This small android app is an excellent and remarkably easy-to-use tool to be used when learning the the oil-and-gas terminology. It should also be treated as a perfect reference source for those working with the technical documentation and experiencing difficulties in understanding the terms used therein.

Among the main features of the program we would mention the possibility of performing the search through more than 2000 terms and acronyms commonly used in the industry; note that the users will now be enabled to modify the dictionary adding new acronyms - in addition, the new function of receiving and synchronization of the newest information has also been implemented; they will also be able to view the latest LR Energy news. The app has already proven useful and effective for the offshore workers and trainees trying to improve their knowledge of the offshore terminology. A must-have one on your android devices.

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This archive consists of the two training packs of coming under the "Marlins English for Seafarers" title with the content developed by Allister Nisbet and Anna Whitcher Kutz in collaboration with the other recognized experts whose joint efforts have eventually resulted in the creation of this world popular training tool.

The training materials included in this set have been arranged in several parts covering the speaking and reading, writing and listening, pair work and information. The training units are supplemented with the answer key and tape scripts as well as verb tables. The book is mainly focusing on the general English, however presented within a specific maritime context.

This is an easily accessible training instrument that would allow all seafarers to manage their learning process by means of the independent study and to provide maritime companies with the practically useful tools to ensure compliance with the legislative requirements through offering their crew members an efficient and proven training system.

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The electronic/software version of the world popular dictionary of English. This one offers the dictionary search function - fully searchable contents; words, including names of places and people, are pronounced in both American and British English. In addition, there are almost 90 thousand of the pronounced sentences to help the users improve their intonation.

There are three files included in the archive - they should to be used to burn the CD; alternatively, you may use any of the programs acting as virtual disk driver which is very easy. No need to activate or register this software, no payment required.

As usual, no malware inside, just installed the dictionary (either burn the CD or use the virtual CD) and feel free to use. Needless to say that this is a perfect dictionary presented by the world respected specialists.

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Have a look into this last part of the maritime English training set produced by TUMSAT. The trainees who spend some time watching this video will get all required knowledge of everything associated with marine diesel engines and this knowledge will help them to handle the shipboard machinery, carry out proper maintenance and necessary repairs.

The pack consists of ten short lessons covering all important aspects of marine diesel engines. The ship propulsion is also covered - the information on the speed regulation, controlled pitch propellers etc. is provided. The other videos making the set cover various areas of marine life, such as the anchoring and departure-anchoring, deck equipment, steam turbine plant, engine room equipment, and pilotage.

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This is the updated release, namely version 2.0 version marine learning tool which was specifically created and released some years back by MarEng; the content of this software has retained its huge popularity among the people willing to improve their marine English skills due to the perfect collection and arrangements of the training materials.

The whole training program is made up of major parts - the first part is intermediate while the second one is primarily intended for use by the advanced level trainees; in both parts various maritime topics are covered. The system now includes The Maritime Environment and Maritime Security topics and this definitely adds to the program's effectiveness.

The pack also includes a very practical mobile app and a teacher's manual. It is fully compatible with all Windows systems. No need for any activation codes/cracks. No viruses or anything like that inside the archive.

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This English training software coming under the world famous Essential Grammar in Use title is the first of the three parts of the best-selling course developed by the grammar expert Raymond Murphy and subsequently released by the Cambridge University Press. The current edition has been significantly updated.

The computer-based version contains absolutely all information required for the students and is supplemented by numerous practical exercises that were presented in the hardcopy and retains all features of clarity, that is why it is so easy to follow and this explains the popularity of the book and CBT (i.e. computer-based training) course among learners and teachers of English.

This training program is recommended to be used for self-study purposes or in the classroom. The CD-ROM edition offers even more practice. No need for cracks, codes or anything like that. No viruses. Just install and start learning.

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The present training resource has been originally developed specifically for those who study English for working in the field of logistics. It consists of three files. The book itself covers eight main topics staring from the introduction to logistics, and then covering inventory management and procurement, logistics services, planning and arranging transport, modes of transport, shipping goods, warehousing, storage, finance and finally documentation.

There is a set of audio files included in this training pack to help users improve the pronunciation. The last third part titled "English for Logistics MultiROM", is containing numerous interactive exercises plus some other valuable data. The training material was compiled by Marion Grussendorf, Oxford Business English series. We would recommend to us it either as a standalone course of English or in conjunction with other course-books to get the best results. In fact, one of the best profession-specific English courses available.

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The present collection of training materials was prepared by Mr. J. D. O'Connor, Professor of Phonetics in the University of London. The pack consists of the book itself supplemented with the eight high-quality audio files in mp3 format. The intention is to cover following seven matters considered most important and telling the students how exactly the speech organs work (in English language), different problems in pronunciation, the English consonants and vowels in English, intonation issued and consonant sequences, plus the words in company.

This material on which this training course is based will be useful for all learners of English language who are willing to significantly improve their pronunciation. Use the audio files and check if your pronunciation differs from the one recommended by the compilers of the course. Try and follow the recommendations presented and you will reach the goal.

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