Mighty Ships - HDMS Absalon

   She is the pride of the Royal Danish Navy - HDMS Absalon - one of the most modern warships on the high seas, her mission is a dangerous one - hunting pirates in the busiest shipping route of the world. Pirate attacks are on rise and they are fearless. HDMS Absalon is leading the multinational fight against pirates to make the seas safe again...

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Mighty Ships - Emma Maersk

   This film belonging to the Mighty Ships series by Discovery Channel is dedicated to one of the largest ships afloat -the container ship Emma Maersk; just imagine, she is capable of carrying the amount of cargo which would be enough to fill a fourty-miles-long freight train. She is always on the move, carrying literally everything in her cargo holds. Nothing will keep her from completing the mission, neither the traffic clogged passages nor pirates nor cyclones...

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Mighty Ships - USNS Grasp
   She is the United States Navy's Swiss army knife. The salvage ship Grasp is on her mission to locate one of the most important ship wrecks in American history. But the Grasp and her crew have to face punishing weather, equipment failures and deadly darkness at the bottom of the sea...

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Mighty Ships - Neptune
   Neptune is a ship out of water, and that is exactly where she is meant to be. A brand new jack-up vessel, custom built to deliver and assemble massive wind turbines in rough seas. Neptune must install thirty wind turbines in just five months. It is going to take everything she has got to finish on time...

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Mighty Ships - Stornes
   This ship is ready to rock. This is Stornes - the newest and most sophisticated rock dropping vessel on the planet. Her goal is to make deep sea history working over a kilometer down to level the path for the pipelines that fuel Europe. If she succeeds, Stornes will open up the brand new world of oil and gas exploration at the bottom of the sea.

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Mighty Ships - MV Beluga Bremen
   She can lift the biggest, heaviest machinery ever built and then carry it anywhere in the world. On her very first job as a super-heavy-lift ship Beluga Bremen crew will test-drive new technology, battle unpredictable weather and face unknown challenges. It is a twenty-thousand-kilometer adventure from Asia to the Americas on the mightiest ship afloat.

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Mighty Ships - DSV Skandi Arctic
   She is the newest, the most advanced dive support vessel on Earth. On board this ship even the smallest error may be fatal. DSV Skandi Arctic has just one mission - keep the men who perform one of the most dangerous jobs in the world, alive, while they work at the bottom of the sea. One hundred and seventy-five kilometres of Norway's west coast Dive Support Vessel Skandi Arctic is ready for her mission in the North Sea.

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Mighty Ships - USCGC Bertholf
   United States Coast Guard Cutter Bertholf is the latest weapon in America's war on drugs. She is on the front line hunting down drug smugglers on the high seas. The maritime supercop USCGC Bertholf is loaded with the latest weapons, chase boats and a helicopter gunship.

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