Many vapors are normally generated by the tankers and all of them are very harmful to the surrounding environment. The VEC, standing for the vapor emission control, system allows such vapors created by the chemical or oil tankers to be returned to the shore using a close system; subsequently, these vapors are either burned or converted into oil.

The present training video will guide you through the various VEC concepts and explain how the marine ports all around the world make all efforts to minimize the harmful emissions to the atmosphere through vapor emission control. It also addresses the relevant MARPOL guidelines that specify the requirement for having the VEC installed on the vessels for minimization of the emissions both during the cargo operations and the voyages.

The VEC systems have been outlines together with all applicable standards; in addition, some brief but comprehensive explanation of the terminal facilities necessary to achieve proper vapor emission control is also provided. Close attention has been paid by the authors to the specific requirements covering the tank level and pressure monitoring systems mandated through MARPOL.

Among the main topics covered in this video there are VEC regulations, operation of the systems and training required, lightering, procedures to be followed before arrival and before/after cargo loading, and many other important topics. Do not forget to have a look into associated training booklet.

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In the past years, the significantly improved efficiency in shipping industry has been duly accompanied with greater attention to safety and environmental responsibility. But, while pollution regulations have been seriously tightened and have become much more strictly enforced, there is another problem that have has become evident - ballast water. In some circumstances, ballast water can carry diseases, microscopic organisms from one part of the planet to another.

This may potentially lead to the spread of deadly to human pathogens. So, ballast water management programs are being introduced to try to prevent this from happening. that is why it is now considered critically important to regulate and control all water ballasting operations, performing them in strict compliance with the requirements of the Ballast Water Management Convention and keeping the records of every single operation.

This video will introduce trainees to the ballast water management techniques and operations commonly carried out on board vessels so that they can prepare themselves, noting that subject Convention is already in force.

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The present training video should be treated as an integral part of the shipboard Garbage Management training that is required by the fifth annex to the MARPOL 73/78 convention. The video is intended to be viewed by the crew members in conjunction with the vessel's Garbage Management Manual.

It is covering the matters related to the implementation of the Annex V of the subject convention concerned with the garbage pollution prevention. Of course, all of us are aware of the dangers that the garbage pollution presents to the marine environment, that is why all measures shall be implemented in order to prevent such pollution from happening and it is considered a duty of every single person on board to maintain the shipboard wastes and generated garbage in accordance with the shipboard GMP, i.e. garbage management plan.

The present video is addressing the main aspects of the shipboard garbage and waste management and will be helpful to the persons intending to work on board. They will get all required information on the requirements applicable to the waste and garbage disposal, storage of the wastes on board, necessary arrangements that shall be in place, associated documentation etc.

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The present training video shall be watched by the crew members of all vessels required to comply with MARPOL requirements, especially by the ship officers assigned with the duties under preparation of SOPEP and exercising this plan. All officers shall have a clear understanding of the importance of having duly prepared SOPEP.

It shall be noted that it is mandatory to regularly exercise subject plan and this is mainly what the video concentrates on. The exercise implies transferring the cargo between tanks this is one of the parts of the established spill mitigation procedure.

Taking into account that the shipboard oil spills can have catastrophic consequences for the marine environment, good training shall be provided to all ship operators, crew members and cargo owners, and this video is one of the components of the training making it much easier for the above mentioned people to understand and comply. Download it and keep ready for the trainees who will appreciate the material and explanations.

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A typhoon in the Philippines, catastrophic flooding in India and Bangladesh - disasters such as these have always faced mankind and there is no much that we can do about them. But now it seems likely that some of these climatic problems are being made even worse by the effect the man has had on the planet's atmosphere.

The global warming which has already been recognized as a global climatic problem of the mankind, is seriously affecting the climate of our planet and, if not checked, this could eventually result in a dramatically changed surface of the large areas of the planet in only some decades time. And one of the most serious consequences of such change is that our children's world may be looking very different to the one we know now.

This is something we have to fight against, co-operating and combining efforts since protection of the global environment is a common goal for all people and countries. And this video may give people some more information useful to those concerned with the energy saving on board the vessels - obviously, this is one of the ways to help in the global effort of protecting our climatic system.

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An excellent video training devoted to the compliance with the requirements of the Annex VI to the IMO MARPOL Convention. This video was released to supplement the present booklet addressing same issue. We all see the huge benefits brought to our life by the global industrialization.

However, this all is at some cost, and sometime the cost is very high and unaffordable. In this video the authors have covered the atmospheric emissions that have the negative effect on the environment of our planet. In fact, this is the reason why the corresponding Annex to the Convention was presented and made mandatory for compliance to all vessels flying the flags of the countries that ratified subject Convention.

The video is recommended to all people working in the maritime industry, and particularly to the crew members since they carry the main responsibility for making their ships compliant.

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This training video was released by Videotel Production in association with "The Steamship Mutual Underwriting Association". The content of the film is briefly explaining the major aspects of the Annex I to the IMO Convention Marine Pollution Prevention addressing the oil pollution prevention.

Having all crew members of the vessel duly informed about the importance on hold fully compliant with all requirements of the Marine Pollution Prevention requirements is of course a matter of utmost importance for the management of the shipping companies and ship officers.

Every single crew members on board and every employee of the maritime shipping company even if working ashore, shall have a clear understanding of the negative consequences the non-compliance with these requirements may have. That is why we highly recommend this short video training to all people in the maritime industry as the protection of the marine environment is definitely a common cause.

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Are you polluting the sea sea or protecting it? The sea is 7/10 of the world surface which enables human beings not only to travel but also to transport various goods worldwide. The sea supplies the substantial proportion of the food for you eat, it plays a vital part in a well-being of our planet. In short, it plays the top important role in supporting human life on the planet.

That is why it is so important to care about sea, keep it as clean as possible taking into account that the sea is a home for myriads of habitats. However, performing this task is getting more and more difficult as the time goes due to the increasing level of sea water pollution from vessels, offshore rigs and other marine structures, both mobile and stationary. This video addresses the main aspects of sea pollution and main and most effective methods of fighting it.

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