NP 294 How to Keep Your Admiralty Products Up-to-Date

   As it is clearly implied by the title of the present nautical publication no. 295, it was specifically released to provide seafarers with the instruction on how to keep their Admiralty-issues navigation charts updated. Obviously, no chart of any part of our world and directions can be perfect enough to require no frequent update, revision and subsequent amendment. The degree of reliance to the nautical chart must first of all depend upon the completeness and way of the initial survey materials as well as the completeness of the reports of the changes. One shall always remember that no chart shall be taken for granted. This is all to remind you that we can only rely on the duly and timely updated charts. It is not the intention of the present publication to teach navigation; it is rather assumed that mariners are able to perform plotting from the original text of the Notices to Mariners released by the Admiralty and that they are fully aware of the ways to position the updates on the chart. The objective of this volume was to clearly and simply set up the very fundamental points of the good maintenance of the nautical charts. The text has been supplemented with the numerous nautical charts hand-updated in the UKHO to demonstrate the techniques of updating the charts. Needless to say, one of the basic publications to be possessed on board.

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BA Tidal Stream Atlas NP209 - Orkney and Shetland Islands

   BA Tidal Stream Atlas NP209 - Orkney and Shetland Islands

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Admiralty - Ocean Passages for the World

   Traditionally, this Admiralty publication provides all mariners with wealth of valuable information related to the planning of ocean voyages. Its content has been prepared so that the book can be used in planning any deep-sea voyage; it includes important notes on weather and other relevant factors that may potentially affect passages, as well as the sailing directions for numerous commonly used navigation routes, also covering the dangers that could affect subject routes. The authors of the publication have also described the climatic conditions and have provided navigators with the routes that are recommended for the full-powered ships within described areas; the routes for the low-powered ships and ships engaged in eco-steaming have also been provided. Moreover, the publication gives the common routes used by the sailing vessels; note that these routes might have to be adjusted in order to duly reflect all changing conditions and today's regulations. For each of the routes, the directions contained in the book give a guide for planning; it shall be clearly understood, however, that the conditions will most probably slightly differ from the predicted ones. Data diagrams have been provided for each of the routes in the text of the book. Individual chapters of the book are covering each of the oceans of the world. One of the most important publications.

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Brown's Nautical Almanac 2016

   One more world popular and classic nautical publication. The content of this Almanac is traditionally arranged in several parts numbered for easier reference. The first part of the Almanac addresses the astronomical information and data that are commonly used every day by the navigators, together with the clear explanations on their use. The second part of the title is dedicated to the nautical tables and methods used. The third part contains all required tables of tides for both home and foreign waters; the associated predictions were compiled by the recognized and reliable authorities. Then the part comes dealing with the coastal courses and distances covering the areas around the navigating channels of the British Isles and also near Europe. The fifth part of the Almanac contains the distance tables providing mariners with a worldwide coverage of the total distances between the major ports of US, Canada and Great Britain, and to all principal ports of the world. The next part is dedicated to the legal issues, while the closing part of the volume deals only with the lights, buoys and beacons of the British Isles. The content of the publication has been carefully proofread and edited, and arrange in a way providing maximum accuracy and ease of reference. Another must-have one for literally every navigator.

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BIMCO Ice Handbook

   We all know that the ice is deservedly considered a potentially serious obstacle to any vessel, and even to an ice-breaker, and really experienced ice navigators develop a healthy respect to the whole strength and power of ice presented in any form. The present handbook was prepared by the BIMCO specialists and officially released by this organization with the ultimate aim to make readers a bit more conscious of the benefits and actual necessity of preparations to be done before they can commit themselves to undertaking a voyage that may bring their vessel into the waters covered by ice. Note that this manual is not an attempt to cover all important areas of navigation in the iced waters, but it still aims to provide mariners with the elementary general guidance on all intricacies commonly involved in trading in such conditions. The publication is mainly expected to be used by navigators as a sort of quick reference tool and that is the reason why it shall be readily available to all people directly engaged in chartering well before they direct the ship into waters where ice might be present at the time of the intended passage. The volume starts with the Captain's Checklist followed by the information covering different regions. In short, the volume contains lots of specific and very valuable information that will be of great use for all people navigating through icy waters.

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Radio Aids to Marine Navigation 2015 - Pacific and Arctic

   And this is the latest release of another official publication prepared and released by Canadian Coast Guard. The principle layout of the present paper is similar to the one of this document. However, as it is implied by the title of the book, it is covering the Pacific and Arctic regions. Again, the opening part of the document provides readers with the advance notices including updates to the consolidation of MCTS centers, changes done to MMSI numbers, inspections and MetOC broadcast service plus Prince Ruper MCTS; in addition, there is information on the IRCC, standing for the Joint Rescue Coordination Center, addresses of the regional offices, regional NOTSHIP (i.e. notices to shipping) issuing authorities, directory of telephone/telex numbers etc. The other three parts of the publication are covering nearly same aspects as the document mentioned earlier. The complete list of tables contained in the volume is provided at the very beginning together with the list of figures. Talking about the last parts of the book dedicated to the Environment Canada's programs, it covers the marine warning, VOS (i.e. voluntary observing ship), marine and ice forecast, and buoys programs, NAVTEX, Pacific Coast and Northern Canada, PMOs and CIS, standing for the port meteorological officers and Canadian Ice Service.

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World Port Index (2016)

   This latest release of the World Port Index, i.e. Publication 150 traditionally provides all interested parties, and mariners in the first turn, with the locations and characteristics as well as the known facilities and available services of the major shipping ports of the world, together with the shipping facilities, oil terminals and other valuable information; the total number if the entries reaches sixty-four thousand. As always, this release of the Publication cancels the previous one. The selection of the shipping places for the inclusion in the Index is based on the special criteria that have been established by the Agency. Note that they are not random choices. The information about each of the places has been supplemented with the sailing directions and charts, as applicable. The present release of the document includes all information that is currently available to the Agency as of the publishing date. Taking into account a huge amount of the diversified information and data to be included in the single book, the authors has used some simple codes to indicate certain types of the information contained. All of those code symbols have been explained at the tops of the pages. Needless to say, this publication is there among the top important ones for all mariners regardless of their position.

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IALA NAVGUIDE - Aids to Navigation Manual - Edition 2014

   The present NavGuide has served as the source of relevant information and signature document for all members of the IALA organization as well as other users. This edition of the guide is continuing on with this tradition; the content of the paper has been seriously updated with the very latest developments and information in the field. It is a product of nearly four-year collaboration by the world recognized and leading experts. The document plays a critically important role within the IALA info suite and is considered a primary source of information and data for all Aids to Navigation practitioners everywhere in the world to be used together with the other standards and recommendations, manuals and guidelines released by IALA. It has already been translated into several working languages and the IALA organization is encouraging this practice and is ready to co-operated with country members to help in facilitating this process. The content of document is arranged in several chapters and the first one is providing readers with the introduction to IALA-AISM system. Remaining chapters of the document are dealing with the technical concept and accuracy of the navigation, electronic navigation, aids to navigation, VTS, other services and facilities, power supplies and, finally, provision, design and management matters.

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