She is an elegant ocean liner with the story passed. Iron Lady of the seas for half a century... It is quite an old ship but still very strong and still can run fast. Marco Polo navigates modern marvels. Cruise ship Marco Polo is a model of maritime history. Her classic outline recalls the classic vessels of the past. She was launched back in 1965, a luxury ship built for the hard line regime of the old Soviet Union.

Deluxe - yes, but this vessel is also designed for extra stability, with the reinforced hull to sail through broken ice in Arctic routes. She is more than fifty years old but is still excellent. Captain Nectarios Rigas is just learning how to handle this twenty-two thousand ton ship; of course, this task requires some extra skills. He is fourth generation captain and he has just taken command of Marco Polo and this will be his first time taking her to the Baltic Sea.

Marco Polo is tied up at the British port of Tilbury on Thames river some forty kilometers south-east of London. Tilbury is London's original cruise port and it is a perfect departure point for this historic ship which will sail out for her historic route... A fascinating video film belonging to the Mighty Ships series and recommended to anyone with the interest in ships.

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This film is devoted to Le Soleal, one of the most interesting cruise ships of today. She is a brand new vessel intending to make a first voyage to new destinations on waters that are nearly not possible for any other mega-cruise ships to navigate... Subject vessel was designed back in 2013 by the respected and recognized experts in the field.

She has several sisterships and all of them embody a remarkable alliance between wellbeing, intimacy and luxury. She is treated as one of the most innovative yachts available on the modern cruise market. It is an excellent adventure and a perfect rest provided to all passengers on board Le Soleal. The present video will be very interesting to the people from the maritime shipping industry who will definitely find so much of interesting information about this cruise ship.

Apart from that, the content will present interest to the general audience, noting that the authors of the film have not overloaded it with too much of technical info and data. An excellent must- and easy-watch for every single adventurer, naval enthusiast and shipping industry person. Spend one hour of your time watching this film and we promise that you will not be disappointed.

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This mega-cruiser is sailing straight into hot water taking her passengers to encounters they could never imagine. Celebrity Solstice is a floating gateway to the wild world of adventure. This is a floating prove that even on a huge ship it's a small thing that matters. Attention to detail is what sets this mega-cruiser apart... 350 meters long, 1200 GT, sixteen decks high, was the first ship of her class.

She was launched in 2008 and her design was such a success that Celebrity Cruisers built four more giants like her. This is her second summer tour to Australia but she has yet to prove herself as the toughest ship. The glamorous main dining room encompasses two decks; passengers have the choice of nine other restaurants and cafes as well as fifteen bars, a disco and a casino. She even boasts a lawn with real grass. Captain of Celebrity Solstice commands the crew of 255 people and has been in charge of the ship for just four months.

She is docked in Fremantle, on Australia's west coast. Celebrity Solstice has been here only once before and this is just a second time she will embark on a voyage ahead. From Fremantle, she will head to the west coast to Port Hedland, then to Indonesia for a visit to Bali, she will return to western Australia with a stop in Darwin, then travel 2800 kilometers to Airlie Beach, Brisbane, Newcastle and finally Brisbane...

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She travels oceans and rivers to reach Asia's most exotic cities; from jungles in Thailand to the culture of Vietnam Azamara Journey must endure nature's surprises on her way to the breathtaking beauty. Azamara Journey is in a class of her own. Many of the world's most interesting urban centers are found on narrow rivers that big cruise ships cannot navigate.

But Azamara Journey is just one hundred and eighty meters long, half a length of the world's largest cruise ship. And that means she is small enough to travel at rivers right into downtown. On this trip, Azamara Journey will sail to Asia and it will not be easy. These waters are known for strong currents and shallow rivers with sharp turns.

And this voyage of Azamara Journey begins in Singapore, she then sails to Thailand to visit the island of Ko Samui, then the capital city of Bangkok; from there Azamara Journey will head to Vietnam with stops in Ho Chi Ming city and Ha Long Bay, the gateway to Hanoi, before finishing her thirty five hundred kilometer journey. And she stays in most ports overnight. Passengers get to explore each city for a couple of days not just an afternoon... We recommend you to watch this video which belongs to the Mighty Cruise Ships series.

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This is the biggest car carriers in the world. The job of this gigantic vessels is to pick and deliver the world's most expensive automobiles. She is transporting these vehicles around the globe - she is a super-sized two hundred and thirty meters long and can take more than eight thousand cars on board. That makes her the biggest vehicle carrier on the planet.

As much as the quarter of fifty million vehicles manufactured each year is transported by sea. This is the tenth tour of this vessel. Faust is going to board around a thousand of luxury cars and there is only eight hours available to complete the task. There are Jaguars and Rolls Royces, heavy trucks and Mini Coopers with the aggregate value exceeding sixty million dollars.

And new owners of these vehicles expect perfect and scratch-free delivery of their assets. This video will tell you about the construction and arrangements of this remarkable vessel; however, the main emphasis has been made by the authors of the film to the operations and the way people work in order to achieve this goal and get all cargo transported across the ocean is a safe and effective manner. This is an incredibly complicated task and can only be done through perfect planning and excellent teamwork.

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She is the pride of the Royal Danish Navy Fleet and is considered to be in the list of the most modern and technically advanced warships on the high seas; she has been assigned with the critical and dangerous mission - hunting pirates in the busiest maritime shipping route of the world.

Pirate attacks are on rise and they are fearless. HDMS Absalon is leading the multinational challenge against maritime pirates to make the seas safe for merchant and other shipping again.

It is a truly noble mission and its completion will definitely require not only technical preparedness of the vessel, its hull, systems. machinery and armament on board but, what is maybe even more important, brave and resolute crew members ready to face the dangers associated with this task. let us wish them luck and watch this interesting film to have more information on what they do and how they do it...

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She is the United States Navy's Swiss army knife and one of the most interesting and modern salvage vessels in the world. The salvage ship Grasp is on her mission to locate one of the most serious ship wrecks in American history.

But the Grasp and her crew have to face punishing weather, equipment failures and deadly darkness at the ocean bottom.

Watch this documentary video film and you will get a chance to make a dive together with the professionals conducting their deep sea mission as subject vessel is setting out to the wreck area. One of the best episodes of the famous series addressing the modern mighty ships...

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Well, the famous Neptune is a vessel out of water; we would say that that is exactly where she is meant to be. This is a brand new jack-up vessel, custom built to deliver and assemble massive wind turbines in rough seas. Neptune must install thirty wind turbines in just five months.

It is going to do her best to finish on time. Watch this episode of the "Mighty Ships" series and you will have a chance to see a sort of battle between one of the mightiest vessels of today and Mother nature - you will see how Neptune is trying to perform the assembling of the wind turbines in a truly harsh weather conditions.

An excellent video demonstrating not only technical possibilities of the vessel but also the remarkable work done by the prominent offshore workers on this innovative hydraulic jack-up. We promise that you will be impressed.

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