable for weekend sailors having little to no interest in science. In this publication named Float Your Boat, both amateur and professional boaters will find understandable and very intelligent answers to the most important questions that may arise. Among the numerous interesting topics covered by the author, Mark Denny, who is a genuine sailing enthusiast, there are key innovations making the sailboats more efficient, how can the speed of a boat get increased, how do the sailboats travel in windy weather, and even why there are so many wrong explanations of sailing. The author traced the evolution of the sailboat throughout the history. This book will definitely serve as a very accessible and easy guide to the physics of sailing for all categories of boat owners and owners, from newcomers to professionals, and we promise that no one will be disappointed with the contents and how the material has been presented.

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Powerboaters Guide to Electrical Systems
   Another bestseller from Ed Sherman, whose widely recognized expertise in boat electrical systems makes him the best choice to train the newcomers. This is a perfect and easily understandable resource for all boaters - very comprehensive and covering nearly all wiring aspects. Particularly recommended for beginner- and intermediate-level boaters. The training materials chosen for this cover the subject very well but still not get to the point where it would become too technical and therefore difficult to understand for non-professionals. Such approach made this guidebook very handy reference for everyone. The theoretical part is supplemented with a number of very useful practical shortcuts and tips - however, the author did his best to avoid using too much of technical terminology and jargon words. Everyone will find some right guidance and sound advice in this publication. The readers will learn how to draw up correct wiring diagrams for their boats, how to identify and locate various wiring and electrical circuit components, there are instructions on using multimeters and proper maintenance if batteries, etc. - this book is really full of useful info including troubleshooting various problems with starting and battery charging, installation of AC/DC marine equipment and accessories.

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How to Design a Boat
   Here is a pretty straightforward guide prepared by John Teale to take the beginner sail- and powerboat boat designers step-by-step through the most important stages of the process. The author explains the reasons standing behind the procedures covered in this book, and uses the very typical drawings and lines plans for illustration. The first edition of the book was published some time ago and has proved to be a true bestseller. The book starts with a fairly simple boat design and then the complexity and size of the boats grow as the readers progress, from chapter to chapter. There are many boat types addressed in this publication, both small and large ones, and the knowledge imparted by the book to the novices may easily provide incentive for launching a new career in boat and yacht design. The explanations have been presented is such the easy-to-understand way that even the first-time boat designers will find it suitable and very helpful for themselves. In this second edition, some calculations have been simplified even more and some new boat designs have been added. Take a time reading this book and you will better understand the decisions that are taken by the boat designers and understand what usually people mean when they are talking about technicalities...

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Yachts Boats and Canoes
   This history of this book started almost a century ago. The very first release of this publication is dated about 1923. The present contemporary edition of the book continues the tradition of representing a perfect reproduction of the most important historical works while maintaining the perfect format of the original publication. We believe that this work is culturally important in the original form and therefore did not utilize the optical character recognition technique when preparing the electronic release of the book. In our opinion, it may lead to the sub-optimal results, such as improper characters, typo errors and confusing formatting results. The authors of the original publication included numerous data diagrams and images, as well as detailed working plans and drawings of various model yachts and various small ships that would be suitable even for the amateur builders. It does not, however, even pretend to be a specific treatise on naval architecture or yachting; it would be rather addressed to that portion of the yachting world which is interested in the small crafts and boats that can be constructed by amateurs and not professional builders. The author of the book touched the most important and interesting aspects of the design, construction and sails, with some underlying theoretical principles...  ​

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